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Personal Banker

Vibrant Credit Union Moline, IL
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

In a Nutshell: Responsible for actively developing new business and expanding existing member relationships via handling and maintaining members’ needs for products and services including: financial advice and recommendations on deposits, checking, consumer loans, and mortgage products and services. Maintains an extensive knowledge of all credit union products and services in order to promote and cross sell to increase member usage.

The Nitty Gritty

Revenue Production: Meets and exceeds sales goals. Processes new accounts and determines products that meet members ongoing financial needs. Cross sells VCU products and services to members. Utilizes the sales menu to offer Credit Life, Disability, Unemployment, GAP, and Warranty coverage on all qualified loans. Maintains a strong working knowledge of products and services and has the ability to explain their features, terms, conditions, and benefits.

Outstanding Service and Experience: Provides excellent member service experience 100% of the time.

Provide Financial Counsel: Gather background information by interviewing loan applicants and obtaining credit reports. Advises or counsels members about their financial options.

Account and Loan Administration: Analyzes applicant financial status, credit history, and security offered as collateral to determine recommendations for approval or denial of the request. Competent in completing all accounts offered per member request including but not limited to: FBO, Trust, IRAs, CDs, HSAs, and additional share accounts. Performs or creates debit cards, credit cards, fraud dispute paperwork, check orders, & ATM cards. Completes paperwork for loan signings from other branches/departments.

Focus on Ongoing Professional Development: Participate in education and training provided by the credit union. Maintain an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge on all policies, procedures, rules, and regulations for the teller area.

What to expect when you’re expecting…to get the job:

  1. Provide exceptional experience to help drive sales and service.

  2. Be quick to engage when there is an opportunity for interaction.

  3. Positively contribute to your individual Team dynamic and the organization as a whole.

  4. Dare to be different. Have fun doing it.

  5. Successfully meet individual goals and objectives.

It’s in our CORE


We believe our job descriptions are truly just a jumping off point. A 'not my job' mentality just won’t fly. We expect employees to dive in whenever they see a need. No job too big or small, no task too crazy, and most importantly, no person exempt. Going above and beyond is just...expected. We are actively on the hunt for new ways to surprise and delight. Vibrant employees are empowered to take action. In our line of business, we are able to have a huge impact on people’s lives and we don’t take that lightly. Going above & beyond and thinking outside of the box is what creates that unforgettable 'Vibrant Experience' for our Members & Communities!


Think insane, and settle for crazy. Our team runs at 'Vibrant Speed' on the road to greatness, and greatness, well, it sounds like a pretty great place to be! We take action, make decisions, and move forward with the best interest of our Members, Employees, Communities, and Company in mind. We understand taking big chances means taking big risks, but we never let the fear of failure hinder our path to greatness. Our 'all hands on deck' attitude is there to ensure that when issues arise they are fixed correctly and quickly. Good and great won’t get the job done. We are looking for exceptional. Vibrant employees push the boundaries to go places most didn’t think were possible.


Vibrant employees have an energy that people gravitate to. We are passionate about what we do and we aren’t afraid to show it. Between our bold colors and even bolder personalities, you can see us coming from a mile away...and that’s the way we like it! By starting our day off with high-energy Motivational Moments and passing out Hallway High-Fives to each other throughout the day, our Culture promotes real connections that transcend outside of working hours. We believe that when our employees truly care about one another, their positive energy is contagious! While 'fun' may be voluntary elsewhere, at Vibrant participation is a must! Vibrant’s not just a job, it is a lifestyle.


At Vibrant, we are comfortable being...uncomfortable. We encourage employees to be honest, raw, and voice their thoughts. Employees at Vibrant won’t settle for mediocre and aren’t afraid to fight for what they think is right. We are transparent across the board, meaning no idea is too crazy, no process or decision is sacred and no opinion will go unheard. Vibrant employees seek to understand 'the why'. Clashing ideas & different opinions are welcome and Debate Club experience is a plus. We take criticism and make it constructive and we are willing to let the best idea win regardless of where or who it came from. We understand that each one of us is a part of a greater whole. We encourage employees to be their (best) self from the moment they walk through our doors. Our diverse knowledge and eclectic backgrounds are what really keeps Vibrant’s wheels turning. Let’s just say being 'unique' is not a lonely place at Vibrant!


We recognize that every decision we make and every action we take has the potential to impact not only ourselves, but our members, communities, teammates, and the organization as a whole. With that in mind we strive to focus on the concept of 'we' vs. 'me'. In short, Vibrant employees check their ego at the door. While we recognize each person's individuality and input, we also understand that when we focus on winning as an organization rather than as individual teams or contributors, it benefits us all. So what does winning as an organization look like? It's when we're consistently collaborating, making decisions for the greater good, and stepping up to support our teammates. Teams are no more than the sum of their collective parts. When we ensure each of our people is in the right seat and supported to do their best work with the needs of others in mind, we win, together.

Do you have what it takes?

Minimum Requirements:

  1. High School Diploma or GED required. Associates or Bachelors degree preferred.

  2. One to three years of related experience or training.

These are the must haves aka minimum requirements for the job:

To be successful in this position, an individual must be sales driven, organized, dependable, detail-oriented, personable, and tactful. This individual should also possess excellent verbal communication skills and mathematical reasoning ability. They must understand all Vibrant Credit Union products and services. It is essential that this individual understand and abide by the strict confidentiality policies that are necessary in any financial institution.

Vibrant Credit Union


Moline, IL
61265 USA