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Culture/Language Teacher


  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description




  1. Education Level:            Bachelor’s Degree in Native American Studies or

Knowledge and experience in Native American Culture/Language.  Bachelor’s Degree Preferred.


  1. Experience:                     Minimum of three (3) years of experience as a



  1. Other Requirements:    A valid North Dakota Teaching License in specific



Knowledge and skills in effective learning styles and strategies, performance based assessment, effective instructional methods, communications, learning methods (cooperative learning, experiential learning, active learning, other), English as a second language, curriculum planning, and other related areas of competence required.


Ability to communicate effectively orally and written.


Ability to serve in a consultative capacity with parents, students and other staff members in regards to a student’s education.


Ability to use authority, set boundaries, and hold high standards for students.


Knowledge and implementation of relevant technology.


Ability to meet professional teacher requirements of the school and state.


Exhibits attributes of reliable attendance, promptness, and dependability.


Must have a valid Driver’s License.


Must pass a background check in accordance with the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act, Public Law 101-630.


Must submit to a pre-employment Drug Test.


Indian and Veteran’s Preference considered.




This requires the teacher to facilitate and engage students in their learning.  To plan, organize and implement an appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential.    


  1. Design and facilitate Culture/Language learning activities for students under their immediate supervision which meets their developmental capabilities, and are consistent with the Vision, Philosophy, and Student outcomes established by the Standing Rock Community Grant School.
  2. Design and facilitate Culture/Language learning activities for students to actively learn and employ a variety of appropriate methods that meet the diversified and unique learning styles of students.
  3. Develop and maintain a classroom climate which promotes a safe and supportive learning environment for students which fosters student development and accomplishment in academic, emotional, social, cultural, creative, and other areas of holistic development, and student opportunity to play an active role in learning; resolve all disciplinary and counseling problems on his/her own initiative through the appropriate use of resources of the school, except for extreme behavior problems where the assistance of the Principal may be required.
  4. Develop and implement appropriate performance-based, “authentic” methods of assessing student performance and development in Culture/Language; maintain and report updated, accurate records of student accomplishments and needs in accordance with the methods of assessment utilized.
  5. Provide opportunities for students to cooperatively experience Culture/Language learning in a wide range of settings and work cooperatively in learning activities.
  6. Provide opportunities for students to “showcase” (display or demonstrate) learning (i.e., oratory; D/Lakota song and dance; D/Lakota arts and crafts; Culture/Language demonstrations; other) that the students have learned and experienced.
  7. Function as an advocate for the students under their immediate supervision in communication with administrative and other staff, parents, and other community members, organizational representatives; ensure that student are provided with advocacy in accordance with student rights and responsibilities and other procedures in the student handbook.
  8. Conduct communication regarding students under their immediate supervision and other students in accordance with Privacy Act, Confidentiality Act, and other regulatory provisions.
  9. Provide for an active role and team member with other staff, parents, and community members in continually strengthening the educational support programs and services of the Standing Rock Community Grant School.
  10. Develop and use grade and age level appropriate Culture/Language curriculum and materials or other resources to provide students with adequate learning opportunities.
  11. Establish and maintain positive methods and procedures for communicating consistently with the parents of students under their immediate supervision regarding individual student progress, needs, accomplishments, and other appropriate matters.
  12. Appropriately refer incidences of child abuse/neglect through procedures of the Standing Rock Community Grant School.
  13. Consult with and use community resources (i.e., Elders, parents, other community members) to assist in developing and/or facilitate Culture/Language learning opportunities in accordance with curriculum requirements.
  14. Participate actively in in-service training and staff development activities that are incorporated into the Staff Development Plan of the SRCGS, and are required to improve individual teaching and/or other skills; serve as a resource for other secondary teachers and staff on concepts relevant to Culture/Language, including the facilitation of training sessions for teachers.
  15. Provide assigned services as designated and required to ensure consistent student supervision.
  16. Function as an advocate of “excellence” in the design and provision of learning

Activities for students under their immediate supervision.

  1. Provide for expanded student cultural leadership development opportunities, including working with SRST Council, Tribal Administration, Tribal Programs/Services, or other resources on Standing Rock to expand culture lifeway initiatives and planning, and other leadership opportunities.
  2. Use relevant technology to support and differentiate instruction.
  3. Conducts duties and responsibilities in accordance with the SRCGS Policies and Procedures.
  4. Performs additional duties deemed necessary as assigned by the Supervisor.









Fort Yates, ND