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Account Manager

Northwest Rubber Extruders, Inc. Beaverton, OR

  • Expired: April 14, 2021. Applications are no longer accepted.
Account Manager Sales Job Responsibilities

The Account Manager position performs the following operations: 1. Utilize knowledge of available materials & processes to ascertain performance and ability to produce potential proposal 2. Produce formal quotes, re-quotes & worksheets 3. Able to retrieve or provide pricing information & report sales performance 4. Maintain & extract information in Access quote program 5. Knowledge of tooling resources & buy-out of service vendors & products 6. Ability to operate company customer relationship management (CRM) software - HubSpot 7. Understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) principles and able to read part prints 8. Use of measuring & calibrated equipment 9. Process and ensure drawing control 10. Research, retrieve and understand specifications 11. Document quotes and contract reviews 12. Work with management to develop sales plans & forecast sales for territory or responsible customers 13. Initiate and assist with R&D/New Projects 14. Responsibility & authority for disposition of non-conforming product per QP10210 15. Maintain account base and grow business through best practice sales techniques 16. Skilled in customer, vendor and internal relations 17. Report sales performance & projections to Director of Sales/Management 18. Harvest new business/accounts via inbound and outbound sales and marketing 19. Initiate obsolete tool dispositioning 20. Utilize knowledge of SolidWorks/CAD systems and process prints 21. Maintain organization to ensure accuracy of communications & instructions 22. Understand & completing of paperwork as assigned 23. Understand quality policies and procedures 24. Understand safety rules 25. Ability to complete other tasks as assigned Requirements Knowledge.

Education - Minimum Level 4: Some college

Experience - Minimum Level 3: Knowledgeable experience of jobs or duties assigned and requires minimal supervision. c) Training - Minimum Level 3: Between 1 - 3 years training in the job tasks required or transferable skills Skills - a) Versatility - Minimum Level 2: Can perform multiple tasks within one department b) Ability - Minimum Level 3: Has skills or transferable skills of jobs or duties assigned and requires minimal supervision. c) Precision - Minimum Level 2: Needs minimal supervision and work is double checked for accuracy d) Efficiency - Minimum Level 4: Mostly efficient with time and/or material usage in executing a process. Individual needs minimal supervision to keep on task Effort

Physical Requirements - Minimum Level 2: Limited physical capabilities required - some physical requirements, but it may not be all and not all the time. Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time. Must be able to maneuver 10 lbs. b) Critical Thinking - Minimum Level 5: Task requires high level mental exertion with supervisor/management guidance c) Complexity of the Process - Range: Level 1: Simple task to Level 4: Highly complex task Responsibility

Accountability - Level 3: Requires minimal supervision b) Overseeing Others - Level 1: Does not oversee others c) Decision-Making Discretion - Level 4: Decision-making discretion allowed for medium risk decisions Working Conditions

Physical Environment - Range: Level 1: No exposure to extremes to Level 2: Minimal exposure to extremes, such as long work hours, dust & noise, hot/cold and wet/dry b) Potential Hazards - Range: Level 1: No hazards in the work environment to Level 2: Minimal hazards in the work environment c) Risk of Injury: Range: Level 1: No risk of injury to Level 2: Minimal risk of injury Other Requirements - a) Posses a valid drivers license and good driving record

Must be able to travel 25 percent of work schedule c) Must be able to read, write, and understand English d) Requires assessment techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating & reporting sales e) Required to read and understand technical/non-technical documents related to sales contracts f) Understand basic engineering practices g) Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

Employment Type: Full Time
Years Experience: 1 - 3 years
Bonus/Commission: Yes

Northwest Rubber Extruders, Inc.


Beaverton, OR
97007 USA



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