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What Is an Admissions Coordinator and How to Become One

Admissions Coordinator

What Is the Job of an Admissions Coordinator?

The job of an admissions coordinator depends on the industry in which the coordinator works. If you work in school admissions, for example, your job is to be the first point of contact for students and parents seeking more information about the school and perform some administrative duties. In health care, you admit patients to a medical facility, such as a hospital or elderly care home, fill out and process patient paperwork, and check their documentation. You may also perform marketing work and help with publicity efforts for their respective institutions as an admissions coordinator.

What Are the Requirements to Be an Admissions Coordinator?

Despite the jobs being very different, the qualifications needed to become an admissions coordinator do not vary much between health care and school admissions. In both careers, you need at least an associate’s degree. Business administration is a popular major for either industry, but a health information technologies degree may be more beneficial for aspiring health care admissions coordinators. Most employers look for candidates with administrative or clerical experience and excellent customer service skills.

Where Do Admissions Coordinators Work?

Admissions coordinators work in a number of industries. School admissions coordinators primarily work at postsecondary institutions, but you may also be able to find work at private primary and secondary schools. Admissions coordinators in the health and medical industries may work in a variety of environments. Hospitals or clinics are the most common employers, but you can also work in residential care facilities, like elderly care homes, hospice facilities, or rehabilitation centers. Some admissions coordinators work for insurance companies where they process benefits.

What Are Characteristics of a Successful Admissions Coordinator?

Regardless of the field, a successful admissions coordinator has many characteristics that make them successful. You need excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for detail. Strong written and verbal communication skills are also important, as you must be able to present important information in a concise manner. Admissions coordinators in the health care industry should also be empathetic and able to put their clientele at ease. Technical skills, such as computer literacy and familiarity with spreadsheet and scheduling systems, are also necessary.

What Career Opportunities Are Available for Admissions Coordinators?

There are many career opportunities for admissions coordinators. In school admissions, you can advance to become an admissions counselor, which requires similar skills and experience, but the position comes with more responsibilities. From there, you can move up to associate director and even director of admissions. In the health and medical fields, admissions coordinators can rise to managerial positions, where they oversee the hiring and training of new coordinators and work with other departments to define and carry out admissions goals and marketing strategies.

Admissions Coordinator Job Description Sample

With this Admissions Coordinator job description sample, you can get a good idea of what employers are looking for when hiring for this position. Remember, every employer is different and each will have unique qualifications when they hire for a Admissions Coordinator role.

Job Summary

Our hospital is looking for an Admissions Coordinator to join our team. In this position, you are responsible for managing the intake of individuals for inpatient care. You coordinate the collection of their medical information, conduct data entry to update their electronic health records, and help process all of their documentation. Our perfect applicant has an associate degree in business administration and several years of experience in a medical facility. We prefer your experience to be in a long-term care facility, such as an eating disorder rehabilitation center or mental health hospital. However, experience in an outpatient clinic is also acceptable.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Write and enforce admissions guidelines
  • Obtain patient information before admission
  • Screen patient data against admissions guidelines
  • Input data into our patient records

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Associate degree in business administration
  • Experience in a medical facility; long term care experience preferred
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Data entry skills