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Head of Community

Boulder, CO
  • Expired: October 20, 2022. Applications are no longer accepted.

We're looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Community Manager to pioneer the growth and development of the NiftyApes community - leading the initiative to build the NiftyApes community from the ground up. As our first community hire, you'll work in a cross-functional role alongside our co-founders and marketing team to support various aspects of community building, such as community operations, communications, and growth. This role will be critical in supporting the development, growth, and long-term sustainability of our community.

Community is at the core of everything we do, not a support function for our product. As our first Community Manager, you'll have the opportunity to influence the direction and development of one of the most important aspects of what we're building at NiftyApes. Other unique aspects of this role include the opportunity to wear many hats, build relationships with key players in the Web3 ecosystem, and contribute meaningfully to a small, close-knit, crypto-native team. This role will start as a part-time, contribution-based role with the opportunity to grow into a larger-capacity role with increased responsibility over time.

The goals and objectives of your work can be broken down across three categories:

Community Building:

  • Planning, organization, and process:
    • Helping shape the NiftyApes community 'North Star' / community roadmap and implementing systems for identifying, tracking, and measuring KPIs,
    • Designing and implementing iterable protocols & processes for community-related work, such as creating a system to determine the prioritization of different community projects and initiatives, designing a framework to assess and determine which areas need attention and improvement, etc
  • Growth and Development: Building and executing upon new initiatives and strategies to grow and develop the NiftyApes community, whether that's creating friendly community competitions, hosting community calls and events, or launching a referral program
  • Communication:
    • External: Successfully communicate the value-add of NiftyApes's community to prospective community members to attract new, intrinsically-motivated and mission/value-aligned network participants
    • Internal: Lead communication within existing community to ensure new and existing members have the sufficient context and direction they need to engage (this could look like writing copy for Discord channel descriptions, writing and iterating community guidelines and manifesto, crafting community announcements and other community-related documentation)
    • Ensure all internal and external communication and messaging is engaging, energized, and aligned with the wider NiftyApes brand and brand identity

Community Engagement:
  • Engaging our members: Creating and implementing new ways for members to connect with one another, developing opportunities for members to contribute and engage with the wider community in a meaningful way, helping members find and discover other members to connect with in the community
  • Being the lesion, go-to person for contact with issues like creating accounts, getting locked out of Discord, troubleshooting general questions

Community Operations:
  • Community 'infrastructure': Managing all community systems and processes, making sure all systems are running smoothly and up-to-date
    • Developing and implementing systems and structures to sustain long-term growth and engagement as our community begins to scale (such as a community onboarding flow, member directory, Discord channel directory, or community event calendar)
    • Managing and organizing any and all community-related documentation
  • Moderation: Working with co-founders to design moderation guidelines and protocols, upholding moderation guidelines to ensure a welcoming, inclusive, and productive environment for all community members


You'll thrive in this role if...
  • You're comfortable wearing many hats, working cross-functionally, and connecting the dots across people, processes, and workflows. You can balance and move quickly through various tasks and projects.
  • You possess a blend of strategic and executional abilities - While strategy is definitely an important aspect of this role, we also need someone who can execute. You're just as enthusiastic about mapping a vision as you are working in the weeds running the backend coordination and management required to run a successful community.
  • You have experience building communities, particularly digital communities, from the ground up. You're coming in from day 1 with strong, structured opinions and ideas on building and engaging communities.
  • You're familiar with and/or actively involved in web3 communities - you've seen what works, and what doesn't. You are familiar with some crypto concepts, like NFTs, DeFi, and wallets.
  • You're personable - You possess outstanding interpersonal skills, and are an excellent communicator - both in writing and verbally.
  • You're a super connector - you feel comfortable playing air-traffic controller between many valuable constituents in the ecosystem, and are excited by the idea of helping community members connect with, and learn from, one another.
  • You're process oriented and organized - you can bring methods to the madness. You're comfortable with ambiguity and multitasking, and enjoy translating them to organized systems and clean details.

Important note - Concerned that you don't check all of the boxes? You should still apply. We recognize that amazing folks have unique backgrounds and we're more interested in your experiences, fit, and motivation over a perfect on-paper resume.

Contract Terms:
  • Location: Remote
  • 4+ hours overlap with MST starting out, with flexible hours as the community takes shape (e.g., if most of the folks using the protocol are active @ UTC+1, we would expect the Community Manager to shift part of their schedule accordingly.
  • In the event of full-time employment
    • Market competitive salary + equity compensation
    • $2,000 remote-office set-up budget
    • Flexible monthly budget for professional development (books, conferences, online classes)
    • Flexible PTO (vacation and sick-leave)
    • Health and dental insurance (US)
    • A flexible remote-friendly work environment


Fulfilling work isn't just what you build , it's who you build it with. We're committed to creating a work environment where amazing folks feel empowered to learn, grow, and launch amazing products. That's why we offer:

  • Top quartile salary + equity compensation
  • $2,000 remote-office set-up budget
  • Flexible monthly budget for professional development (books, conferences, online classes)
  • Flexible PTO (vacation and sick-leave)
  • Health and dental insurance (US)
  • A flexible remote-friendly work environment

NiftyApes is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.



Boulder, CO
80301 USA


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