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This job listing expired over a month ago

Graduate Publisher New York, NY

  • Salary $38,000 to $50,000 Annually
  • Benefits Offered Medical
  • Employment Type Full-Time

Calling all entry-level content developers, aspiring business managers, and students of SEO!

The role:
As an entry level Graduate Publisher at, you will help support the publishing team in their pursuit of building the website.

Your core focus will be managing data compliance, content projects, content development, and reporting. You will learn from some of the hardest working and best minds in content strategy, SEO, web page creation, and copywriting.

This position is located in our New York City offices. Salary is competitive for an entry level position and it comes with lots of perks including a daily lunch program.

Key Responsibilities as a Graduate Publisher include:

  • Collaborate and report to the Publishing Manager - Work with the Publishing Manager to develop and execute a content strategy that fits and works harmoniously with the overall finder content strategy
  • Collaborate with Editor-in-Chief and develop to become a better writer - Work with the Editor-in-Chief & Senior Writer to execute the content strategy that fits and works harmoniously with the overall finder content strategy
  • Maintaining our product database. Working on our database to ensure that all products are correct in all aspects, and that all products currently in the Australian and overseas market are accurately reflected within it.
  • Peer reviewing offer updates. Working with other inhouse and external team members to execute product updates and ensure our website is compliant.
  • Checking pages on our site and client’s sites: Ensuring offers are correct and up-to-date and identifying any potential errors we or our clients may be displaying.
  • Updating product-related content on our website: Updating existing product pages, and writing and editing product descriptions to reflect changes to the product.
  • Collaborate with Publishing & Editorial team - Work with Publishers and Editorial Team to gain/share insights on how to grow verticals at finder.
  • Content creation and management including - Work with the Editor-in-Chief, Editors, and Writing team to drive the content editorial tone, provide and ensure correct and detailed product information, writing your own content, updating and amending existing content, driving new ideas and overseeing editorial quality.
  • Improve content quality - Editing of existing content to a consistent standard. Cross-check facts, spelling, grammar, writing style, page design and media usage. Modify and improve any writing that doesn’t meet the finder standard through effective feedback and training
  • Content briefing - Creating templates and briefs to assign to freelancers. This involves a high level of organisation and resource allocation.
  • Content formatting and layout design - Manage the design and layout of articles to optimise for readability and conversion rate optimisation.
  • Creative design input - Provide feedback and input into website design.
  • Media creation - Incorporate and help create rich media into the website including video, images, diagrams and graphics.
  • Testing and Experiments - Run regular split tests/multivariate tests to determine the best copy, content layouts and configuration to achieve content objectives.
  • Advanced Research - Extensive research methods to ensure holistic & comprehensive content is produced that is unique & compelling and provides genuine value to our users.
  • Advanced On-Page SEO - Understanding of the latest search engine ranking factors to ensure our content has the best possibility visibility within search engine results pages.
  • Customer service - Editing and reviewing our responses to user questions and dealing with users via our instant chat web service.

Skills and Traits of a Graduate Publisher

  • You aren't afraid to roll up your sleeves, work hard until the job is done and done well.
  • You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and pursue skill mastery on your own accord.
  • You are proactive and don't wait to be told what to do; but rather you think critically and take initiative to make choices that are good for the company.
  • You are honest, reliable, and notice tiny details that others may not.
  • You have a few skills in the areas of Wordpress, HTML, SEO, writing, business, data management, analytics, and you're hungry to learn more.
  • You have a degree in journalism, marketing, business or writing and want to enter a field that can combine all of those.

Your work will differ from day-to-day, but your overall responsibility is to support the publishing team, build traffic and redirects to our partners.

Who we are:
This is your opportunity to join, a product comparison company whose aim is to compare everything. Our goal is to share useful knowledge that helps the world make better decisions. Whether that's teaching people how to save money on paying interest, getting more rewards or just learning something that helps them make a decision about their money. We hire slow and hire great people. We have some of the lowest turnover in the industry.

We have free lunch daily in our NY office, strong team camaraderie, and we work hard (really hard).

Application process:
If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you've been looking for, apply now and send us a cover letter and resume. Use your cover letter to introduce us to you; we want to know who you are, what you've worked on, what results you have achieved and why you think you'd be a fit with our team.

Answer these 3 questions in your cover letter:

  1. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
  2. Are you a TGIM or a TGIF person?
  3. What can you add to

Why Work Here?

Join a growing company with room for growth and lots of responsibility - and fun!

If you're energetic, proactive and passionate about helping the world save money, then we want you to work with us! is a young, vibrant company that originally started in Australia in 2006 and expanded to the US in September 2015. We're made up of a dynamic and passionate team. At, we want to help others save money. If you share our goals and ambitions, apply now, we want to hear from you.


35 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002
New York, NY