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What Is an Accessioner and How to Become One


What Does an Accessioner Do?

Accessioners help prepare specimens for lab work. As an accessioner, you receive and unpack each sample, identify which test they are used for, check for contamination, and preserve them properly. You also need to sort and catalog each item accurately to ensure nothing is misplaced or mislabeled. Laboratory technicians may request information concerning the sample and testing, so accessioners must also be knowledgeable about the kinds of samples they handle and proficient in the different types of lab tests performed by their organization. This position is also known as specimen accessioners, phlebotomists, or laboratory assistants.

How to Become an Accessioner

To become an accessioner, you need a high school diploma or equivalent. You also need to complete a phlebotomy program; most of these programs take less than a year to finish, and they develop your skills in fields like anatomy and physiology. Proficiency in medical terminology is helpful. Many organizations will provide additional on-the-job training, so you do not need experience as an accessioner before getting hired.