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Chief Executive Officer Administrator

Northern Inyo Healthcare District
Bishop, CA
  • Expired: February 10, 2023. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Summary:

The CEO/Administrator is a public officer and public employee pursuant to public law who directs all the operations of the Hospital with the lawful responsibilities, rights, authority and duties customarily pertaining to its offices and as may be established from time to time by or under the direction of the Board of Directors of the District or its designees. In addition to the specific matters under job responsibilities, all other executive and administrative functions necessary to insure the continued operation, fiscal viability, accreditation, licensure, and high quality delivery of medical services for the District and to the communities served by the District. The District reserves the right to modify this position and duties at any time in its sole and reasonable discretion.

Job Responsibilities:
  • To designate an individual to act during absence, in order to provide the District with administrative direction at all times.
  • To carry out all policies established by the Board of Directors and medical staff of Hospital.
  • To serve as a liaison officer and channel of communications between the District Board of Directors and any of its committees, professional staff and independent contractors, and the medical staff.
  • To prepare and annual budget showing the expected receipts and expenditures as required by the Board of Directors and prepare the District forecasts.
  • To recruit, select, employee, control, manage, and discharge all employees.
  • To develop and maintain personnel policies and practices for the District.
  • To insure that all physical plant facilities and properties are kept in good state of repair and in operating condition.
  • To supervise all business affairs and insure that all funds are collected and expended to the best possible advantage of the District.
  • To submit not less than monthly to the Board of Directors or its authorized committees or officers reports showing the professional service and financial activities of the District and to prepare and submit such special reports from time to time as may be required or requested by the Board of Directors.
  • To attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and, if requested, attend meetings from time to time or board committees, both standing and ad hoc.
  • To perfect and submit to the Board of Directors for approval and maintain a plan of organization of the personnel and others concerned with the operations of the District.
  • To prepare or cause to be prepared all plans and specifications for the construction and repair of buildings, improvement, works, and facilities of the District.
  • To maintain proper financial and patient statistical data and records; data required by governmental, regulatory, and accrediting agencies; and special studies and reports required for the efficient operation of the District.
  • To represent the Board of Directors as a member, ex-officio, of all its committees and adjunct organizations, including the Medical Staff Executive Committee, and Auxiliary organizations, unless the Board of Directors directs otherwise or unless it or CEO/Administrator determine that attendance and participation would be inappropriate or otherwise not in the best interests of the District.
  • CEO/Administrator or designated representatives shall attend, in capacity as an ex officio member, all meetings of the Medical Staff and its committees, within the parameters of the Medical Staff By-Laws adopted by the District.
  • To report to the Board of Directors on a regular basis within the scope and purview of informing the Board concerning the competency and performance of all individuals who provide patient care services at Northern Inyo Hospital but who are not subject to the medical staff peer review and privilege delineation process. Such reports shall be received by the Board in executive or closed session pursuant to law and regulation.
  • To recruit physicians and other medical providers as the same may be needed from time to time to meet medical services needs of the communities by the District.
  • To supervise independent contractor professional services agreements between physicians and other medical providers and the District.
  • To perform any other duties that the Board of Directors may deem to be in the best interests of the District.
  • Qualifications:
    • Education and experience that will provide the knowledge, skills and abilities appropriate to the position.
    • An undergraduate degree required
    • Current advance degree (MHA or MBA) or completion within two (2) years from date of hire required.
    • At least seven (7) years direct experience in hospital administration, preferably in a district hospital, is essential.
    • A combination of leadership, human, business, political, facilitative and decision making abilities, industry knowledge and a customer service orientation.

Northern Inyo Healthcare District


Bishop, CA
93514 USA