1+ Pricefalls Com Career and Employment Opportunities

About the Company Pricefalls was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing professional merchants with the software tools necessary to succeed in the pivotal shift away from brick-and-mortar to online retail markets, while allowing buyers the comfort of shopping from their homes in an elegant and cost-saving environment. Since its launch, Pricefalls has attracted 1,000+ (and growing rapidly) merchants, selling 13MM+ active product offers to our diverse shopping community. As a technology company, we believe there is no problem too large to tackle, and we get excited about developing high quality, engaging, and versatile content. Pricefalls believes that small, nimble teams build phenomenal products, and we love to deliver features leaner, faster, and while having more fun than others. As fanatic believers in Open Source, we live and breathe Linux, MySQL, PHP, Memcache, Redis, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON and many other web technologies.