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Operations Manager

Red Hot Marketing
00913, PR
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Are You An Operations Manager With Direct To Response Experience? 

Red Hot Marketing is a private, highly profitable direct-to-consumer marketer of over 5 brands that collectively generate well into the 8-figures each year.  The key to our success is our high-performance culture, where people are rewarded for their outcomes. 

Our team of A-players are results-driven, creative thinkers who like to move fast, get the job done, and enjoy improving every day. If you love to roll up your sleeves, take on exciting new challenges every day, and drive massive growth… you should definitely keep reading.

Red Hot Marketing’s Marketing Team is looking for an Operations Manager who will accurately and in a timely manner, be responsible for day to day project management, coordination of key company initiatives, and quarterbacking progress between ALL departments. 

Who’s the ideal person for this role?

Well if any of the following describes you, then you may be a fit: 

*You want a full-time position (This is not a part time job or consulting gig – we only want people who are hyper focused. Because that’s what gets world class results) 

*You have 2-5 years of experience working in Direct Response Marketing in Operations or Tech (helping support offer creation, launches etc.)  

*You have experience as an operations manager – you know how to quarterback a project forward by setting deadlines and working with others to exceed expectations. 

*You’re not necessarily a copywriter, but you know great copy when you read it.

*You’re a good communicator – both with written and verbal. 

*You’re experienced with Microsoft Excel (or Google sheets) and understand how to organize information. 

*You’re experienced using project management tools (like Trello or 

*You’re coordinated and organized – you love order and precision. 

*You’re good at prioritizing projects in a complex environment. 

*You know how to push people without being a bully. 

*You can quickly learn new tools and platforms and understand how to optimize them. 

*You have experience with designing processes and writing SOPs a 2nd grader could understand. 

*You’re a researcher and planner yet you MUST move things forward with imperfect information

*You know how to work with and delegate to virtual assistants (and remove yourself out of the repetitive parts of the job). 

*BONUS: You speak Spanish (are bilingual) and or have experience working with people from Latin America (a good portion of our team is in LATAM).

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this could be the opportunity of your career… 

Red Hot Marketing is a lean, yet world-class unit of copywriters, media buyers, technical specialists, subject matter gurus and offer creators. And we’re looking for a hungry and talented Operations Manager. 

And although we are headquartered in sunny Puerto Rico – our team operates remotely. 

In this role, you would help support our portfolio of offers in various markets, including: dating, men’s health, survival, Christianity, health supplements, and any other market we choose to disrupt. 

Job Duties Include: 

**  Quarterbacking the development of new offers by working with the CEO to set realistic deadlines and coordinate key resources to exceed deadlines – gurus, offer creators, copywriters, designers, video editors, voice over artists, tech team, traffic team, operations, customer service and fulfillment. 

** Coordinating the development of new Front-End Ads and Front-End Content by understanding the needs of the traffic team, managing writers to write ads/content ahead of of time, and working with voice over, Tech Team, Designers, and Video editors to create ads – ensuring Content Standards are maintained at all times. 

** Working with the Tech Team to understand all winning historical Creative Split Tests Red Hot has successfully conducted since inception. With this knowledge, work with the CEO, Chairman, and CTO to develop the “Creative Split Test Gameplan” – a document that prioritizes and serves as a guide to creative split test implementation for new offers. 

** Using the Creative Split Test Game plan, prioritize and coordinate the implementation of X Creative Split Tests per month while tracking results in a spreadsheet. And presenting “winners” and “losers” once a month during the Full Team Meeting. 

** Working with our CEO to develop a centralized “content/ad wiki” so that the creative team and traffic team can see the core stats and key performance indicators for all ads. 

** Working with our Marketing Team to assess creative needs and delegating workload to writers. In other words, coordinating the Creative Team for optimal output of high quality content and creatives for Red Hot’s growing demands. 

** Managing graphic designers, voice over artists, video editors, operations, fulfillment partners and other key resources complete one-off projects.

Still Interested?  

If what’s listed above describes you, then this could be the opportunity of your career… 

Red Hot Marketing is a lean, world-class team of creative minds, marketers, copywriters, media buyers, technical specialists, subject matter gurus and brand builders. And although we are headquartered in sunny Puerto Rico – we operate remotely. 

If you're still reading it might mean you're up for the challenge. However, fair warning – this opportunity is NOT for most people. In fact, only about 1% of the population might be a fit. Because we’re a team of outcome focused A-players, who hold each other accountable, there’s not much room for error. So we take the hiring/screening process VERY seriously. 

With that said, if any of the following describe you, then please do NOT apply:  

*You want a "comfy corporate job" with no pressure -  Our team is the Navy Seals of Direct Response. That means there's no room for red tape, corporate BS or laziness.  If that's the type of environment you thrive in, then do us all a favor and don't apply. 

*You expect to get paid a lot out of the gate. Every member of our team, including the owners, receives a low base.  We are all compensated on performance. So the more you perform, the more you earn. 

*You have a delicate ego, can’t handle criticism, or you think you know it all. Everyone on the team is a work in progress – and realizes that in order to become better at what they do, they must be open to constructive criticism. So if that’s not something you’re comfortable with, then this opportunity isn’t for you. 

If you’re still reading this and you feel like this might be a fit. Then please apply. 

Please fill out all of the information requested. You will NOT be considered if you leave any question/field blank. 

Thanks for reading. 

I look forward to hearing from the 1% of people that qualify for this opportunity. 

Andrew Contreras


Red Hot Marketing LLC

P.S. Even though we work hard as a team at Red Hot Marketing, we know how to celebrate our wins and reward ourselves for our efforts. Here's an example video of just that: Click Here (Work Hard & Play Hard) 

Red Hot Marketing


00913, PR
00913 USA