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Licensed Practical Nurse

PRIME Occupational Medicine Beaumont, TX
  • expired: 9 days ago
  • Full-Time
  • Benefits: Vision, Medical, Life Insurance, 401k, Dental

Medical Records

  • Fulfill medical record requests


  • The proper request form should be filled out for each referral. If the referral is through
  • WD include a completed 1010 Form.
  • All testing referrals are to be handled in the clinic at the time of requests

Injury Charts

  • Every Tuesday any missed follow ups will be given to you by Nurse 1.
  • Contact the employer regarding missed follow up.
  • Document all attempts on clinic note.
  • After 2 documented attempts, give chart to provider to be closed due to noncompliance.

Audio Comparisons

  • Audio comparisons should be done daily.
  • For any audio comparisons that show a STS the employer should be informed that a retest is needed, within 30 days of original test. After the provider has reviewed the comparison. Document all contact with employer.
  • Any audio retests should be compared before the patient leaves the facility.
  • Once the comparison is completed on a retest, if there is a confirmed STS the patient should be evaluated by the provider.


  • Check the temperature in the vaccine refrigerator twice a day and document.
  • All vaccinations received should be logged on the vaccine inventory log.
  • Check expiration dates on all vaccines monthly, give expired vaccines to supervisor.

Medical Technician

  • The number one priority of a medical technician is patient care. This includes being professional in all aspects.
  • You are responsible for being able to successfully perform Drug Screens, Evidential Breath Tests, all vital signs, Pulmonary Function Tests, Respirator Fit Tests, Audiograms, Venipuncture, Injections and X-ray positioning.
  • Filling out all documents completely and performing all testing properly is also very important.
  • Check patient information is correct before beginning any testing on the patient.
  • All documents should be checked in OHM, highlighted and filed on a daily basis.

Work Area

  • Keep your work area clean and organized. Weekly your work area should be wiped down and dusted.
  • No documents should be left on desk overnight. Any documents that are not completed should be placed in the appropriate area and properly labeled for others to be able to complete.
  • Only work on computers logged under your information.
  • Initial checklists for designated areas daily.