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This job listing expired over a month ago

Pest Control Specialist - PermaTreat

Rollins Leesburg, VA

Provide corrective and preventive pest control services to assigned customers.

route manager, construction, HVAC, laborer, landscape, plumbing, electrician, roofer, insulation, flooring, installation

Required Skills
Drive assigned company vehicle to customer location.
Prepare service kit. Mix necessary chemicals according to label instructions. Return equipment and chemicals to the proper storage area of the vehicle.
Meet customer. Answer any questions concerning Service Agreement. Get service agreement signed and appropriate paperwork signed. Review "Scope of Service" and "Points of Service" with customer. Handle basic questions and objectives that might occur when performing the initial service. Explain the steps and procedures to be taken in providing the specified service. Inspect critical areas of the customer's premises (kitchen, bathroom, storage area, etc.). Observe and identify any insect or pest problems. Based on the pest problems identified, apply the appropriate insecticide according to the label directions. Inspect the remaining areas of the building including the basement, attic, crawlspace, etc. Apply appropriate insecticide as needed. Inspect the exterior of the building. Provide exterior perimeter service as required. After the service has been provided, complete the necessary paperwork, including service ticket, new Sales Agreement, etc. Advise customer of the services provided and obtain customer signature as required.
Contact customers to schedule service appointments and respond to any problems.
Complete other duties as assigned.

Required Experience
This position is classified as heavy work in as much as it requires exertion of up to 60 pounds of force. Must be capable of wearing a respirator.



Leesburg, VA
20175 USA