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Assistant Account Executive

Publicis New York, NY
  • Expired: August 27, 2019. Applications are no longer accepted.

The Assistant Account Executive supports the entire Account team in managing and coordinating all day-to-day operations of the clients' marketing campaigns. The AAE is the glue that holds the team together by ensuring all account management fundamentals are flawlessly buttoned up, so that the account can function as seamlessly as possible across all core projects and tasks. 

Key Qualities

  • Personable and kind - our client values "people-first, business-second"
  • Professionalism - an understanding of the appropriate business relationship and conduct
  • Positive - can-do attitude throughout all tasks big and small, even in the face of struggles
  • Organized - detail oriented and thorough. Prepared for meetings and team needs
  • Proactive - prepares for what's next, seeks solutions to problems but knows when to ask for help/guidance
  • Passionate - eager to learn, hunger to contribute, looks for opportunities to support the team
  • Multi-tasker - ability to juggle multiple projects and work with manager to prioritize
  • Resourceful - ability to troubleshoot issues and work on backup solutions effectively


Team Relationship & Management

  • Proactively Manages UP and ACROSS teams
  • Comprehensive but concise communication
  • Over-communication is much preferred than not communicating at all!
  • Working with AE to prioritize workload and ability to tactfully say 'no' to commit to those priorities
  • Builds trust and respect from team members
  • Internally - as a Power of One structure, the team will be comprised of Account, Strategy, Creative, Data and Analytics, US, Digital, Production, Media
  • Cross-POD - there will be interactions, collaboration and partnerships across all lanes of client businesses
  • Externally - liaise with clients and other external agency partners


General Responsibilities


  • Own all budget documents in order to make sure they are kept up to date, accurate, and thoroughly detailed. Ensures this is done consistently, week by week, as changes happen in real time, so there is no scrambling/backtracking whenever reconciliation or new budget requests arise. This will help with both accuracy and time management
  • Working closely with AE(s) to keep budgets updated
  • Main point of contact for all business managers, talent managers, production managers to ensure all Agency/Brand process is abided by in a timely fashion
  • Ensures all scope changes are entered into AdCosts, signed/approved by the Brand in a timely manner, and are accounted for on latest Budget
  • Owns all RFIPs and Job # Request forms, to flawless accuracy, to ensure other internal departments continue partner closely with Account team
  • Manages monthly Budget reconciliation process with finance and works closely with AEs to ensure Brand team is kept up to date on latest FY spends


  • Drives the Talent and Trafficking process to track all Holding Fees, talent terms / expiration dates, upcoming costs, etc. Make sure talent estimates are always kept accurate according to latest media weights (for North America), and monitors actuals/accrued costs, vs. planned spends, on a regular/as-needed basis.

Meeting Management

  • The AAE should always be the most prepared person in a meeting, complete with printed copies (when necessary), all call-in information, any & all technical equipment and any reference materials needed for the meeting
  • Accountable for majority of internal and client invites, including clear subject lines, intents/agenda, up-to-date dial-in's and WebEx links, flawless attendees, and no typos
  • Proactively manages internal & client calendars with appropriate parties well ahead of upcoming meeting time needs to ensure all parties are secured for any given meeting
  • Quickly communicates any conflicts/challenges/new attendees to AE(s) to ensure all internal parties are up to date before meetings start
  • Manage standing meeting times - agendas, attendees, updates to meetings


  • Compiles all statuses internal and external, proactively checking in with AE to ensure details are up to date
  • Lead statuses with AE, when possible

Trafficking (NA)

  • Manages TV, print, and digital trafficking process including trafficking forms, asset hand off, substantiation documents, network clearance, closed captioning and legal reviews.

Servers (Sharepoint, LionBox, BrandStore)

  • Owner of the asset management systems in order to be the go-to person for any request from the client or the team
  • Ensures server is always up to date, orderly and automatically saving down all files (from creative briefs, brand presentations, recaps, internal debriefs, etc.) - work with IP/Project Management
  • Ability to quickly navigate and share latest documents, regardless of project, with team member in need
  • Knows brand assets in and out - what agency already has vs. not, and who to reach out to from the Brand in order to receive needed materials in a timely manner (e.g., visual assets, logos, packaging files, etc.)

Understanding The Brand's Business

  • Well-versed with brands' historical & current toolkits/work 
  • Proactively understands the brand's historical work, in order to provide helpful perspective & insights based on past campaigns quickly, in times of need.
  • Become competitive activity expert 
  • Engages AE(s) proactively as competitive alerts come through on weekly basis, learning to escalate urgent competitive activity proactively and understanding competitive movement that is less actionable.
  • Crafts internal competitive alerts and be able to speak to what competitors are currently messaging to broadly speak to what competitive activity on an as-needed basis.
  • Immersed in client's culture, updates, trends
  • Stays abreast to latest news, memorize client team structure, and know who's who in leadership
  • Be passionate about industry, brand and cultural trends related to our categories and brands




New York, NY
10014 USA