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Computer Technician Level 2 - Full Time

Des Plaines, IL
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Title: Computer Technician - Level 2

Reports To: Operations Manager

Dashed Reports: Account Manager, Network Manager

Anticipated Hours: 9AM to 3:30PM, weekdays (excluding holidays)



The Computer Technician - Level 2 provides end-user device and peripheral support at client sites, as well as assistance with documentation management, network management, and client questions and projects. In addition, they fulfill internal requests for deployment and day to support projects of the organizations we support. We primarily support schools, so Chromebooks, iPads, Windows and Mac laptops, interactive boards, printers, etc, will be the typical devices supported. Few candidates outside education will be familiar with all possible platforms and peripherals used in the space, which is OK, but there is an expectation of soak in relevant knowledge quickly.  We do not require specific certifications to be presented, but passing an A+ exam is a reasonable starting point for knowledge in this position.

Most candidates for a Level 2 position will have formal IT training, in A+/Net+/ITIL certifications and/or an associates or higher degree in an IT related field.  In addition, candidates should have 2+ years of experience in a similar support role, whether helpdesk, field support, local helpdesk, dispatch support, etc.  Closely similar roles, such as NOC operations are also welcome.  While we are happy to talk to candidates with a Computer Science / Software background, it is important to understand that 97% of this position is clientsupport, and hands-on or remote troubleshooting of practical issues with deployed devices.  Coding does not figure significantly into the position, but we certainly understand that candidates interested and educated in one area of technology may likewise be skilled in other areas.



  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

  2. Personable, professional demeanor when interacting with clients.  Our clients are quite varied, and similarly have varied expectations for support.  Probably more than anything else, this is the most important element of this position.  Customer service, client satisfaction, the ability to not only explain, but make clients feel good about their understanding of technical items, are essential to this role.

  3. Professional demeanor when interacting with colleagues

  4. Consistent, meticulous documentation of details regarding issues, tickets, conversations, technical research, and and work performed

  5. Adherence to procedures and processes as outlined in employee resources

  6. Ability and desire to learn new technical skills, technologies, and field-relevant information


Beneficial Qualifications:

  1. Self-directed behavior in moving issues to next action within a task or project

  2. Productivity-seeking behavior in moving independently to next available tasks within a list, such as a group of tickets

  3. Willingness to request assistance and escalate issues, and discretion to identify same (we appreciate independent initiative, but are still seeking candidates who will engage with and inform the team of actions taken and planned, not lone operators)

  4. Technical aptitude for troubleshooting

  5. As much technical knowledge as possible as related to the field


Regular Duties:

  1. Go to client sites according to regular schedule, established well in advance (regularly scheduled full-day visits, not dispatch)

  2. Check and parse out to tickets for sites assigned, and as assigned by supervisor

  3. Escalate any outage or other urgent requests to relevant teams/personnel following escalation procedures

  4. Check N-Able or similar NOC tools to identify any sites with new flags or issues, and escalate to relevant teams (or begin site down procedures) We will train you in these tools, but you'll need to use them daily.

  5. Perform work on end-user devices and tickets, such as backups, imaging, software installations and updates, physical moves and dis/reconnects of equipment and peripherals

  6. Document work performed in tickets and other documentation standard locations, such as CCRM

  7. Document and annotate assigned locations and equipment sets, such as network closets, under the direction of supervisor


Intermittent and As-Assigned Duties:

(Unless directed otherwise, these are of secondary importance to regular duties)

  1. Provide data research, validation, and documentation, as part of larger projects requested by other teams. In example: collect firewall content-filtering expiration dates by logging into local or remote firewalls and noting license expiries.

  2. Update passwords and site documentation, as tickets, projects, and other inputs may modify there status in SBTC’s documentation database. This is a shared responsibility, but is expected for projects/tickets/sites you are interacting with on an ongoing basis.

  3. Reporting, documentation generation, and other communications as requested, as fulfil helpdesk procedures requirements, and as outlined in the Documentation Requirements section.


Atypical Duties and NFP Environment:

SBTC is a non-profit organization, and by this fact, we will always have plenty to do internally as well as for clients. All employees, including senior staff, may have occasional irregular, atypical, out-of-scope tasks asked of them. These are extremely infrequent requests, but sometimes once in a year we'll need 'all hands on deck' to set up hundreds of Chromebooks, etc.

We likewise typically set up our own devices for computing and telephony.

Documentation Requirements:

  1. Provide work summary reports to Direct Report

  2. Provide inputs and responses in support of procedures for other personnel, such as responses to weekly check-infrom site lead.

  3. Provide detailed, thorough documentation of events, procedures, messages, images and other artifacts, and attempts and resolution of technical issues in tickets.

  4. Provide detailed time logging / tracking of work performed, on-time sheets, and for projects as assigned


Remote Work Provisions:

  1. This position performs its functions primarily on-site. Some extremely limited remote-work opportunities may exist for this position, but will be rare exceptions, rather than regular assignments or schedule.

  2. Remote-work is a privilege extended to employees capable of performing the duties of their position without compromising quality or quantity of work

  3. Poor performance remotely may result in employee losing remote-work privileges

  4. Remote employees will be issued an SBTC laptop, to be returned on cessation of employment, as well as SBTC-licensed software for telephony and other work functions. The software tools used by SBTC are non-optional, as they are some of the primary means of actually performing work (such as telephony software to join phone queues). Other minor accessories, such as USB headset, will be furnished if employee requests them, though many employees choose to use their personal devices/equipment as a function of personal comfort.

  5. All employees may be asked to come to the office occasionally, such as for quarterly staff meetings. This is an opportunity to meet and interact with co-workers, and physical attendance is very strongly preferred.

Company Description
SBTC is a nonprofit, where we aid and support other nonprofits in their missions by repairing and enhancing their technology. This means your work here enriches your community, but doesn't enrich your boss. Everyone here has an interesting story, whether they're a college student filling in time and experience between classes, or spent 30 years in IT, and got bored with retirement, joining our team to give back and stay busy. It's an unusual place to work in a good way, where your efforts are rewarded by seeing the growth of the organizations we support.



795 Center St

Des Plaines, IL



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