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Inside Sales Representative 150K/year
The Customer Factory Remote, OR

Inside Sales Representative 150K/year

The Customer Factory
Remote, OR
Expired: over a month ago Applications are no longer accepted.
  • $115,000 to $150,000 Yearly
  • Full-Time
Job Description

Legal Status:
Inside USA: Salaried employee with bonuses, Outside USA: A contract is used where you would be a vendor.

Reports To: Sales Manager

Company & Job Purpose:
As a company, we remove the burden and confusion of marketing from business owners (mostly chiropractors and other health care practitioners) by providing premium marketing services so they can focus on helping more people. Through our effective marketing programs, we direct people in pain and in need into the services that will improve their lives. Currently, that is as many as 1000 per week. As a member of our team, you will be doing a crucial role in ultimately helping improve the lives of thousands of people who otherwise would continue to live with pain and disability. You’ll also be part of helping practice and business owners prosper and support their families, their staff, and the many who depend on their success.

Location: Remote or on site at 1111 Cambridge Square. Alpharetta GA 30009


Contacting prospective new clients, demonstrating how our services can help them grow their practices, and signing them up with payment collected and sales admin completed.
Our sales prospects are generally chiropractors, medically integrated chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, etc.
Working sales leads from marketing.
Cold calling and warm calling
Contacting, qualifying, presenting, following up and closing new clients.
Keeping sales notes current and in our system. We use Pipedrive as our sales CRM and Asana as our project management and internal communications system.
Other duties as assigned,

Specific Challenges:
Our prospects are busy practice owners and it often takes persistence and creativity to connect with them successfully, even when they have initiated the contact. Most practice owners we encounter have been “burned” by the many amateur marketing companies out there and have become jaded to some degree. They can be reluctant to trust again - but they also badly need effective marketing services to build their practices. We can only have one client in any given area (usually a dozen or so zip codes) so sometimes we must turn away a hot prospect until their area becomes open. We have a list of “unsupported services” and do not accept practices as clients who engage in such. Unsupported services include mental treatments, sedation dentistry, anything related to cannabis, medication clinics (pill mills), etc. (See a full list in our Terms of Service on our site). To generate warm/hot leads we have a cold call unit, affiliates and aggressive online and print campaigns. If there are not enough leads it may be necessary to cold call readers of our print publications (more than 9200+ currently). Only the top 5% - 10% of the healthcare practices are a good fit for our services as it requires a stable operation internally to benefit from our marketing programs. We help “good” practices become “great.” Marketing services do not cure poor management or other flaws so we do not accept small, falling, troubled or desperate clients.

Position Advantages:
In an industry (online marketing) noted for over-promising and under-delivering services, we stand out as a high-quality professional vendor. We charge more than our competitors and deliver a much higher level of service. We have positive word of mouth and a consistent brand that has been in the market since 2012. We do not require clients to sign a long-term contract (we are month-to-month) which is a key differentiator from other companies. This shows our confidence in being able to re-earn the client’s business with our performance every month. We have an in-house print publication that is purely a house organ for selling our services. It goes out regularly to essentially all our identified prospects in the United States (more than 9300 presently). We use our print magazine to build referral relationships and build brand awareness. A proven sales presentation and offer packages are in use. Our focus on technical quality has resulted in us having a client retention rate 3X the industry average (this is the highest retention rate of anyone we are aware of). We provide a full set of services allowing us to increase the value of our sales packages. We cultivate affiliate and referral relationships with our clients and partners to bring in hot leads on a regular basis. We have a training program to build a high level of expert product knowledge about our services before you start contacting prospects.

Performance Expectations:
12+ closes per month
Key performance metrics (stats) for this position are:
Amount of communication out
Appointments Set
Sales Demonstrations
Paid Starts (Closed Clients)
Daily production is measured on a tally sheet. Weekly production is graphed and compared to previous weeks.

Required Technical Competencies:

Reasonable aptitude in computer and internet applications such as CRM systems, Google Docs, Gmail, etc.
Fluent English language speaking and writing skills.

Personality and Behavioral Requirements (soft skills):
Must deploy sales as a skill used cooperatively (not adversarial) to help people get them the services they need to improve their situations.
Must consider there may be things you can learn about sales that you do not already know.
Skill in persuasive communications, verbal and written.
Must be able to read and follow directions, procedures, company policy, etc.
Must like a challenging work environment where you are expected to grow and improve your skills and abilities.
Must value personal integrity and honesty over immediate advantage.
Must possess good judgment when discarding a prospect as the right thing to do for the company.
Punctuality in keeping work schedules and keeping appointments with prospects.
Must be willing to accept constructive criticism and correction related to your job functions.
You must be comfortable making cold/warm calls and talking to new people.
You must have an extremely high level of persistence.
You must wish to contribute to the overall purpose and expansion of the company.
Must be performance-driven and be able to rise to meet production quotas.
You must be able to maintain a high level of professionalism and no matter what the situation or attitude others may be presenting.
You must show high responsibility and the ability to work independently within the parameters of company policy.
You recognize that you alone are personally responsible for your level of production.
Desired or required experience (or equivalent):
Required: 1+ years of inside sales experience
Desired: Experience selling online marketing or services to healthcare offices.

Testing's and Evaluations:
The following tests and assessments will be required on applicants for this position:
1. Personality (Soft Skills) test
2. Intelligence test
3. General aptitude test
4. Standard background and reference checks.
5. Written and verbal communication evaluation.
6. Mock sales presentation.

Company Management Style & Culture:
The company uses the Hubbard Management System. This includes “management by statistics” wherein objective statistical measurements are kept on production activities. Every position, including this one, has one or more direct statistical-based measurements of its productivity and these are graphed, displayed, and compared. Office politics is minimized as production measurements are plainly evident. Inactive, troubled or non-productive areas can easily be identified and targeted for correction. A core part of the Hubbard Management System style involves ongoing job training and positive correction of staff. There are daily “product conferences” where division heads coordinate and work out the day's activities. There are weekly staff meetings where important news about the company and the team is shared, planning discussed and victories are celebrated. Company-wide production games are sometimes in effect for cash bonuses and/or prizes such as lunch outings, paid time off, etc.

Compensation Details:
Salary of $40,000.00 plus 25% commission per close.
There are occasional sales performance games with various bonuses and prizes.

Training program:
There is an in-house training program designed to orient employees to our internal company systems and standards. All employees are expected to do paid training on our management system, company policies, and assigned training materials. They are then trained and apprenticed to be a specialist in their own positions with the goal of complete mastery of the position. Sales training and drilling (role-playing situations) is ongoing activity for this position.

Performance Appraisals:
Regular performance reviews are conducted. Statistical production, your contribution to achieving the company purposes and adherence to company policies weigh heavily in such appraisals.

Career Opportunities:
This is a permanent position and the company first looks to promote from within when filling executive or other higher positions.


The Customer Factory

1111 Cambridge Square. Alpharetta

Remote, OR



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