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Microschool Teacher

Verathon Academy Inc
Portland, OR
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Verathon Academy Teacher Information

Requirements: Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a state-issued teaching license.

Preferred: 3 years of full-time teaching experience; proven ability to teach multiple subjects and grades in a cohort setting. 

Verathon Academy offers a unique opportunity for teachers who share our passion for doing education differently. We are not driven by state testing or just trying to “teach through the text’; rather, we are invested in a teaching and learning paradigm that aligns and supports our Mission, which is to: “Cultivate communities of students who vigorously engage the entirety of their intellect, passions, and capacities to love God, imitate His fullness in Jesus, and work by His Spirit to align their world with His design.”

In the Verathon Academy model, high-quality professional educators are matched with cohorts of grade bands (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8). Curriculum and materials are provided for teachers and students. Education will take place in classrooms provided by local churches, community centers, or other large spaces made available. At Verathon Academy, we place emphasis on the quality of education that takes place when students are taught by teachers who are highly invested in seeing each child succeed and who realize the value of relationship and personal support in contributing to that success. 

Working for Verathon Academy looks different because our model is different. Here are some of those differences:

1. Teachers will work with one cohort of children a day, so no more than twelve students in any given day.  Verathon offers to parents either a full-time, four days a week schedule, or an every other day, two days a week schedule. Teachers will be assigned either full-time or part-time cohorts; those assigned to full-time cohorts will teach the same twelve children each day, Monday through Thursday. Teachers assigned to part-time cohorts will teach one cohort Monday and Wednesday and one cohort Tuesday and Thursday. Again, teachers will never have more than twelve students in their classes at a time.

2. On Fridays, teachers will have an opportunity to reflect on and conclude the week and look ahead to the coming one.  Fridays will allow for:

  • A block of time to connect with struggling students, communicate with parents, give make up tests, grade, or finish up teacher tasks for the week. 

  • A block of time for planning and collaboration with other grade-band level teachers or in content groups 

  • A block of time for professional development 

  • A block of time for spiritual formation and soul care.

Again, at Verathon Academy, we do things differently. We want to affirm our commitment to holistic education, viewing everyone as made in God’s image,  broken by sin but redeemed through Jesus Christ, treating both students and teachers with dignity, respect, and love.  They will know we are Christ’s disciples by our love for one another.  All of life is lived under the kind providence of God.

3. The Monday through Thursday daily schedule allows for drop off at 8:00 am with formal schooling beginning at 9:00 am; formal schooling ends at 3:00 with final pick up occurring until 4:00 pm.

4. Teachers will work with the established curriculum as a tool to support mission-informed learning goals, designing performance tasks that demonstrate content acquisition, knowledge transfer, and habits of mind. 

5. For the two days a week cohort, teachers will post assignments and activities for students to do at home, so that those parents who have chosen to remain more directly involved in their child’s education will have guidance and direction for their at-home involvement.

For Verathon teachers, this decentralized cohort learning model means you can expect:

  • More freedom, 

  • Less educational bureaucracy,

  • Generous compensation, 

  • Smaller classes, 

  • Built in time for collaboration, planning, and research,

  • Deeper relationships, 

  • Accelerated personal and professional growth, 

  • A dedicated administration support team,

  • Varied responsibilities outside the scope of typical teacher (set up/ tear down, cleaning), and

  • Opportunities for mentoring and discipleship

6. Compensation depends on cohort class size at launch.  A cohort will not launch with fewer than six students. All Full-Time teachers will also receive $500 to offset costs of personal health insurance premiums. All teachers qualify for up to $5,000 per year in bonus money, up to $2,500 at the conclusion of each semester. 50% of your bonus is determined by the parents of your cohort, the other 50% by Verathon Administration. 

Full-Time Focus

6 Students- $2500/month 

8 Students-$3500/month 

10 Students-$4500/month 

12 Students-$5000/month 

Blended Learning Partnership

6 Students- $1500/month 

8 Students- $2000/month 

10 Students- $2500/month 

12 Students- $2850/month 


We know teaching at Verathon Academy is not for everyone…but it could be for you!

Here are the basics:

1: Must sign a basic evangelical Christian Statement of Faith. This is required for all Verathon employees.

2: Be committed to their students and Verathon team of professionals. Teachers demonstrate this commitment by embracing the Learning Philosophy and Mission, the Monday through Friday rhythms and expectations, and being an active and positive participant in the Verathon community. 

3: Pass the teacher application process. Every teacher must first complete a Staff and Teacher Application and pass a background check. All applications are thoroughly reviewed by the Academic Director and references are contacted and vetted. Following review, the applicant must complete an in-person interview with the appropriate department head and one additional staff member. Once an applicant has been accepted, they must complete the MinistrySafe Awareness Training Course.

Here’s How to Apply:

Fill out the Teacher Application web form found at We will reach out to you if your background, education, and experience appear to be a good fit with our Mission, Philosophy, and Model.

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Portland, OR



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