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Security and Elimination Project Analyst (Secret)

Red Gate Group
Fort Belvoir, VA
  • Expired: December 23, 2021. Applications are no longer accepted.

Job Description

The Department of Defenses (DoD) CTR Program is a threat based, counter-weapons of mass destruction (CWMD) program, and the Department works cooperatively with allies and partners to reduce or eliminate WMD threats. The DoDs CTR Program is guided by the 2017 National Security Strategy, 2018 National Defense Strategy, and the DoD Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Strategy. Its primary purpose is to reduce and eliminate WMD threats. The cooperative nature of the DoDs CTR activities yields a secondary benefit of strengthening regional alliances, deepening existing partnerships, and attracting new partners. Consequently, the DoD, through the CTR Program, has helped create a network of likeminded allies and partners with increased threat reduction capabilities that contribute and advance the interests and security of the United States of America.

The CTR Program directly supports United States (U.S.) national security objectives and initiatives by:

* Facilitating

* the safe and secure transportation and storage of nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons- usable or high-threat radiological materials, nuclear weapons components, and associated delivery vehicles; and
* the elimination of nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons components, and nuclear weapons delivery vehicles.

* Preventing the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons, weapons components, and weapons-related materials, technology, and expertise.
* Preventing the proliferation of biological weapons, weapons components, and weapons-related materials, technology, and expertise, which may include activities that facilitate detection and reporting of highly pathogenic diseases or other diseases that are associated with or that could be used as an early warning mechanism for disease outbreaks that could affect the Armed Forces of the United States or allies of the United States, regardless of whether such diseases are caused by biological weapons.
* Preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction-related materials, including materials, equipment, and technology that could be used for the design, development, production, or use of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and the means of delivery of such weapons.
* Carrying out military-to-military and defense contacts for advancing the mission of the Program.


This position will function as the Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) Project Analyst for the DTRA Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Security and Elimination (S&E) Department. CTRs S&E Department develops partner nation CWMD capabilities through building partnership capacity activities under congressional authorities of the Global Nuclear Security, Strategic Offensive Arms Elimination, and Chemical Security and Elimination programs. This is primarily a project management role that requires the implementation of DoD acquisition strategies to carry out international threat reduction activities.

The S&E Project Analyst serves as lead Advisor and Assistance Support to the Government Project Officer and is directly responsible for ensuring all project level deliverables meet quality and schedule requirements. The successful applicant will be able to multi-task on a broad range of activities, client engagement; project management; financial management; quality assurance; knowledge management; acquisition life-cycle support, and generally supporting the Project Officer with a multitude of recurring and pop-up deliverables.

Tasks may include but are not limited to:

* Provides project management support for the full range of CT-SE deliverables across various missions and activities in one or more countries/projects;
* Develops and delivers briefings for senior DoD officials;
* Assists and advises the Project Officer(s) in project execution and supports planning, budgeting, monitoring, and evaluation of assigned country projects.;
* Supports the Project Officer(s) to prepare project milestone documents (Project Concept Notification (PCN), Requirements Validation Review (RVR), Project Plans, and others as required);
* Assists Project Officer(s) with requirements and end-state development;
* Provides recurring updates to the Directors Operational Imperatives and weekly activity reports;
* Assists Project Officer(s) to draft contract documents required for PR packages (Initial Strategy Session worksheets, Acquisition Strategy Review Documents, Market Research Reports, Statements of Work, Contract Data Requirement Lists, and others as required);
* Supports updates to quarterly project fact sheets and regional/country summaries for the Office of the Secretary of Defense;
* Supports development of project-level inputs for Program Objective Memorandum, Project Management Reviews, Annual Report to Congress, Annual Spend Plans, and metrics reviews as required;
* Supports Project Officer(s) to review proposals for programmatic fit/logistics/cost realism/scheduling;
* Supports acquisition strategies through the entire lifecycle of the project
* Supports prompt and thorough responses to short-fuse taskers;
* Supports country assessments and validating project metrics on a recurring basis;
* Gains access to, and becomes proficient in various systems to include, ATRIP, WAT, Mercury/TRLS, CAT, etc;
* Captures meeting minutes and lessons learned, and incorporates solutions to action items and process improvement methodologies;
* Supports Project Officer(s) by engaging with implementing contractors and other partners to ensure that contractual obligations are met;
* Supports Project Officer(s) to manage regional and country portfolios (monitor cost/schedule/scope, budget, deliverables, expenditures, and other needs);
* Supports the Project Officer(s) travel planning and requirements (ATRIP submission, ATFP plans, logistics support requests, trip book development, trip report, and others as needed);
* Supports additional related activities as assigned

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Fort Belvoir, VA



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