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Assistant Store Manager

Seward Co-op
Minneapolis, MN
  • Expired: January 08, 2023. Applications are no longer accepted.

Seward Community Coop-Franklin Store

Job Description

Assistant Store Manager

Looking for the next Assistant Store Manager with a passion for sustainable, local, and organic products to lead our exciting and thriving community-focused Franklin Store.

Purpose: Lead store level Facilities department staff, manage services and finances, and follow Seward Co-op processes in support of Seward Co-op Ends and department goals. Support the growth of the Co-op through participation on the Store team. Support the creation and maintenance of a positive workplace and a welcoming and attractive retail shopping environment. Work with the Store Manager in maintaining and shaping the storewide systems that will empower the Seward Co-op's management and staff to be efficient and effective in serving needs of our community.

Status: Full time. Reports to Store Manager, supervises Franklin Facilities staff

Pay Level: VII


People Ensure all customers and employees in the Facilities department are treated with respect and dignity

  • Customer Service
  • Employ prompt, courteous customer service at all times
  • Ensure department personnel are equipped to provide excellent customer service to all Seward customers
  • Respond to all customer comments within required time-frame
  • Maintain a department schedule that ensures adequate staff coverage to provide excellent customer service and meets department operational needs
  • Personnel Management
  • Uphold all store policies and procedures
  • Hire staff following established processes
  • Follow established disciplinary procedures
  • Ensure staff performance evaluations are completed in a timely fashion
  • Evaluate and propose staff pay changes per scheduled department pay review months
  • Schedule full department meetings at a minimum of every other month
  • Hold a department huddle, a short and frequent meeting, at least once per week
  • Recommend and follow-through on development opportunities for staff
  • Communicate relevant storewide information, such as policy changes and all-staff meeting schedules, to department staff
  • Develop and maintain training materials for all department positions that reflect current processes and procedures
  • Develop a department succession plan
  • Safety
  • Operate the department in a manner that allows for a safe shopping and working environment.
  • Address all potential safety threats, or work with appropriate stakeholders to develop and implement a resolution
  • Report to Store Manager any suspected violations of regulatory agency rules and follow-up as requested to reach a resolution
  • Work with Facilities Manager to
  • Ensure store safety protocol is in accordance with regulatory agency requirements
  • See that all staff have training in policies and procedures related to safety
  • Develop relevant safety and maintenance audits and maintain records in a manner that allows for future reference
  • Maintain the condition of store facilities and equipment
  • Lead the Safety Committee and ensure it operates as established by its charter
  • Security
  • Manage access to, and use of, security camera system following established policy
  • Work with Community Crime Specialist and police department to report and resolve criminal and/or dangerous situations on or near Seward Co-op property
  • Ensure criminal or unacceptable behavior from staff or customers is addressed in fair and expedient manner
  • Maintain a professional log of security safety and policy violations
  • Serve on overnight call list
  • Ensure Implementation of emergency response protocol for identified emergencies, such as fire, severe weather, power outage and other disasters, and recommend changes in protocol to Facilities Manager and Store Manager
  • Maintain and develop Floor Warden program to support the store during emergency situations (e.g. fire emergency, missing child, etc.)

Financial Performance Work with Store Manager to forecast accurate quarterly expense and labor budgets

  • Manage department fun budget
  • Manage department supply and small wares budget
  • Project and operate within Facilities General and Administrative account budgets
  • Maintain department level Open Book Management meetings and contribute to storewide meetings as requested
  • Assist Store Manager in developing and proposing quarterly store budgets

Support Franklin store operations

  • Serve as lead employee at Franklin in the absence of Store Manager
  • See that store and property are maintained in clean, working order
  • Work with Store Manager to maintain compliance with regulatory agency rules and regulations and act as point of contact for in-store regulatory agency inspections when Store Manager is unavailable
  • Support Scanning as needed at the store level
  • Ensure recall procedure is timely and consistently used.
  • Ensure high standards in all operational areas including customer service, product quality, physical plant maintenance, etc.
  • Work with Internal Communication Coordinator to maintain effective flow of communication within the store, including participating in departmental huddles and/or meetings as necessary
  • Coordinate flow of services from administrative support, including distributing paychecks and office supply orders
  • With Office and Facilities Managers, support desk space allocation planning and implementation
  • Serve as backup HR presence in the store, supporting supervisory staff adherence to policy
  • Support staff engagement by participating on committees and outreach efforts as requested by Store Manager
  • Support P5 Open Book Management co-leading the bi-weekly Bee Hive
  • Support development and maintenance of positive workplace culture throughout business unit
  • Provide backup operational assistance as requested

Services and purchasing Monitor service contractors and supply contracts as required to maintain the facility or carry out initiatives

  • Coordinate with all departments to ensure maintenance and services meet the daily and seasonal needs of the store and various departments
  • Maintain a log of service and maintenance vendor visits and work conducted
  • Maintain purchase order histories
  • Working with Facilities Manager ensure store cleanliness exceeds grocery standards
  • Working with the Facilities, Marketing and Merchandising Managers, ensure appropriate communication to Seward Co-op customers regarding any projects that may disrupt the customer experience
  • Seek efficiencies in waste and energy to lessen our environmental impact

Additional Responsibilities as assigned by Store Manager

  • Adhere to the Seward Co-op Code of Ethics
  • Support the Seward Co-op Scorecard through initiatives and as requested
  • Follow all co-op policies and procedures
  • Participate as a member of the Store Team, and other committees as requested
  • Cooperate with other departments and business units to further the overall good of the Co-op
  • Attend appropriate national conferences or industry events as appropriate
  • Contribute written articles to the Scoop and Sprout! publications as required
  • Submit Monthly Manager Report to Store Manager
  • Fulfill duties related to Seward Co-op Succession Plan as necessary
  • Other tasks as assigned by Store Manager



  • Supervisory experience, including hiring, training and evaluations
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Proven effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated success in financial management of a labor budget
  • Willingness to work with others in a team atmosphere
  • English proficiency
  • Must have valid driver's license on file if driving between locations for support


  • Ability to bend and stoop to grasp objects and climb ladders.
  • Ability to stand, bend, stoop, reach, squat and walk for extended periods of time per shift
  • Ability to bend and lift loads, not to exceed 50 pounds. Push and pull carts weighing up to 100 pounds.
  • Handle environmental exposure to extreme temperatures (coolers, ovens, freezer, outdoors, etc.)
  • Ability to operate equipment such as: rotisserie, Robot Coupe, food processor, shrink wrap machine, manual and/or electric scales, recalibrate and read thermometers, convection oven, stove, knives and commercial dishwasher.
  • Repetitive use of hands for grasping, pushing, pulling and fine manipulation.
  • Ability to freely access all areas of the store including offices, sales floor, back stock areas, and walk-in coolers and freezers.
  • Ability to move or handle merchandise throughout the store generally weighing up to 50 pounds


  • Familiarity with co-operative business model and natural foods products
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products
  • Multilingual is a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to work with customers and co-workers from various cultural backgrounds

Seward Co-op


Minneapolis, MN
55406 USA



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