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Personal Assistant

The Advisory Incorporated
Collierville, TN
  • Expired: February 06, 2023. Applications are no longer accepted.

This job requires humility, first. You must be humble and willing to learn to conduct tasks the exact way the person you're assisting wants tasks to be conducted, to clean the exact way the person you're assisting cleans, to organize the exact way the person you're assisting organizes, and to channel the energy and thoughts of the person you're assisting. You will start every day with ensuring that the person you're assisting has everything he would do if he had time completely done.

That may be cleaning dishes, doing laundry, ironing, making coffee or tea, cleaning golf clubs, washing shoes, polishing shoes, organizing a closet, organizing an attic, organizing a garage, cleaning a grill, taking a car to the car wash, vacuuming a car or multiple cars, running errands, taking inventory of groceries, or any other odd job or task. Odd jobs and making life easy will be a huge portion of this role. Second, this job requires flexibility. While you will need to display humility, physical strength, and energy for the jobs above, you will need to show mental acuity and ingenuity to assist with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, social media, administrative, managerial, and ministerial tasks.

No job is too small, but no job is too big either. You will be exposed to a tremendous variety of high-level celebrities, entertainers, athletes, business deals, and crisis situations, and you may have to be on a high-level task while shining shoes. Not every person is built for such a dual role, but that's what this position requires. Third, this job requires time and commitment.

You will be the driver for the person you assist on out of town trips. Either you will drive to ensure the person you assist can work during the trip, or if the person you assist flies, you will hold down the fort or fly to be a driver and assistant out of town. Whatever the day (weekday or weekend) requires, you must be completely flexible and know that things may change at a moment's notice. Your job is to make the life of the person you assist easier, so you must have a heart to serve and to always be thinking about how to make someone else's day and night better. Responsibilities: This position’s responsibilities and duties are many and varied.

It requires equal amounts of ingenuity and humility. It requires commitment to mental and physical labor. It requires work from home and travel.

It requires an ability to work independently and an acceptance of micromanagement. This position calls for you to lead and to serve. You will serve as an extension of Company’s President professionally and personally.

Below is an overview of the types of responsibilities, duties, and tasks of your role, it being understood that your flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond all such responsibilities, duties, and tasks is key to this position and the reason you are being offered this opportunity.1.    Communication with the President. You will be communicative and responsive at all times, unless you have notified the President that you are going to be unavailable during a certain period of time. You understand that the President is often in meetings or on tasks that make communication impossible or impractical, so your flexibility, availability, communicativeness, and responsiveness are essential, as opportunities for the President to communicate with you may be limited, and missing or failing to swiftly reply to any correspondence may be detrimental to Company.2.    Communication with Clients.

You will monitor the President’s correspondences and answer phone calls. Often, you will respond to correspondences or reach out to clients for scheduling or other purposes. You will ensure that in each case you are careful to plan for verbal or video communication and to proofread all written correspondence.

You will seek the President’s counsel whenever you are uncertain regarding a client interaction. It is perfectly acceptable to tell a client that you will contact the President and respond to them as soon as possible.3.    Administrative and Domestic Tasks. In addition to communication, you will manage the President’s multiple calendars and work with the President and lead in the area of continuously improving the organizational infrastructure of Company, the President, the President’s other businesses, and the President’s household.

Frequently, you will work from the President’s home to clean, do laundry, take grocery inventory, review mail, pay bills, update spreadsheets, pick up dry-cleaning, drop off and organize dry-cleaning in the President’s closet, shine shoes, clean shoes, pick up shoes to be shined, or drop off and organize shoes. The President prioritizes organization, so in some instances, you will organize closets, dressers, file cabinets, storage areas, and off-site storage units. You will take the President’s vehicles to the car wash, vacuum the vehicles, put tire shine on the vehicles, clean golf clubs, and clean golf shoes.

You will assist with packing for travel, load and unload luggage, arrange travel plans, book meals, coordinate events, purchase gifts, and handle any other tasks the President might otherwise have to handle himself.4.    Legal Assistant Tasks. You will document the legal needs you see the President meeting, and you will learn ways that you can support the President. You will develop proficiency in the areas of entity formation, contract review, contract form updating, and contract automation.

You will leverage technology tools to create forms that enable you to assist the President with document creation. You will manage electronic signature processes, organize shared document systems, manage conflict of interest systems, send bills to clients, follow up with clients regarding bills after confirming payment status with the President, and develop spreadsheets to track key items (types of matters, matter type average value, time spent per matter, average time spent by matter type, recurring clients, etc.).5.    Business Development and Reputation Management Tasks. You will create and/or manage websites and social media accounts for Company, the President, and the President’s other businesses or initiatives.

You will create and manage marketing campaigns, organize and deploy communication and follow up strategies, and track effectiveness of such campaigns and strategies.6.    Sports Management Tasks. You will lead the organization of all sports efforts. You will note each sports client or client pipeline.

You will create a correspondence schedule, task schedule, deliverable schedule, and goal schedule for each client. You will ensure that the correspondences are sent, tasks are completed, deliverables are provided, and goals are met. You will work with the President to determine ways to intelligently grow your sports management competencies.

You will travel as needed.7.    Managerial Tasks. You will develop a legal internship program and a sports internship program. You will base internship roles on current clients and projects.

You will draft a job description for each intern. You will coordinate with the institutions from which interns are hired, report on intern progress, and work with interns to help them set and meet our and their goals for the internship. You will only hire interns who are committed to all such goals.8.    Driver and Miscellaneous Tasks.

Any day, night, or weekend could involve a different set of tasks. For certain events or trips, you will serve as a driver or designated driver. You will take photos or videos.

You will edit photos and videos. You will take notes in meetings and on calls. You will review technology platforms and other productivity tools to make Company, the President, and yourself more efficient and productive. Qualifications: • Humility • Hard Work • Dedication • Commitment to Improving Daily • Flexibility • Unlimited Availability About Company: A team of forward thinkers who are lifelong learners that ask the hard questions–defines The Advisory.

We constantly work with our clients to identify blind spots to gain a better understanding of what’s best for you. In addition, our industry knowledge and worldwide connections allow us to offer different points of view to our clients that will create a lasting impact. We are not only part of your legal team, but offer strategic management and consulting for your business and brands. Our goal is to equip high-net-worth individuals, athletes, performers, and creatives with the skills and tools needed to advance to the next level of success.

We care about helping you build solid foundations that will survive for years to come. We’re more than legal protection; we provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are making the best business decisions possible.

The Advisory Incorporated


Collierville, TN
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