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Westaff Southington, CT
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

Production workers needed IMMEDIATELY

Perform duties to support production processes such as sorting, masking, racking, packing, blasting, fixtures and tooling, material handling or cleaning and oiling operations.

Full time, Monday through Friday
1st shift- 6am-2:30pm
DT and Background required

Working from written or verbal instructions or established procedures, perform duties in areas assigned. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition and comply with all safety rules and regulations regarding work station and safety. Must work at an acceptable pace to keep up with product flow.

• Separate parts with obvious defects or visually noncompliant parts.
• Select appropriate material to mask parts following router instructions and ensure that masking is properly fitted to prevent chemical exposure to part.
• Visually inspect parts to be racked for defects, obvious damage, and corrosion.
• Carefully place parts on splines, ensuring contact is properly located on the part and parts have minimal clearance between them.
• Make any adjustments required to the splines or fixture to ensure proper fit.
• Transfer rack/bracket/hook to specified area to await finishing.
• Place parts on the fixture ensuring contact is properly located as instructed.
• Remove parts from the fixture, place in bin or customer container as instructed.
• Operate automated racking machines and perform TPM and troubleshoot the machine to meet output expectations.
• Place parts in customer container box as required.
• May assist in preparing boxes or packaging.
• Count parts and provide layered packing as instructed.
Cleaning Operations (Soap and/or Blast):
• Operate automated blasting machines to blast various parts. Place part in fixture and start blasting machine/remove part when cycle stops.
• Clean parts to remove oils or soils.
• Remove parts with obvious defects as instructed.
• Perform daily maintenance checks as directed/required (TPM).
• Clean and/or change out dust collection bins, and perform basic preventative maintenance on equipment, using hand tools (screw drivers, scoops, etc.).
• Observe operation of equipment to ensure continuity of flow, safety, and efficient operation, control settings and to detect malfunctions.
• Notify supervisors of needed repairs.
Fixture and Tooling:
• Working from blueprints, engineering drawings and layout specifications, routers and/or verbal instructions, plan and layout fixture to accomplish quality finishing specifications of customer.
• Select appropriate rack fixture from storage or select materials, such as metals, appropriately sized splines, and bolts to fabricate custom fixtures and tooling for use in finishing customer products.
• Use measuring instruments, hand tools, hand drills, vises, and other fabrication tools to cut, bend, drill holes for proper fit and assemble racks and fixtures. Work with metals such as aluminum, titanium and steel.
• Select and attach appropriately sized splines used to rack/bracket/hook with bolts, clips, screws, or otherwise construct fixture to fit parts as necessary to insure positive processing contact.
• Inspect and repair process fixtures/tooling.
• Verify conformance of newly constructed fixtures/tooling with specifications.
• Disassemble used racks, visually inspecting bolts, splines and thickness of metal. Repair/replace parts as required to maintain quality fixtures.
• Perform a variety of tasks to clean, strip, and prepare used fixtures for future use. Use chemical cleaning (nitric acid, titanium stripper and bright dip) tanks and follow specifications for cleaning and stripping cycles. Re-assemble fixtures, ensuring all parts fit properly.
Material handling:
• Working from a backlog list, routers and oral instructions, use hand trucks, pallet jacks, roller cart and other material handling equipment as needed to transport materials, parts and fixtures to designated areas.
• Determine work priorities and schedule transport of required production materials. Transport adequate materials/fixtures, and parts to production areas ensuring continuous production.
• Use scales to weigh product prior to shipping, as required.
• Ensure proper and safe storage of materials and fixtures.
• Segregate rejected materials and follow established procedures for their disposition.
• Follow company policy and procedures assist in cleanup and disposal of materials/waste. Remove scrap material from production areas to proper areas for recycling.
May also fulfill other tasks such as oiling, cleaning, operating ovens, etc. as production needs require.




Southington, CT
06489 USA