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Clinical Account Executive
STG International Bethesda, MD

Clinical Account Executive

STG International
Bethesda, MD
Expired: February 03, 2024 Applications are no longer accepted.
  • Full-Time
Job Description
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Job Description

Clinical Account Executive

STGi is currently seeking qualified candidates to support our contract with Federal Occupational Health (FOH) in Bethesda, Maryland. This position has the option to be hybrid after the initial training and probationary period.

Duties and Responsibilities as listed in the contract:

Job Specific Duties and Responsibilities: (customized list of the actual duties performed in support of FOH mission)

The Account Executive (AE) is responsible for the strategic management of the FOH customer relationship. The incumbent works collaboratively with other FOH service components to ensure that service delivery is integrated and seamless to the customer. AEs are responsible for supporting and managing the customer experience ensuring that the customer is highly satisfied with the quality of services received. The AE works in coordination with the assigned Federal POC for each customer to arrange strategic meetings with customers and FOH SME's, in response to customer requests for new or changes to services and to anticipate future needs through ongoing customer assessment. Provides relevant details and information to Account Analyst team to assist with drafting, vetting, and seeking the approval to finalize scope documentation and IAAs, in consultation with the appropriate SME's. The individual assists in the coordination of service matters including basic service charges, ongoing service performance, and service improvement initiatives. Work products support FOH's Strategic Narrative and customer agency's vision, goals, and values.


The Joint Commission (TJC) - Quality and Safety
  • Must possess a basic knowledge of TJC standards and accreditation and what it means to FOH and the services it offers to customers. Must be able to effectively communicate this information to customers.
  • Consults with Customer Agreement Manager (CAM) to ensure new services requested by customers comply with TJC standards and government regulations that dictate the services FOH may provide to federal employees.
  • Has a basic knowledge of the policies and SOPs that govern the provision of clinical services at FOH and ensures that the FOH staff follow these policies and procedures. Complies with FOH policies and SOPs that pertain to Account Executives.
  • When made aware of a safety event, ensures that are reported in accordance with the FOH Safety Event Reporting System.
  • When safety events are reported to the AE by a customer, collects relevant information and provides this information directly to the CAM, Federal POC, and the FOH Risk Manager.
  • Understands and complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act that apply to the medical information contained in FOH records and any verbal communication of PII/PHI related to any FOH client (patient).
  • Has basic knowledge of occupational safety and health principles. Has fundamental understanding/working knowledge of all services provided within CHS and knows appropriate SMEs to involve in the development of new offerings of services to new or existing customers. Always involves CAMs in meetings related to the offering of new services.

Service Operations
  • Engages CAM and CHS SMEs to assist in the identification of clinical services addressing customer needs and supported by FOH capabilities.
  • Facilitates communication of service delivery issues from customer to CAM and other clinical SMEs including RCM. Although the AE does not address clinic operational issues directly with the OHC staff, s/he does ensure both CAM and RCM are informed related to OHC service delivery or outreach issues. Communicates progress on resolution of issues to customer and shares additional information directly with clinical team as received.
  • Takes the lead on engaging all relevant stakeholders (OPAQ, RCMs, and COC) for the opening, moving, or closing of clinics within assigned area. Coordinates with OPAQ on space design and/or other environment of care factors. Ensures the clinical team (CAM and RCM/ACM) is engaged at the earliest possible opportunity when a customer requests a new clinic or expanded services. Utilizes FOH/PSC branding as directed.
  • Collects and provides to the Account Analyst detailed information to assist with the creation of IAA, scope, and funding documents for customer agencies according to federal regulations and demonstrates familiarity and working knowledge of the same. Works in direct collaboration with CAM and CHS SMEs to provide detailed information to Account Analyst to ensure documents accurately reflect customer needs and FOH capabilities. Coordinates with Account Analyst to provide relevant information on close out of IAAs for agencies and coordinates with CAM and RCM to ensure closeout of accounts and documents is coordinated with the closing of clinics by the operational team.
  • Develops and maintains comprehensive knowledge of all FOH products and services and demonstrates this knowledge to peers and customers. Acts as a point of contact and escalation for FOH service-related queries and issues and manages escalations by ensuring that correct resources are driving their resolution and stakeholders are informed of status and progress. Identifies, analyzes and reviews proposed service changes, minimizing any adverse effects on service performance and the customer.
  • Submits weekly progress reports and ensures the data are accurate.
  • Represents FOH in the best light. Analyzes service utilization trends and other data to make suggestions regarding service enhancement.
  • Ensures smooth introduction of new services to customers through appropriate communication, stakeholder engagement and customer education of FOH tools and resources.
  • Identifies, analyzes and reviews customer impact of proposed service changes, minimizing any adverse effects on service performance.
  • Works collaboratively with all FOH service and administrative components to ensure that customer views FOH services as integrated and cohesive.
  • Participates in routine or ad hoc reports for data calls or per customer request as directed.
  • Serves on review panels or workgroups for issues with subject matter expertise.

Administrative (Business/Management)

  • Assists Account Analyst with preparation of IAAs according to FOH policy and SOP. Ensures the right people are involved and that the documents accurately reflect the customer's needs and FOH's ability to meet those needs.
  • Works with designate COR on all CHS staffing, services, and equipment contract related issues. Provides agency information in support of improvements to vendor contracts that serve the best interest of FOH.

Cost Recovery
  • Monitors and reports on cost recovery to Senior Business Analyst and CHS Director. Ensures and reports on funding at the assigned agency level. In direct collaboration with the CAM team, responsible for the oversight of the monthly charge QA for assigned accounts. Works with Fiscal Team to produce cost recovery reports and maximize cost recovery efforts.
  • Collaborates with CAM on fiscal/budgetary issues. Regularly reports on cost recovery metrics established by CHS Director and Senior Business Analyst Senior Business Analyst.
  • Accurately estimates annual projected revenue and identifies potential business growth areas. Ensures the information is communicated and documented in appropriate MIS systems.
  • Gathers intelligence to identify potential clients and/or team members and ensures that all business opportunities are optimized using internal/external contacts.
  • Helps develop and achieve metrics related to cost recovery, including new business growth and expanded growth of existing business.
  • Works directly with Account Analyst team to ensure services are not provided in the absence of funding.

Staffing and Reporting Relationships
  • Reports to the Senior Business Analyst. No direct reports. Federal oversight is provided by the CHS Service Director.
  • Follows HHS and FOH policy regarding the management and security of PHI and PII.
  • Protects confidential and proprietary financial documents, including contract pricing and FOH internal cost rates.
  • Completes HHS and FOH mandated training on schedule.

  • Demonstrates high level of proficiency on all technology utilized by FOH including and not limited to: (STM, CRM, FH, etc.)
  • Participates in all required training for Fedhealth and assists with implementation as directed.
  • Utilizes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to maintain current and relevant customer information.
  • Performs all FOH associated tasks on Government Furnished Equipment.
  • Documents customer interactions in FOH CRM tool. Ensures data are accurately entered and managed within the FOH CRM system.


Customer Service
  • Manages the customer relationship in partnership with the Federal POC and CAM. Owns the customer experience including engagement of the appropriate SMEs to resolve customer concerns and issues. Must report significant customer issues to the relevant FOH counterparts including any and all customer complaints, safety events, staffing and/or other contractual issues, site closures, and new business opportunities to Senior Business Analyst Senior Business Analyst.
  • Remains engaged through final resolution and ensures that customer is regularly informed on progress towards resolution and final resolution.
  • Responsible for articulating the external and internal drivers of opportunities and risks for FOH service provision sites.
  • When made aware of site issues, reports these to the CAM and RCM for resolution. The AE does not give direction to site operational staff.
  • Gathers ongoing customer feedback and makes suggestions to service areas that may improve customer satisfaction.
  • Documents customer interactions in FOH Customer Relationship Management tool.
  • Gathers intelligence to identify potential clients. Ensures that all business opportunities are optimized using internal/external contacts. Transitions customer knowledge into proposals. Able to work closely with Deputy Service Director, Senior Business Analyst Senior Business Analyst and the CAM to capitalize on FOH's strengths. Represents FOH in the best possible light.
  • Actively champions and communicates customer needs, requirements and service impact issues.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of occupational safety and health principles.
  • Drives the collection of timely and accurate customer satisfaction and scorecard data on service quality, ensuring that service performance and reporting reflect the customer experience and that actions are taken to continuously improve performance.
  • Conducts strategic customer meetings in conjunction with Federal POC, always with the appropriate SME's that demonstrate a thorough knowledge of all FOH services being delivered. Anticipates customer needs by demonstrating knowledge of federal government trends in occupational health, spending trends and customer agency knowledge, both at the macro- and micro-levels.
  • Analyzes service utilization trends and other data to make suggestions regarding service enhancement.
  • Coordinates with Account Analyst to ensure that budgetary resources are utilized for maximum customer benefit.
  • Works collaboratively with others to ensure the accuracy of FOH charges to customers. -
  • Develops and delivers customer reports, as requested.
  • Manages internal and external relationships and expectations to ensure successful customer experience.
  • Understands the FOH Strategic Narrative and customer agency's goals, vision and values in order to enhance performance and value to the customer.
  • Solves complex client issues in a timely and appropriate manner with minimal management oversight.
  • May include working with product design and application, logistics, sales support, and marketing.
  • Promotes and grows FOH's services through regular customer interaction and presentations to agency personnel, professional organizations or other consumer constituencies to promote business growth.
  • Demonstrates analytical abilities by synthesizing information to develop appropriate customer-centric solutions through professional presentation formats (e.g. PowerPoint, white papers, etc.)
  • Compiles customer information using available tools such as the internet, fact sheets, and comparative analysis. Demonstrates knowledge and use of a consultative model to identify customer needs and determines the most appropriate service options. This should be accomplished in conjunction with subject matter experts in the respective FOH service area. Develops and utilizes strategic business tools such as SWOT analyses, revenue rollup reports, competitor analyses, etc.
  • Demonstrates strategic knowledge of respective customers. Develops and executes business capture plans based upon information gained from business tools.
  • Develops agency contacts and cultivates relationships at all levels to enhance FOH's position, culminating in increased business within the designated book of business.
  • Works collaboratively with other FOH service and administrative areas to achieve desired customer outcomes and total customer solutions. Facilitates efforts among other FOH service areas to ensure the customer is fully satisfied with the "FOH experience."
  • Acts as a primary point of contact and escalation for FOH service-related queries and manages escalations by ensuring that correct resources are driving their resolution and stakeholders are informed of status and progress.
  • Comprehensive customer knowledge facilitates proactive measures that demonstrate quality improvement to customer.

  • Has sufficient knowledge of FOH governance and complies with all applicable FOH policies and procedures. Participates in FOH Committee Meetings as required.

  • Organizes and collects data for data calls and other deliverables as requested to support clinical team. Takes responsibility for tracking and reporting metrics related to business development and customer satisfaction. Assists Account Analyst team with development of metrics related to cost recovery, including new business growth and expanded growth of existing business.
  • Submits weekly progress reports and ensures data are accurate. Ensures that data are accurat...

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