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Executive Director

Share Food Program, Inc. Philadelphia, PA

  • Benefits Offered Medical
  • Employment Type Full-Time

The Position

The Executive Director must embody the mission of Share, providing the visionary, philanthropic and inspirational leadership that is intrinsic to an organization dedicated to the mission of providing the most basic services to populations dependent upon the assistance Share provides. In this role the Executive Director must be at the vanguard of current social and political issues, ready to adapt appropriate strategies for reaching Share’s goals

The Executive Director is the chief administrative officer of Share, accountable to its Board, it resource providers, its staff, and the consumers of its products for the oversight of the operations and financial stability of the organization in a supervisory capacity with staff and in consultation with the Board.

The Executive Director must fulfill the unique roles embedded in programs that are funded through the resources that support those programs, including a working relationship with government entities, public and private funding organizations, donors, and the teams of volunteers who perform much of the workload, and create and maintain team work among staff.

The Executive Director will work in concert with the Board according to the normal standards of relationships with non-profit Boards as refined by agreements between the Board and the Executive Director.



  • Responsible for the efficient, timely, responsive operations of Share working in consultation with any staff members given supervisory authority over staff.
  • Maintain a current organization chart that reflects the effective operations of Share.
  • Consulting with the Board at regular intervals, on the adequacy of the existing organizational plan.
  • Ability to maintain, in consultation with the Board and relevant staff, an operational staff that understands its roles and the importance of team work. The ED will be a primary participant in the decision to hire new staff and the specific role of that person.
  • Responsible for remaining current about the fiscal status of Share, working in consultation with the Board on budget preparation, financial statements, and the relationships between operations and securing resources.
  • Knowledgeable about the current legal status of Share operations, to ensure that all required legal documents are submitted timely; that required food safety procedures are in place in Share facilities and are known to all staff and volunteers; that all necessary credentialing to meet federal, state, and local regulations are in place and current.


  • Skilled in negotiations and representations related to Share’s work with government entities who provide resources and for whom Share distributes its food. This requires a knowledge of how to work with those entities and how to remain constantly knowledgeable of variations in their procedures.
  • Demonstrated ability to make public and private presentations about Share; the ED is the public face of Share and must be ready to represent Share in its many dimensions related to the audience.
  • Ability to work in concert with the Board to determine the presentations required by the Board to fulfill its role. The precise manner of that process will be committed to a written understanding.
  • Supervise all printed materials intended for publication to ensure consistency and appropriateness of message.

Operational Strategies

Effective food distribution services require constant vigilance over the resource bases and the product consumers; the ED is charged with the responsibility to provide that vigilance and effective responses represented in its strategic and operational plans.


The ED must have the skills associated with each requirement of the position including but not limited to:

  • demonstrated communication skills
  • technological knowledge required for ED functions
  • health status required for all ED functions
  • licenses required for all functions
  • adaptability to flexible working hours
  • a demonstrated commitment to the mission and goals of the organization

Processional Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or related equivalent experience
  • A minimum of five years of nonprofit leadership preferred
  • Solid budget management skills including cash flow management, budget preparation, analysis and reporting
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Public speaking experience
  • A valid driver’s license and current insurance coverage

Share Food Program, Inc.

Share Food Program, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a preeminent organization dedicated to serving populations requiring access to nutritious affordable food, through an expansive regional network of community organizations. Developed over three decades, Share now fulfills its mission through federal and state government grants, public-private partnerships, and private resources. The Share service area includes PA, MD, DE, NJ and NY.


2901 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129
Philadelphia, PA


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