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Regional Pharmacy Card Manager

sparc, LLC Jackson, MS

  • Salary $25,000 to $125,000 Annually
  • Employment Type Contractor

Pharmaceutical Employees, this is a position in your residing region. This is for the Regional Pharmacy Card Manager position. Prescriptions discounted with your personal card earns you money! $10.00 for every prescription discounted! Must currently reside in USA. Must be willing to accept 100% commission position (1099). We look for people in the Pharmaceutical Industry because of your familiarity with Pharmacy Discount Cards.

You can help others save money and make a huge financial difference in your life.


By getting your very own Prescription Discount Card that is used to discount prescriptions for people who are uninsured or under insured.

Cash paying patients will save 81%+ on prescription medications! (Avg. Savings 60%)

  • Receive your very own prescription discount card (your own unique Group#).
  • No money required from you -- ever.

(You will have electronic copies of your very own prescription discount card emailed to you, and physical cards to follow.)

100% Commission Position - 1099 Independent Sales Contractor

  • You are responsible for your own taxes and gas used.
  • Earn $10.00 for every prescription discount card used with your Group#.

Brief Description:

  • This card is used to discount any and all prescriptions for cash paying patients. (Including Pet Prescriptions, Diabetic Supplies,
  • ORDER free cards to give out to Pharmacies, Physicians, Friends and Family. (Or you could print out electronic copies and email / text them to people)
  • Cards are used to discount a prescription it is tracked via Group# and you will earn $10.00 for each first use of each card.
  • You will be paid via direct deposit or check, personal preference.
  • Ability to work independently and on your own required.
  • Reliable transportation required.
  • Should be comfortable speaking to people about the benefits of our card.

sparc, LLC

Why Work Here?

sparc is a leading broker and distributor of prescription discount cards unlike any other.

sparc helps Americans save on prescriptions. ​ Americans spend over $400 billion a year on prescriptions, and too many people simply can't find affordable prescriptions. Even if you have insurance or Medicare. sparc has been in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the better part of a decade now brokering with major PBMs and providing exceptional service to our Partners—while helping consumers who struggle with the high costs of prescription drugs our number one priority. We strive to assist our Partners in helping the consumer save on prescription drugs. Working with us as a Partner or using the pharmacy discount programs we help provide with America’s PharmacyTM—will guarantee you the best savings available. sparc comes to the table with a variety of skills and even more experience. Each one is dedicated to a single set of values, which are built around our Mission as a company. For small and large clients, major and minor markets, and candidates of every level, our commitment remains the same—providing the best services to consumers and our Partners possible. The number one reason consumers do not take their necessary medication is the cost. By offering our services to our Partners who share the same Mission we can efficiently bring savings directly to consumers. We have been and continue to help provide free prescription drug discounts to lower the high costs. Common prescription drug prices are soaring at ten times the rate of inflation—in the last five years. ​ Pharmacy Discount Card Programs sparc has helped distribute is used by thousands of physicians and millions of Americans each month. We have saved Americans over $1 billion—and we aren't going to rest until prescriptions are affordable for all Americans.


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Jackson, MS


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