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Remote Position: Operations Manager / VP Operations

Revival Point Dallas, TX
  • Expired: 19 hours ago. Applications are no longer accepted.

Hi, I am the CEO and founder of the company. We are a B2C online health supplement company serving older men and women. We’ve reached a stage in our growth where operational issues are taking me away from critical growth activities needed to get the company to the next level. I’m ready for a pro operations person to come in and work side-by-side with me so we can reach our ambitious growth goals.

You would be a talented second-in-command who knows B2C e-commerce, has growth experience and is ready to help us get from the $12M to $30M, $50M and eventually $100M annual revenue (and beyond) over the next 4-5 years.


  • Assist CEO:

    • Help me reduce the number of things I’m getting dragged into now so I can focus on growth through product development, large-scale partnerships, advertising initiatives and steering company vision

    • Analysis of monthly financial reports “baking down” it into a simple, short report for me, while increasing expense categories and methods of tracking so we can monitor and control expenses tightly

  • Tech

    • Our tech demands from the entire company are growing. We need to get more out of tech in terms of efficiency and need someone who understands web dev and can monitor and improve this area of the company in terms of cost and turnaround times (while also helping it grow)

    • I’m concerned about our internal ecommerce knowledge and so I’d like someone with strong ecommerce tech knowledge and knowledge of “best practices” in ecommerce development in 2019 to help beef up our preventative measures and overall make our system stronger and more reliable

  • Product & Profit Optimization:

    • Make sure product “average customer lifetime value” stats are incredibly accurate by overseeing our “ALVR” software tool that calculates lifetime value and profit by affiliate and channel

    • Finding ways to increase average customer lifetime value after expenses (profit) by increasing customer revenue, reducing expenses and finding efficiencies

    • Finding ways to increase product conversion rates, either through split tests or tech optimization or improved sales processes

  • Customer Acquisition

    • Understanding of affiliate marketing

    • Helping support our affiliate recruiters and managers inside the company, giving them space and support so they can focus on recruitment and increase sales

    • Supporting everyone in our different advertising positions

    • Setting up the acquisition divisions of the company for growth as we add additional advertiser employees and additional affiliate managers

    • Helping to recruit new and talented people for customer acquisition

  • Financial:

    • Finding and eliminating risks to lose money (CRM failure for example, which has already happened twice and I’m uncomfortable with our current systems)

    • Optimizing fulfillment and lowering costs

    • Improving and optimizing bookkeeping and tax strategy

    • Evaluating our accounting firm costs

    • Speeding up financial reporting issues - we get things sometimes 30 days late

    • Budgets, on boarding, scheduling company meetings, initiating calls

    • Help establish and enforce budgets for each department of the company

    • Fight expenses on all fronts, approve all expenses, review all expenses, reduce fees and rates from vendors

    • Create safer methods of sending payments. Right now, one person has all the power to send payments with almost no review (no checks and balances). This leads the company open to schemes by internal employees where they could extract money from the organization. Perhaps one person from every part of the organization must “own” the payment for their department

    • Growing our financial department and capabilities as we enter a stage of fast growth

    • Merchant account management, including acquisition, monitoring, requesting reserve releases, requesting discount of fees, auditing, questioning fees, reducing fees, negotiating and reviewing agreements, negotiating better rates, planning for future processing capacity

    • Monitoring and reducing refund and chargeback rates

    • Helping to improve and maintain our automated fraud detection systems

  • Compliance issues

    • Reviewing our contracts with different companies, especially affiliate networks that we work with and affiliates we work directly with. I believe there is strong legal liability here

    • Reviewing our marketing and other aspects of our business for legal liability

    • Reviewing all our insurance coverage that would/should protect the company

  • Systemization:

    • Managing and maintaining our software-based reporting systems we’ve built (this includes our email health check, lifetime value reporter and fraud reporter)

    • Managing and improving efforts to hire new people, helping with interviews, minimizing hiring costs. Our HR department is definitely dealing with growing pains and can benefit from systems, processes and stronger focus

    • Take inventory of all systems within departments and company wide, optimize if needed

    • Document, manage and improve systems and processes

    • Identify opportunities to create new processes

    • Ensure communication effectively flows across organization

    • General optimization of departments

    • Evaluating and eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the organization

  • Employee Optimization:

    • Evaluating company employment needs

    • Take inventory all employees and contractors, optimize if needed

    • Find ways to help employees do more with the same amount of time, have conversations to remove chokepoints and roadblocks, systematize or automate or offload tasks to an admin

    • Launching a new website for prospective employees

    • Launching a portal for existing employees to provide more clarity and structure in day-to-day activities, benefits, etc

  • Project Management:

    • Tracking projects, staying on top of projects to ensure they are completed on time and any roadblocks/chokepoints are quickly eliminated

    • Helping employees implement better project management in their departments as the company grows (for example, our content marketing department needs help with this)


  • At least 4-5+ years operational experience working in operations as either a COO, VP of Ops, Ops Manager or second-in-command

  • Experience working side-by-side with a CEO

  • Experience growing a company (ideally from our size to the size we’d like to be)

  • Knowledge on online ecommerce businesses (B2C) from many different sides, including tech, marketing and finance

Bonus Experience:

  • You live in or near New York City

  • Experience in the health supplement market

  • Experience with direct response marketing

  • Experience with digital advertising of B2C products

  • Experience optimizing and managing merchant accounts

  • Experience helping to grow a company from $10M or less to $100M and beyond

Questions For Initial Stage of Application:

Please keep a copy of your responses to these questions in a document as we will request the answers again if you reach the next stage of the interview.

What is/was your most recent position and why are you leaving or have left it?
(short answer)

Do you have any B2C experience as an operations person? If so, what experience?
(short answer)

Do you have Ecommerce experience as an operations person? If so, what experience and what sort of sales numbers?
(short answer)

Have you helped a company grow as an operations person? If so, what was the growth and what role did you play in it?
(short answer)

Years of experience in a senior operations role?
(short answer)

Do you have a verifiable salary history?

Have you worked remotely before?

Next Steps:

Upon getting your email, I will review it and I will send you a pre-written response with some additional information about the company, our goals and, possibly, some additional questions to clarify your answers in your initial email.

The next stage after this will be a live video conference call on Zoom or Skype.

Below is some additional information about the company that might help you decide if we’re of interest or the right fit for you...

About The Company:

Company is a “direct response marketing” online health supplement company that specializes in a few select, custom-formulated supplements intended to help aid “high demand” needs in older men and women.

Our competitive advantage is our custom formulas, spokesperson agreements, ability to create novel health products in popular categories and leverage affiliate relationships to generate sales.

Products are sold through direct-response sales pages and videos. Products are sold online directly to consumers. 90% of customers are in the US/Canada. 10% international. The company is highly process and data driven as every cent counts and we get large amounts of data from every sale and every digital advertisement we place.

The team is currently 30 strong, everyone is remote, based in the US or Canada. We did $7M in sales in 2018 with the goal of $12M for 2019. We are looking for a second-in-command to help aid our CEO and allow the company to drive growth toward $20M, $30M, $50M annually and beyond.

Growth may include new sales channels, advertising channels, marketing methods and products. Also development of more sophisticated company proficiencies such as better customer service, phone sales, fulfillment and more.

Goal of the company is to reach high-level, sustained sales through multiple channels - no plans to sell the business or bring in funding. IMPORTANT: Advertising for some products contain adult content. Must be OK with this.


Location: CEO and most employees are in New York City. The position is remote, highly prefer US / Canada based applicants. Being located in or near New York City would be a plus.

Salary Range: $175-250K+ with opportunity for large growth, bonus and/or performance salary, optional bonuses (such as ownership or revenue share are on the table) in years two and three.

Hours: Full time. 9AM - 5PM Eastern, Semi-Flexible

Revival Point

Why Work Here?

Work from home, semi-flexible hours, competitive pay, benefits, strong company mission

Fast growing health and wellness company selling online directly to consumers.


200 W. 26th St. New York, NY 10001
Dallas, TX