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Social Media Manager

Trala Chicago, IL
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description
Trala is a technology powered music education company. Our mission is to make world-class music education accessible to every single person on Earth.

Right now, music lessons are so inaccessible that the joy of music is available only to the rich and urban. Imagine instead a world where all 4 billion people who will pick up an instrument in the next 20 years could get world-class lessons. Imagine how much more music and joy there would be in the world. That is the future were obsessed with realizing.

Our first product, Trala: Learn Violin is a mobile application that teaches anyone how to play violin. We do this using movie-quality tutorial videos featuring famous violinists and signal processing that listens to students play their real violins and gives instant feedback on every mistake. This is crazy-hard and requires us to solve novel problems in signal processing, app design, user psychology, and education theory.

Over the last 3 years, we have organically grown Trala to 250,000 downloads, students in 100+ countries, and support from some of the most famous musicians in the world. Our students are ages 7 to 70 and live in rural Montana, Syria, tiny Pacific islands, Hong Kong, and our home town of Chicago. Theyre not businesses or governments, theyre people. Theyve dreamt of learning violin for years and were fulfilling those dreams. They say things like this to us:

I had never progressed this far no matter what I did. I just want to say thank you. You made my dream come true

Ive been using Trala for just under three months now and can honestly say its changed my life.

We have an abundance of stories to share. We want their voices to be heard. Thats where you come in.


Your mission will be to create, share, and curate content across all of Trala's social media platforms, and to tell the story of Trala and our students. Tactically, you will have full creative and technical ownership of Trala's social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

We're looking for someone who has the following competencies:

  1. Experience running a successful social media platform in the past, whether personally or for a brand.
  2. Understands how to grow and maintain a following.
  3. Understands importance of analytics and how to utilize them.
  4. Action-oriented. Takes immediate initiative on musical trends, updated product features, and upcoming events sponsored by the company.
  5. Design chops. Aesthetic.
  6. Strong writer with consistent tone.


Why Trala?
  • Trala deeply impacts peoples lives all across the world. These are dreams youll be fulfilling. Not leveraged data monetization or whatever value Facebook claims to provide these days.
  • We don't have users, we have students. You'll become deeply connected with them. Most Trala team members find themselves developing close friendships with students.
  • Trala is funded by amazing people like the LinkedIn and Duolingo CEOs. These folks are leaders, and they are invested in helping us become great.
  • Trala prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and righting economic and social wrongs. We strive to make our corner of the world a better place.

The team
  • Sam: CEO. Violinist and engineer. Mastermind behind Tralas musical pedagogy. Uses words like pedagogy.
  • Vish: CTO. Winner of 4 national hackathons. Has eaten a Death Sandwich and survived.
  • Chen: UI/UX. Fashionable, like all good visual designers. Looking at her designs is like getting winked at by your celebrity crush. Trala power student.
  • Josh: Lead iOS engineer. Navy submarine officer for 10 years. They finally let him resurface amongst the landfolk but occasionally we see a periscope out of the corner of our eye and he ducks under a table.
  • Mariah: Lead Android Engineer. Former D1 Athlete at Princeton. Named after Mariah Carey. Spongebob Enthusiast. Believes in the sanctity of Arbys.
  • Geoff: Pro violinist. In four bands. Or five. Its hard to keep track.
  • Rachael: Pro violinist. Played at that white-tie gala we werent invited to.
  • Matthew: Lead web engineer. Boilermaker. Enjoys golf, video games, and piano. Always in that order. Suspiciously good at poker. Dogs > cats. Also sometimes builds websites.
  • Simeon: Senior iOS Engineer. 3rd degree black belt, rock-climber and amateur Donald Glover impersonator.
  • Albert: Product Manager. Outdoor enthusiast (code for trying to convince everyone to move Trala HQ to Cali). Enjoys traveling, cooking new foods, and mentoring high school students. Researched the material science to make better dental fillings.
  • Erik: Operations guy. Avid traveller, aspiring drummer, and constantly in search of the perfect oneliner. Won Wheel of Fortune. Lowkey.
  • Llama: Where did the llama come from? Why does it keep staring at me? Play it cool.
  • You: Shrouded in mystery (for now).



Chicago, IL