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Pharmacy Manager

The Memorial Hospital at Craig Craig, CO

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Pharmacy Manager

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Retail Pharmacy - SS


Full Time


Varied Shifts



Contact Information:

+ Contact: Samuel Serniak

+ Tel: 970-826-2468

+ Fax: 970-826-3179

+ Email:

+ Address:

Craig, CO 81625

Job Details:

+ Position Purpose:

The Retail Pharmacy Manager is Responsible for supervision and proper operation of the retail pharmacy. This responsibility includes oversight of all activities inclusive of, but not limited to, unit-dose dispensing, inventory control, narcotic drug control, verification and processing of Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance. Supervises ambulatory pharmaceutical services and activities are carried out to meet goals and standards of both Cardinal Health and the client/hospital's policies and procedures, state and federal laws.

Essential Functions and Basic Duties:

Primary Duties

o Manage the activities and performance of pharmacists, technicians, couriers, clerks, and other pharmacy personnel. Ensure adequate staffing is present to fulfill the needs of the pharmacy or pharmacy department.

o Maintain accurate records of all prescription medication received and dispensed.

o Ensure policies are in place regarding accurate dispensing and labeling of prescriptions and that such policies are followed.

o Ensure that security of the prescription area and its contents are maintained at all times, including the restriction of persons unauthorized by the pharmacist on duty from being present in the prescription area while the pharmacist is temporarily absent within the premises and the reporting of any thefts and/or diversions of controlled substances are reported upon discovery to the Office of Drug Control and the Drug Enforcement Administration pursuant to Federal and State requirements.

o Comply with all state and federal regulations and Medical Center and Cardinal Health policies and procedures relating to drug dispensing including appropriate handling of drug products, adherence to security procedures, and completion of necessary documentation.

o Ensure only pharmacists and interns or externs under immediate personal supervision provide professional consultation with patients and physicians.

o Ensure only pharmacists, interns or externs, accept telephone prescriptions and only pharmacists, interns, or externs, or pharmacy technicians consistent with state requirements accept renewal authorizations.

o Maintain controls to not allow misbranded, deteriorated, adulterated, improperly stored or outdated drugs or any drugs marked "sample" or with any like designation or meaning are dispensed or present in the active stock in the pharmacy.

o Maintain safety-integrity-professionalism of pharmacy at all times.

o Employ principles of safe medication practice as dictated by departmental and organizational policies and procedures.

o Review and dispense medication prescriptions and clarify all potential issues with prescriptions.

o Monitor patient drug therapy regimens for all allergies, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, and potential adverse reactions.

o Oversee activities of ancillary personnel (Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Clerks, Couriers, and Cashiers). Conduct periodic staff meetings.

o Identify the needs of the patient population served and modify and deliver care that is specific to those needs. Treat patients and families with respect and dignity.

o Assure confidentiality of patient records.

o Consistently strive to promote great customer service in all aspects of the job.

o Perform as a Retail Pharmacist as needed.

o Ensure that all assigned training and competencies are completed by pharmacy personnel.

o Assure acquisition and renewal of all pharmacy licenses and certifications. Conduct annual review of staff's licenses.

o Maintain the prescription area in an orderly and sanitary manner.

o Maintain that pharmacy and all pharmacy personnel comply with all Federal and State statutes, rules, and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy.

o Manage the pharmacy budget and all aspects related to the financial program

o Performs other duties as assigned.

o Demonstrates 100% commitment to performing according to the CHOICE values of MRH and representing the organization in a positive and professional manner.

o Establishes and maintains effective communication and good working relationships with all co?workers.

o Adheres to MRH and department policies and procedures.

o Utilizes initiative; strives to maintain steady level of productivity; self-motivated; manages activity and time.

o Completes annual education, training, in-service, and certification requirements; attends departmental and organizational staff meetings or reads meeting minutes.

o Maintains regulatory requirements.

o Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.

o Reports to work on time and as scheduled; completes work within designated times.

o Actively participates in departmental and facility performance improvement and continuous quality improvement activities.

o Strives to ensure continual compliance with departmental, hospital, state and federal regulations and policies.

o Follows policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for patients, public and staff.



o High School Graduate or equivalent

o Graduate of college of pharmacy accredited by ACPE or equivalent with a minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy.

o Current license to practice pharmacy in state and maintain all required CE.

o Current, valid driver's license

o Must possess a clean driving record and pass a Motor Vehicle Records Check and meet insurability Guidelines (if applicable) - see below

? Must be 21 years of age of older

? Must possess a valid driver's license

? Must not have three (3) or more violations in three years

? Must not have any of the following violations, regardless of the time period:

? Homicide involving a vehicle

? Using a vehicle to elude an officer

? Hit and run

? Manslaughter with a vehicle

? Felony with a vehicle

? False report to police department

? Permitting an unlicensed driver to drive

? Any two or more preventable accidents in 3 years - a preventable accident is any traffic accident which results in property damage and/or personal injury, regardless of who was injured, what property was damaged, to what extent, or where it occurred, in which the driver in question failed to exercise every reasonable precaution or action to avoid the accident. Driving to avoid preventable accidents is defensive driving. The fact that the driver was not charged with a traffic violation by law enforcement is not a part of our definition.

? Any driver convicted of any of the following within the last five years:

? Any alcohol or drug related offense including, but not limited to, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Knowledge Required:

Experience Required:

o Prior pharmacist experience in a retail environment.

o Previous pharmacy management experience (preferred)


o Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills and an orientation towards customer service.

o Basic computer skills.

o Ability to prioritize and perform responsibilities accurately with attention to detail.

o Ability to handle frequent interruptions and adapt to changes in workload.

o Must possess strong oral and written communication skills.

o Financial management skills

Work Environment:

Equipment Used:

o Computer

o Telephone

o Fax Machine

o Copy Machine

o Basic Office Equipment

Mandatory Training & Involvement:

+ Ongoing Annual Education

+ Infection Control

+ Hazardous Materials

+ CHOICE Values

+ Compliance Program Review

+ Competencies

+ ISO 9001 & Quality Management Systems

+ NIMS Training: IS-100Hcb and IS-700A


The Memorial Hospital at Craig

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