11+ Zuri Furniture Career and Employment Opportunities

Zuri Furniture

Why Work at Zuri Furniture

Fast growing startup, total autonomy, lots of learning, unlimited earnings potential and exposure to all parts of the business!

Zuri Furniture has assembled an imaginative collection targeting style-conscious buyers. Blending contemporary styles, modern lines and comfortable appeal, we have fashioned one of the largest and most unique selections of furniture and décor for the home and office. In addition, Zuri carries modern art, classic accessories, brilliant area rugs, contemporary lighting and fireplaces. Growing to a national company in less than a decade, Zuri has two brick and mortar stores in the Dallas area as well as a new website offering shipping nationwide. As an ever expanding brand, you can expect innovative and fresh new pieces as we continually update and add new products to suit your needs. We understand that as styles evolve and change over the years, our customers want a variety of choices, not the same stale, decade-old designs.