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Outside/In Host and Senior Producer

New Hampshire Public Radio Concord, NH

  • Expired: August 18, 2021. Applications are no longer accepted.

NHPR is looking for an experienced host and senior producer for its award-winning podcast Outside/In, a show about the natural world and how we use it. The Host and Senior Producer is a key editorial position that helps build and support Outside/In's capacity for telling thoughtful, deeply reported stories. The ideal candidate possesses warmth onair, a reporter's curiosity, and an editor's judgment with 3-5 years of experience in audio reporting or production (preferably narrative-driven storytelling).Position Details Host podcast, associate products, and broadcast segments.

Research, report, write, edit and mix long-form narrative stories, ensuring a diversity of topics and voices. Produce podcast and broadcast segments at an expert level of proficiency. Participate and lead group storyboards and edits.

Mentor interns, fellows, and beginning producers. Assist and collaborate with teams cross-departmentally on social media marketing and special projects and... series.[avbutton label='Apply' iconselect='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello' link='manually,' linktarget='blank' size='large' position='left' labeldisplay='' titleattr='' coloroptions='' color='theme-color' custombg='#444444' customfont='#ffffff' btncolorbg='theme-color' btncustomgraddirection='vertical' btncustomgrad1='#000000' btncustomgrad2='#ffffff' btncustomgrad3='' btncustomgradopacity='0.7' btncustombg='#444444' btncolorbghover='theme-color-highlight' btncustombghover='#444444' btncolorfont='theme-color' btncustomfont='#ffffff' btncolorfonthover='white' btncustomfonthover='#ffffff' border='' borderwidth='' borderwidthsync='true' bordercolor='' borderradius='' borderradiussync='true' boxshadow='' boxshadowstyle='0px,0px,0px,0px' boxshadowcolor='' hoveropacity='' sonareffecteffect='' sonareffectcolor='' sonareffectduration='1' sonareffectscale='' sonareffectopac='0.5' id='' customclass='' templateclass='' avuid='' scversion='1.0' adminpreview_bg

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Concord, NH


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