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Executive Assistant to CEO/C-Suite Executive
Private, Family-Owned Business Los Angeles, CA

Executive Assistant to CEO/C-Suite Executive

Private, Family-Owned Business
Los Angeles, CA
Expired: over a month ago Applications are no longer accepted.
  • $60,000 to $70,000 Yearly
  • Vision , Medical , Dental , Retirement
  • Full-Time
Job Description

What’s this position all about?

We are a small, private, family-owned business in need of an Executive Assistant.
This professional reports directly to our Chief of Staff, who reports directly to the CEO. 

In short, we would love to hire an extremely upbeat, hardworking, and organized problem-solving professional. 
That glass is always half-full person. 

If this sounds like you, please read the rest of this job posting and give us a shout, we’d love to hear from you.   

This position requires a very upbeat, make-things-happen, highly organized, responsible, and proactive mindset to be successful. 
This position reports directly to the Chief of Staff, who reports to the CEO/Owner.  Senior Executive Assistant experience is very helpful in this role, though not “required.”  This position provides personalized assistance to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our CEO/Owner’s work and personal life.  This position demands someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment, isn’t bothered by lots of change, meets deadlines with ease, and maintains a positive attitude under pressure. 

Some of the things you’d do:

·      Administrative Support: Manage various administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the office.

·      Chief of Staff Collaboration: Act as the right hand to the Chief of Staff, assisting in their daily workflow and projects.

·      Human Resources Assistance: Aid in employee paperwork, forms, and administrative processes.

·      Personal Errands: Perform various personal errands, helping to simplify the CEO's personal life.

·      Appointment Management: Schedule and organize weekly and monthly personal appointments.

·      Travel Arrangements: Arrange travel reservations for business and personal trips.

·      Online Purchasing: Handle online ordering and personal shopping requests efficiently.

·      Research and Information Compilation: Conduct online research and compile relevant information as needed.

·      Refund Negotiations: Handle negotiations for refunds and dispute resolutions when required.

·      Budget Oversight: Manage budgets for personal and household projects, ensuring cost-effective decisions.

·      Communication Handling: Answer phones and manage email correspondence daily, maintaining professional etiquette and efficiency.

·      Pet Care Assistance: Assist with veterinary pet appointments and related pet care responsibilities.

·      Project Planning: Plan and execute long-term projects, ensuring their successful completion.

Some of the things that will really help you be successful:

·      A genuinely happy and upbeat person.

·      Willing to learn and take direction, but also independent enough to get things done fast.

·      Exceptional time management and organizational skills, with the ability to multitask effectively.

·      Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to maintain professionalism in all forms of communication.

·      Proficiency in computer and internet use, including Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), email, scanning, and basic knowledge of Google Docs, Sheets, or Apple systems.

·      Diplomacy, tact, and the ability to handle sensitive information with discretion and confidentiality.

·      Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to take initiative and provide direction when necessary.

·      Strong follow-up skills to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.

·      Ability to collaborate effectively with a team, providing support and guidance as required.

Some of the characteristics that we’re looking for…

1.     Upbeat. The person has to be upbeat and full of life. 

2.     Driven. The person should be driven in life and self-motivated to get a lot done.

3.     Persistent. The person should be persistent in getting things done and getting others to get things done for them.

4.     Ask for help. The person should be totally comfortable asking for help.

5.     Smart. The person should be smart and know they are smart.

6.     Thankful. The person should be appreciative of the opportunity they have been given and remain thankful towards those around them.

7.     Teachable. The person should be excited to learn - always - not have the attitude of "I already know that."

8.     Willing to try. The person should be willing to try something new - even if it is not their "normal" way of doing things.

9.     Do what it takes. The person should be willing to do what it takes to succeed. Longer hours, training, drilling, practice, getting help, etc.

10.  Quick bounce back. The person should be able to quickly bounce back from obstacles or things that slow them down.

11.  Faith/Belief in themselves. The person should have faith that what they are doing will work.

12.  Customer service. The person should treat everyone like a valued customer.

13.  Friendly. The person should be friendly towards everyone they meet.

14.  Find the good. The person should find the good in people they meet, in work, and in difficult situations - they should be a "glass half full" person.

15.  Successful. The person should be successful in anything they decide to get done.

16.  Don't give up. The person should never give up.

17.  Not critical or sarcastic. The person should see the best in others and not be a critical or sarcastic person as they know this harms relationships.

18.  Great at record keeping. The person should be a good note taker and someone who does a great job at keeping track of what they do and notes.

19.  Problem Solver. This person should be able to identify problems and help come up with solutions that work.

20.  Organized. Organized with a desire to create/implement/be open to successful systems(s). 

21.  Listener. You have to want to listen to others and really understand and find a way to agree with them.

22.  Brave. Not afraid to speak up and handle a situation as needed. 

23.  Cooperative and Kind. Willing to work with others with kindness for the good of the company and everyone we work with. 

24.  Honest. Ethical, tells the truth and does what is right for all involved. 

25.  Work ethic. Nothing trumps working hard. It is also the one thing you can control - completely - so go for the gold or why bother?

Does this sound like you (or mostly like you)?  If so, please reach out!

Send inquiries/resumes to:


Private, Family-Owned Business

Los Angeles, CA



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