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Senior Performance Marketing Manager - Hybrid Role

San Francisco, CA
Expired: May 09, 2023 Applications are no longer accepted.
  • $85,000 to $95,000 Yearly
  • Other
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Hello and thank you for considering our Senior Performance Marketing Manager openingfor your next career move. We're excited to share details of the role and a bit about Upgrow.

Many job descriptions are quick and generic, leaving you with lots of questions. This is meant to be a comprehensive look at the role, who it’s a good fit for, and how we operate as a company. With that disclaimer, you officially can’t get mad that it’s long! Here we go...

Role Highlights

  • Salary Range: $85,000 to $95,000
  • Local: Hybrid Role in San Diego, CA
  • Experience Required: 5+ years as a high-level operator within Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Programmatic, and/or other digital channels
  • Experience Preference: B2B lead generation
  • Benefits: Employee Health/Dental/Vision Insurance, Unlimited PTO, Profit Sharing (Avg +5% of Salary), 401K Match
About Upgrow
  • Company Overview, Upgrow is a performance-driven digital marketing agency primarily working with B2B tech, finance, and healthcare brands. More on us further down.
    • We work with fast-growing, world-class companies like Gates Ventures, Orca Security, QuantumScape, Leesa, TalkDesk, SingleStore,(and more) to scale lead and sales generation.
    • Tech-empowered (eg, using tools and processes to automate boring tasks)
    • Upgrow is ranked as the #2013 fasted growing company in America by Inc. 5000
    • A small but mighty team of ~28
    • See more at: www.Upgrow.ioor watch our 90-second explainer video here.

How is Upgrow different than other agencies?

  • Focused on scaling our success
    • We don't want to get comfortable, it sounds way too boring. That's why we're always adding new software, developing better processes, hiring for new disciplines, and seeking efficiency and automation wherever we can.
  • High-touch, long-term client work
    • Our clients are primarily funded startups and established companies. Mostly B2B tech, finance, and healthcare. We don't plan to have 100's of clients but instead 10's of clients that we deliver comprehensive, highly engaged consultation and implementation for.
  • Full-Stack performance marketing
    • Upgrow offers PPC, SEO, design, content writing, web analytics, and conversion rate optimization services so if any point in the sales funnel isn't working... we can fix it.

About the Senior Performance Marketing Manager Role

We are looking for a key senior manager to create paid media client strategies, provide proactive account management, execute performance-driven optimization, and manage paid media specialists and interns.

This is PERFECT for someone who wants to take OWNERSHIP in handling client relationships, PPC channel management, analyzing performance analytics, and identifying growth opportunities across the board.

The basics —> what the job consists of, and who we're looking for.

You’ll be doing stuff like:
  • Developing a PPC strategy and executing ongoing optimization across paid media channels, primarily Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and programmatic display.
  • Problem-solving performance issues across keyword/audience targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and other points for optimal results.
  • Creating reporting and building analytics insights that are actionable.
  • Contributingto repeatable PPC optimization processes and playbooks used by the paid media team.
  • Managing client relationships and providing proactive strategies, updates, and timely responses.
  • Contribute insights to CRO, channel expansion, experiment ideas, and budget recommendations.
Who we’re looking for (skills)
  • PPC Mega-Mastery
    • As a senior performance manager with a focus on PPC Mega-Mastery, your expertise in driving bottom-line growth through paid media is critical to our business. We need someone who is already a wizard-warrior in the field, with a level of proficiency that goes beyond simply setting up basic campaigns and applying automated bidding. We are looking for a highly-skilled PPC marketer who can take our performance to the next level and lead a performance clinic for our team. If you're ready to showcase your PPC Mega-Mastery skills and drive results that exceed expectations, we want to hear from you.
  • Client Whisper
    • You can build a strong working rapport with your client through trust and respect. And you can earn their "buy-in" on our strategies, as well as communicate challenges and analytical insights in a way they can understand.
  • Ultimate Ownership
    • Look, challenges come up and we need a juggernaut that can find a way through. This means meeting deadlines, finding performance solutions, learning skill gaps as needed, and generally taking care of business.
  • Analytics-Minded
    • Practically speaking, it means experience in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and any other analytics platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot.
    • More importantly, you have to be genuinely interested in quantifying everything, learning to think in numbers and be open to picking up new tools
  • Process-Oriented
    • We are big on building processes. You'll have a bunch of processes and onboarding materials that will guide you to do your job, and then be in a position to contribute to those very processes yourself.
  • Bonus: B2B Tech Lead Gen and/or Agency Background
    • A majority of our clients are B2B tech companies, so experience there is a plus (but not required) and if you've already done the agency thing juggling multiple clients and priorities - that's also uber relevant to our work.
  • Experience required = You know how to drive (powerful, strategic, beyond fundamental) PPC results. More specifically, you know how to:
    • 5+ years as a high-level operator within Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Programmatic, and/or other digital channels with the ability to consistently get results.
    • Able to problem-solve performance issues across keyword/audience targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and other points for optimal results.
    • Able to identify opportunities through reporting analysis.
    • A strong communicatorand able tobuild trust, understanding, and "buy-in" from clients and stakeholders
  • Location = Hybrid Role in San Diego, CA.We are not a micro-managingkind of company at all, but aligning your availability with clients and colleagues is important as a critical department leader.
  • Work culture = A lot of ownership and accountability, mixed with the support of processes and people with whom you'll work closely. We don't have excessive internal meetings, and you'll have regular (but not redundant) strategy calls with clients. Otherwise, you get to spend most of your days doing REAL PPC WORK!
    • Btw, our work hours are typically your standard 40/wk.Core working hours are generally 8:30am to 5:30pm in your time zone (except EST which is 9am to 6pm) - with an hour lunch break.


About the Team

We love keeping a "business casual" sort of virtual work environment that's fun, positive, and encouraging.That said, we work hard and demand results from ourselves but also do it because we like accomplishing big things, not only because it's technically our job.


What's important to us
  • Having a life
    • You'll see the words "ownership" and "accountability" here a lot, but we also extend that to taking care of yourself. Burnout is ultimately not in anyone's self-interest. This is reflected in:
      • Our vacation policy (quite generous)
      • Workload (e.g. we hire more great people ASAP when we see client load getting too high or someone leaves - the Director and even Founders step to support things too when things get too hairy)
      • Set core work hours (responding after hours is not expected)
      • Open communication (speak directly to the Director of Founders if you need anything)
  • Doing work that matters
    • Doing repetitive busy work for optics alone is not what we're about
    • We want to create the best methods for doing things efficiently and always look for ways to improve further
    • Creating thoughtful strategies and tactics is what sets us apart and keeps us excited every single day


Is this a good fit for me?

Obviously, we're biased, but here is our honest (as can be) assessment of the pros/cons of working at Upgrow —in this role.

Benefits to you and your career
  • The Package
    • Base salary $85K to $95K annually, but it can really vary depending on your background and readiness. We're considering arange of candidates for years of experience, work history, skills, and management track record. Therefore, it's tough to give a window without it being ridiculous. We can chat more on the topic upfront if you're interested.
    • High performance bonus potential! Annual profit-sharing, account retention/renewals, and case study bonuses (can add 10%+ to your salary!)
    • Paid health, dental, and vision
    • Life and disability insurance
    • Unlimited PTO plus 10company holidays
    • Annual company summits in cool locations, most recently San Francisco
    • Sweet company swag that will quickly elevate your social status.
  • Your PPC experienceall culminated inthis opportunity to do it your way!

    • All your career experience has led you to this point where you're ready and able to create superior PPC results. Work with big budgets, smart clients and teammates, and leadership that encourages innovation. Ready to take it to the next level?Let's do this!
  • Do really cool sh*@!

    • Here, you arenot just a cog in a machine where making a real impact is nearly impossible.This is your opportunity to step up to the plate and do things your way - this is the role in your career that you'll look back on fondly and know you created something truly special and innovative.
  • Huge career upside

    • Our client'ssuccess is your success.Through our bonus structures and the high visibility of your work, there is an infinite upside.As a reminder, we're less than 5 years old and a total organization of 21... you get to contribute in a big way and help us build THE growth agency of Silicon Valley and the world? Pump yet?!
Who wouldNOT want to take this role

A good match for any role requires a great fit between team members and the company. There are amazing people who aren’t in the right time/space in their careers to thrive and appreciate every role. . . and that’s totally ok! Just trying to keep it real here.

It might not be a good fit for you, IF:

  • You want to be told exactly what to do

    • While we have some processes documented and our team is not newbies, this role will be expected to be set best practices for PPC. That doesn't mean you're on yourown or starting from 0 but we do want you to drive withownership and accountability.So if you're looking for a lot of handholding and guardrails, this might not be the gig for you.
  • You want to stay in your comfort zone

    • You'll have the opportunity to solve new problems and help us evolve the way we think about working with fast-growing companies. If you don't like geeking out on new information from industry blogs, forums, Google, and Youtube then you'll get frustrated fast.We all solve new problems on a regular basis, which is exciting to some - but not what everyone is looking for.
  • You want a freelance-style work schedule

    • If your schedule requires high flexibility or you prefer working exclusively in the middle of the night, then this probably isn't your gig. If you are backpacking across Europe with sometimes spotty wifi, then you're also going to have a hard time. As an accountleader, we need you at the helm during the workday.
  • You are a marketing generalist with only some PPC background
    • This is a senior manager-level role for someonedeeeeeply specialized in PPC. If you've only had surface-level exposure to PPC or PPC hasn't been more than a small % of your overall digital marketing role, then your broader talents will be under-utilized in this role and your experience may not be deep enough.
Examples of backgrounds/experiences that may be a great fit

This is NOT some definitive list; more so, to show examples that different types of people could kill it in this role. For example:

  • Digital Marketing agency background and thrive in this challenging environment of juggling multiple client projects simultaneously, across multiple industries and meeting tight deadlines. You're able to prioritize with laser focus efficiency and able to manage expectations effectively
  • Tech startup marketing backgroundwith an understanding of how to get big results quickly and from an early stage using paid media.
  • Digital marketing consulting backgroundproviding growth strategies and ad channel management to clients with a budget of $10,000+/month

If you don't fit any of these descriptions, but you still think you're qualified, then go ahead and apply!


How We Hire: A Look Inside Our Hiring Process

  • Apply Online
    • Now that you have found a position that you have matched your skills and interests it’s time to apply!You will be asked to submit a video response and answer a few questions about your background.
  • Application Review
    • Applications are read first by ...



San Francisco, CA
94199 USA



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