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Lead Carpenter/Project Coordinator

Nuss Construction Co Inc
Marlton, NJ
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

·       You are responsible for performing all carpentry and appropriate sub-trade labor on the job, planning ahead for additional help as it is needed.  When other carpenters or helpers are on your job, you are responsible for assigning them work, expediting their performance and generally supervising them, including expediting their paperwork (time cards, etc.).

You will schedule and coordinate all subcontractors, in consultation with the production manager, work out their layout problems, ensure their proper performance and approve their payment, as well as ensure that they get timely inspections on their work.  It is your responsibility to be sure that all subcontractors adhere to all of our company’s policies concerning safety, cleanliness, and alcohol/drug use and customer satisfaction.

    You are the on-site manager for our construction project.  Your performance is extremely important to the success of our company.  You are our representative to both the client and the community at large.  We get most of our work because of our reputation.  Both the quality of your work and the appearance of your job site reflect strongly on you and our company.

·         You are responsible for knowing and understanding all job paperwork:  Plans, specifications, and change orders. Any questions you have or discrepancies that you discover should be checked with the production manager.  You are responsible for maintaining all job records as required by the office.  These records are most important for our work and must be maintained by the lead carpenter.

 ·         You are responsible to attend the pre-construction conference with clients, salesperson, and production manager.·        


·         The lead carpenter will prepare the final material takeoffs and order materials promptly and accurately.  With at least 24 hours notice, we can minimize or eliminate material runs by company employees.  Carpenters or helpers may pick up materials only under emergency conditions. Our goal is pre-planning rather than emergency reaction. The production manager will assist in ordering doors, windows, cabinets, and other “specialty or long lead items”.



·          You are responsible for accurately checking all materials delivered to your job for quantity and measurement, as well as damage.  Delivery truck drivers are to wait for your inspection, as your signature approves the condition and count of the order.  Any discrepancy is to be noted on the delivery ticket.  It is imperative that you check such things as door swing, window sizes, cabinet sizes and types, lumber type and grade, etc., before you sign the delivery ticket.  Remember, it’s your job site. 



·       You must maintain a clean work site.  This is important for many reasons, among them safety and efficiency.  A sloppy site reflects badly on your work and our company.  Dust protection of the client’s property is one of your most important jobs. Air scrubbers and containment as required during the day.  Be sure to control any mud on your site.  All job sites are to be broom cleaned daily.  Debris is to be properly stored and hauled away promptly. There is to be absolutely no smoking in company vehicles, in the client’s house or property, if you smoke go into your personal vehicle at the curb. It is also your responsibility to monitor smoking by subcontractors on your job site as well, same rules apply for them.


·       You are responsible for the protection of the client’s property. Do not use anything, including tools, equipment, or cleaning supplies that belong to the client.  Be sure you lock and secure the job site before you leave every day. You must secure all ladders and equipment on site.  All materials are to be stored in a safe place.  The client’s telephone may be used only for emergency personal calls when cell phones are inoperative.  You must ensure that the client or their neighbors are never disturbed with loud radios or foul and abusive language.


·       Job safety for both the client and our workers is your responsibility. Be sure that job conditions encourage safety.  Monitor both company and individual equipment for proper safety features, safe electrical cords, etc., and inform the production manager of any unsafe conditions.  Proper safety equipment must be used when appropriate. Monthly OSHA safety meetings are held at the office with Production personnel.


·       We always want to accommodate our client and their wishes but if they want any extra work or make any changes, please contact the production manager or to the salesperson with the pertinent information.  Don’t agree to anything without getting approval, and don’t ever do work without a change order from the client or a go ahead from either the production manager or to the salesperson. Please use Field Authorization Forms for any changes.


·       You are responsible for installing a job sign in an appropriate place and for maintaining its condition. Confirm placement with client. Remove when you leave.


·       Realize that our client’s immediate neighbors are impacted by the activity at your jobsite. Introduce yourself to them and ask them to contact you or the office if they have any concerns. They deserve the same respect and consideration as our clients. Consider them as an important marketing opportunity and source of future work and referrals.


·       The lead carpenter will develop and maintain the project schedule. To be sure your job is on schedule or ahead of schedule, monitors your progress against the flow chart. Notify the production manager as soon as possible of any delays or conditions that will affect the schedule. You must also notify the office if you are having problems maintaining the schedule.  Coordination of all the elements that make up a typical job requires adherence to a tight schedule.  You are our link to the job site and we need to know whether you need any help. Monday and Friday are the best days to review job status, upcoming week and schedule man power needed.


·       Remember, our normal workday is from 7:30 to 4:00. You and your crew are expected to take a half hour unpaid lunch. Any deviations from this schedule must be approved by the production manager and by the client. This is best done at the preconstruction conference. *Let’s try to respect this at all costs.


·       Follow job Schedule



·       You must pay attention to follow through.  Just because you notify the office, a sub, or the client of a question or problem don’t assume someone else is taking care of the situation. It is your job and your responsibility to follow up, resolve and complete the loose ends on your job site. 


·       Communication is key,  It is very important that the customer is communicated with in regard to their job and their schedule.


·       As you approach the end of a project it is your responsibility to plan for timely completion of all details. Communicate with the client to address their punch list concerns. Your responsibility is not over until the punch list is completed, final inspections are received and documented, the client has signed the certificate of completion and made final payment.


Company Description
Family owned and operated business doing residential remodeling. We are a small company who takes great pride in our work. We are looking to add a carpenter to our team that can take jobs from start to finish and manage all the subs and keep the customers happy.

Nuss Construction Co Inc


Marlton, NJ