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Listings Coordinator, Space Services

WeWork Austin, TX

  • Employment Type Full-Time

The new Listing Specialist will be a critical member of a team responsible for ensuring that the division obtains and maintains the largest list of available office space in each market that we operate in.  This role is part of a critical team that ensures the sales agents have the most current data necessary to do their job.

Reporting to the Director of Operations, the Listing Data Specialist will be a critical member of the sales and operations team.  As we are a high-touch, and customer-driven division, attention to detail, passion for perfection, and pride in your work will be the three key values that you bring to your position.

Overview of Expectations

Immediate / Start up Responsibilities

  • Work with Operations Director (OD) to collect and organize all required data needed to assemble WW Brokerage's listing system

  • Work on data clean up and de-duplicating any data acquired

  • With with OD in to set up workflows and communications needed for data update procedures with Landlords and Leasing Reps

  • Compile contact data for all targeted buildings

  • Work with OD to establish point of contact and set expectations with available listings information requirements

  • Work with OD on day-to-day project management of the divisions Listing System - Track critical dates and deliverables with development team

  • Begin to set up Market Research requirements and standards

  • Work with Marketing Specialist on designing market report templates

  • Work with OD to set up Agent requests for market research

  • Train on script for calling / communicating with Landlords / Leasing Reps for information

  • Begin to test and establish frequency of data updates

  • Review Five9 to program outbound calling rules for data collection requirements

Ongoing Responsibilities.

  • Responsible for collecting the availability data base for

  • Maintain Critical Databases

  • Continually add, update, and remove any changes to the Office Space database

  • Manage the daily 'queue' of data that needs to be reviewed as they are submitted by external Landlords and Management companies.

  • Have a thorough understanding of the Listing Data Update Process as noted in the Process Flowchart.

  • Have an instinctual ability to seek out the information needed to keep our data current.

  • Follow the critical operating procedures to ensure data integrity is kept always.

  • Demonstrate a skilled use of CRM and the Five9 phone calling platform.

  • Be able to proactively reach out to our data sources to establish the necessary relationships that keep our data current and accurate

  • Assist with the necessary reporting and analysis requirements as set by leadership of the division.  


  • 3-4 years minimum real estate operations experience

  • Organized and detail-oriented

  • Ability to solve problems with innovative thinking

  • Strong generalist -- highly competent with the ability to wear many hats

  • Skilled at relationship building

  • Highly flexible and adaptable to continuous change and growth

  • Excellent communicator, verbal and written

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Customer service experience required



Austin, TX
Posted: March 21, 2019