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Director, Teacher Leadership Development

Teach For America San Francisco ,CA
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about supporting our corps members' development, agency and achievement and eager to partner with school leaders in support of teacher and student growth. As a Director of Teacher Leadership Development, you will focus on developing the teacher and leadership skills of your corps members, furthering our regional program work and partnering with school sites.

The following traits describe the Director, Teacher Leadership Development:

You approach your work through an equity lens. You fundamentally believe that race, class, and privilege are at the core of inequity in our society and schools. You work to understand the way that your own identity impacts your thoughts, actions, and ultimately your leadership, and you are excited to support educators in understanding this as well.

You are a relationship builder. In all of your interactions, people feel valued, clear on your purpose, and also believe their time was well-spent. You are fueled by connecting people, collaborating, and forging communities in pursuit of a bold vision.

You are obsessed with data. You see data collection and analysis as an essential component of equity work. You consistently collect both quantitative and qualitative data, draw connections between the two, and use these data points to take your work and the work of teachers to new heights.

You are hungry for excellence. You learn and continuously improve. You aren’t interested in “good enough.” You are driven to become exemplary in your capacity to coach educators and to facilitate group professional development experiences. You pursue world-class results because of your deep commitment to the movement for educational equity.

You create exceptional culture. Teams and communities are better because you are a part of them. In the face of challenge, you choose joy. As a result of your work and influence, groups of individuals become teams united in pursuit of a common vision.

You are self-driven. You don’t wait. You get clear on audacious goals and you pursue them proactively and with vigor.

You have a bias towards collective impact. You are deeply compelled by the potential for impact of the collective. You creatively and steadfastly pursue strategies that aim to deepen a trusting and connected culture among large groups of people, and orient them towards leveraging their collective power to drive change. You deeply believe in the power of team, and thrive off of working in close partnership with your peers to strengthen your work and impact.

You are an organizational steward. In addition to the individual strengths and perspectives you bring, you consider the long-term success of Teach For America and our mission. You see yourself as an individual, a part of a collective Teach For America family, and a broader movement to end educational inequity. You practice fiscal stewardship and are a strong ambassador for Teach For America and the students, families, and teachers we serve.

Key Responsibilities Include:

Developing and Coaching Corps Members (65%)

  • Building Corps Member Agency and Commitment to Collective Impact: You build capacity, coaching corps members to focus their learning and energy in the places most likely to lead to transformational outcomes for kids and for themselves. You develop our CMs’ individual and collective impact and their ability to work effectively across all lines of difference.
  • Measuring Student Outcomes: You support corps members in holding a high bar for academic growth for their students. You coach corps members to understand and use their academic data in concert with personal growth to build more equitable outcomes.
  • Promoting Equity Consciousness: You recognize we are all on our own journey of increased equity consciousness, and you support corps members in their development here alongside you. You help corps members zoom out to understand the impact of their actions on historically marginalized groups in their classroom.
  • Developing Knowledge and Skill: You have knowledge and skill in core instructional practices -- classroom culture building, appropriate assessment, and instructional planning. You’ll partner with school leaders, school-site coaches, and others to ensure that corps members are growing in their content-specific knowledge of these foundational skills.

Corps Member Program Management (10%)

  • Promoting a Positive Corps Culture: You act with and continuously grow in our organizational core values and regional culture beliefs.. You’ll bring those orientations to your work with corps members, supporting them to embody our core values in work with students, family members, and school communities.
  • Professionalism and Accountability: Leading from our program expectations, you’ll hold CMs accountable to operating with professionalism and to meeting our program expectations, which includes (but may not be limited to) attending events, sharing information, taking surveys and meeting school site expectations.

School Partnership (10%)

  • Aligning your coaching with school site support: You will meet with school leaders and school site coaches to align your coaching with school site supports and expectations. You’ll build your own context of what supports are available, establish channels of communication and collaborate with school site leaders to ensure corps members are growing, getting the support they need and meeting school expectations.
  • Priority Schools: For a small number of priority schools, you’ll collaborate with school leadership around a specific goal tied to increasing impact, such as teacher retention, support and/or development.

Team-Level Program Management (15%)

  • Lateral management and collaboration: You’ll contribute to broader team and regional programs through leading or participating in at least one regional and one community workstream that contributes to our program outcomes.
  • Engage in regional staff initiatives for learning and development (non-program and program).
  • Steward the mission and vision of Teach For America through corps member selection, matriculation, and confirmation.
  • Serve on committees at the regional or national level as needs align with interests and talents.

Teach For America


San Francisco, CA