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Production Partner - LOA

Naples, FL
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

· Lead Setup and Follow Up

o PP1 Schedules Dreams and Goals calls for the Team Leader. If over time, the PP1 becomes proficient at the D&G call, they can start to take these on, then just schedule the Pre-Purchase Consultation (PCC) or the Refinance Commitment Call (RCC).

§ Referral source

§ Timeline

§ What’s important

§ Employment

§ What type of client is this? DISC assessment

§ FTHB or Purpose of loan

§ RED FLAG QUESTIONS on D&G call – Save everyone’s time

o PP1 is a machine at prospect follow up. Calling each lead immediately the first day, using the CRM’s at a high level and notating everything. The goal of the PP1 is to constantly have the Team Leader on the phone with qualified prospects or in front of them with PPC’s, Contract Meetings, etc.

· Know Your Numbers

o Manage the CRM to ensure that EVERYTHING is tracked.

§ Lead Source, # of leads, conversion %, etc.

o Run your weekly team meetings by presenting these numbers to the team.

· Application Completion and Document Requesting/Gathering

o PP1 should ideally be licensed, so they can take loan applications over the phone. It’s not immediately necessary, but should be done over time. Otherwise, the Team Leader can take the application at the same time the D&G call is done, then the PP1 can go through to ensure the application is complete, prior to loan submission to the Loan Coordinator (LC).

o PP1 also needs to understand what documents to ask of the client, send the list of documents to each client and follow up with each client until the documents are sent in.

o Once the application is complete and the documents are in the file and labeled, PP1 will fill out the LC Submission Sheet and send the file to the LC for pre-approval.

· Updating Referral Partners

o PP1 needs to update the referral partner at every turn during the initial phases of pre-approval.

§ Lead receipt acknowledgement, attempted contact attempts, scheduled call times, all applicable notes and next steps after the initial call, invitation to the PPC, pre-approval time frame and completion of pre-approval.

o PP1 also needs to inspire confidence with the referral partners that everything is being handled well, and above and beyond

· Email & Calendar Management

o PP1 should keep the Team Leader out of their email and focused on client interaction and growth. PP1 should shield the Team Leader from things they don’t need to know and flag you on the things that you need to handle or know about.

§ Best practice would be that the PP1 flags emails that are specific to the Team Leader and only then can answer. Otherwise, PP1 should get the answer and handle the email request.

§ For time sensitive matters, PP1 should flag the email, then text or call the Team Leader to let them know there is an urgent email that needs to be addressed.

o PP1 should manage the Team Leaders calendar to schedule calls, PPC’s and contract meetings.


3 Highest Priorities


1. Client Side

a. Lead Management and Follow Up

b. Scheduling the initial Dreams & Goals Calls with new prospects (if the PP1 is sufficiently trained on this, they can do this themselves)

c. Taking applications over the phone (if the PP1 is sufficiently trained on this)

d. Sending out needs list emails

e. Following up with borrower for documentation until they submit everything

f. Submitting files to Loan Coordinators

g. Scheduling consultations with the Team Leader

h. Scheduling contract meetings with Team Leader

2. Provide an exceptional experience and level of communication for the referral partner on the front end of the process.


3. Be instrumental in allowing the Team Leader to focus on high value items every day

a. Manage the Team Leaders email and handle responses to clients, partners and team members.

b. Flag emails that the MA needs to attend to in time, text or call the Team Leader when urgency exists, schedule calls for the Team Leader when the client needs answers that only they can offer.



5664 Strand Ct

Naples, FL



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