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Deputy Director, Resource Management Office (RM)
National Reconnaissance Office Chantilly, VA
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Deputy Director, Resource Management Office (RM)

National Reconnaissance Office
Chantilly, VA
Expired: January 04, 2024 Applications are no longer accepted.
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For over sixty years, the NRO has developed, acquired, launched and operated the satellites that are the foundation for America's advantage and strength in space. Using a diversified architecture of spacecraft, NRO collects and delivers the best space-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance content on the planet.

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Basic Eligibility For A Position With The NRO
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be able to obtain and maintain a TS/SCI security clearance
  • You will be subject to pre-employment and periodic drug testing
  • You will be subject to pre-employment and periodic polygraph examinations

Where You Will Work

This is an, excepted service, Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL), Tier 1, position.

This Senior Officer position serves as the Deputy Director (DD), Resource Management Office (RM) within the Business Plans and Operations Directorate (BPO), at the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in Chantilly, VA.

The DD/RM is responsible for the oversight of all NRO resources acquired to support NRO Major System Acquisitions (MSAs) and/or programs and operations. The position provides technical advice on all matters pertaining to funding, programming, and interpretation of policies and regulations for the NRO. The DD/RM manages a large professional and administrative staff, grade 15s and below, oversees contractor work efforts, and directs work involving significant budget resources, and complex budget-related issues internal to the NRO and with external oversight organizations.

The DD/RM is accountable for the results of the staff. Including responsibility for determining resource needs and their allocation for effective use, making changes in the organization of work within allowable constraints, establishing policies and procedures and setting program goals, objectives and overall priorities.

The NRO Cadre is collecting resumes in consideration for the DD/RM, occupational series 0560. For more information on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) occupational series, click here.

Your resume may be considered for other positions which your skills and experience may be a good match.

This is a full-time position that is open from Friday, 01 December 2023 through Tuesday, 2nd January 2024. Resumes must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, 2nd January 2024.

Who May Apply
  • This position is open to the public, and
  • This position is open to current Federal civilian employees who are senior officers or at the Grade 15 level.
  • The NRO is only accepting external applicants through this job announcement. Current NRO Cadre employees should apply through the internal NRO job announcement.

What You Will Be Doing
  • Exercises strategic budget development, execution, and oversight. Responsible for leading end-to-end program planning; formulation, justification and execution; and performance management for the NRO Budget.
  • Participates in executive level resource allocation and decision-making forums affecting the organization.
  • Reviews and approves budget estimates and submissions for new or existing initiatives and reviews Independent Cost Estimates for consistency, methodology and credibility.
  • Provides final technical review and editing of the Intelligence Program Budget Submission, Congressional Budget Justification Book, Intelligence Program Objective Memorandum and Congressional justification Book draft materials, closing gaps and resolving discrepancies prior to submission for the NRO Director's (D/NRO) approval.
  • Coordinates with Congress and prepares budget defense memorandum to reclama potential Congressional reductions.
  • Identifies and follows key Legislative and Executive Branch actions affecting NRO's resources; assessing the impact of Congressional legislation on the NRO's programs and strategies.
  • Develops, implements, and oversees the processes by which the NRO plans for and budgets to meet its resource needs.
  • Authoritative expert on financial management issues and briefs senior officials in the Intelligence Community (IC), internal and external to the NRO, on the financial status of the NRO.
  • Manages NRO participation in the internal and external budget review process and develops and maintains effective working relationships with NRO Program Office Directors, Directorates and Office Directors; other government agencies, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Office of the Director of the National Intelligence (ODNI), Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (OUSD(I&S)), and corporate executives from companies contracting with the NRO.
  • Publishes the Intelligence Program Budget Submission, the Congressional Budget Justification Book, The Congressional Justification Book and other major budget documents for the National Intelligence Program (NIP) and Military Intelligence Program (MIP).
  • Presents and defends the NRO budget to ODNI, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and OMB. Engages with Congress on resource matters, in coordination with the NRO Office of Congressional and Public Affairs.
  • Manages the execution of NRO's appropriated budget against established execution metrics and D/NRO priorities. Monitors execution and reallocation of the NRO portions of the NIP and MIP budget as approved by Congress.
  • Leads/participates in Mid-Year and End-of-Year execution review with ODNI, OSD, OMB, presenting and defending NRO Budget execution and programs.
  • Allots, issues guidance for, and manages the execution of the NRO's appropriated budget against established metrics and D/NRO priorities. Analyzes current and future resource implications for ongoing or proposed NRO programs.
  • Conducts unfunded requirements reviews, provides policy, guidance, and allocation decisions on cross-directorate issues. Provides staff support on resource mattes for NRO governance boards and corporate policies.
  • Develops and manages the NRO's strategic and annual performance plans, and integrates the performance metric process.
  • Reviews and assesses costs and scheduled performance of NRO acquisition and operations programs. Provides direction and financial (resource) guidance to the Directorates and/or Program Offices staffs on MSA programs, strategic and tactical budget resource issues, and ensures adherence to appropriation laws and NRO funding policies, consistent with providing alignment with NRO priorities and resources.
  • Principal overseer of NRO's Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC) activities, overseeing the NRO core contractor/FFRDC allocation process and providing guidance on policy related issues.
  • Resolves complex problems, discrepancies, and errors in financial data and/or finance systems; and approves corrective actions to ensure data integrity. Reviews analyses of financial oversight data necessary for the preparation of financial statements for the NRO and approves the compilation, analysis, and maintenance of tailored budget execution reports for NRO senior management, ODNI, OSD, OMB and Congress. Ensures subordinate staff provides functional expertise for systems development activities; functional testing of business systems to address problems and reconcile issues; and to analyze and test systems that interface with the accounting system to ensure integrity of accounting data.
  • Manages all Directorate and/or BPO/RM staff as well as all Office Budget Directors and Deputy Budget Directors. Assesses and revises policies and procedures s needed to find ways to improve quality, timeliness, and efficiency of work and to promote an environment in which employees are empowered to participate and contribute to effective mission accomplishment.
  • Recommends policy and procedure revisions to improve quality of NRO financial management workforce. Participates in and/or performs special projects, and/or assignments, and serves on the Financial Management boards, such as the FM Workforce Management Board.

Controls Over Work

The DD/RM reports directly to the D/RM and is given only broad, general guidance on management of policy and program integrations responsibilities by D/BPO, DD/BPO, and D/RM. The incumbent has maximum latitude for independent judgement and freedom to plan and execute initiatives of utmost importance to the national security space program. Work is reviewed to assess progress in attaining corporate objectives. In the event of a planned or extended absence of the Director of BPO/RM, the incumbent may assume the authorities and responsibilities of that position during that period.


Intelligence Community (IC) Senior Officer Core Qualifications (SOCQs) - Leading the Intelligence Enterprise: Required for all senior executive positions effective 1 October 2010. This SOCQ involves the ability to integrate resources, information, interests, and activities effectively in support of the IC's mission and to lead and leverage cross organizational collaborative networks to achieve significant mission results. Inherent to this Standard is a deep understanding of the Intelligence enterprise (or other comparable interagency or multi-organizational environment) and a shared commitment to the IC's core values.

IC Senior Officers have a responsibility to share information and knowledge to achieve results, in that regard are expected to build effective networks and alliances; actively engage these peers and stakeholders; involve them in key decision; and effectively leverage these networks to achieve significant results. Senior officers are expected to create an environment that promotes employee engagement, collaboration, integration, information and knowledge sharing, and the candid, open exchange of diverse points of view. Applicants, please write to the following. No more than one page per competency. Current IC senior officers do not need to provide responses to the ICSOCQs. :

(1) Collaboration and Integration: Build, leverage, and lead collaborative networks with key peers and stakeholders across the IC and/or other government/private-sector organizations, or professional/technical disciplines to achieve significant joint/multi-agency mission outcomes. Integrate joint/multi-agency activities effectively exercising collaborative plans that realize mutual IC, joint, or multi-organizational goals.

(2) Enterprise Focus: IC Senior officers are expected to demonstrate a deep understanding of how the missions, structures, leaders, and cultures of the various IC components interact and connect; synthesize resources, information and other inputs to effectively integrate and align component, IC, and the United States Government interests and activities to achieve IC-wide, national, and international priorities. Senior officers are expected to encourage and support Joint Duty assignments and developmental experiences that develop and reinforce enterprise focus among their subordinates. Candidates assessed against the component must understand the roles, missions, capabilities, and organizational and political realities of the intelligence enterprise; apply that understanding to drive joint, interagency, or multi-organizational mission accomplishment. Understand how organizations, resources, information, and processes within the IC interagency/multi-organizational environment interact with and influence one another; apply that understanding to solve complex interagency or multi-organizational problems.

(3) Values-Centered Leadership: IC Senior officers are expected to personally embody, advance and reinforce IC core values. Senior officers are expected to demonstrate and promote departmental and/or component values. Candidates assessed against this competency must demonstrate:

A Commitment to selfless service and excellence in support of the IC's mission, as well as to preserving, protecting, and defending the Nation's laws and liberties. The Integrity and Courage (moral, intellectual, and physical) to seek and speak the truth, to innovate, and to change things for the better, regardless of personal or professional risk. Collaboration as members of a single IC-wide team, respecting and leveraging the diversity of all members of the IC, their background, their sources and methods, and their points of view. Promote, reinforce, and reward IC, departmental/component core values in the workforce and ensure that actions, policies, and practices are aligned with, and embody those values. Ensure that organizational strategies, policies, procedures, and actions give appropriate focus, attention, and commitment to diversity of people, points of view, ideas, and insights.

Technical Qualifications:

All applicants for this senior officer position must submit written statements (narrative format) of accomplishments that would satisfy the technical qualifications. You must address each technical qualification separately. All applicants must respond. Please limit your written statements to two pages per technical qualification.
  1. Knowledge of Federal financial laws and guidance including OMB bulletins and circulars, ODNI and OSD guidance, and appropriation law and acquisition management practices.
  2. Demonstrated successful interactions and relationships with senior managers, corporate managers, mission partners, stakeholders, and customers in order to contribute to and influence decision-making.
  3. Expert knowledge and understanding of Federal budget process, including the planning programming and budgeting system to effectively manage resources in support of the NRO mission.

Other Significant Facts and Requirements:
  • DCIPS: This position is an Excepted Service, Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) position under authorities of the U.S. Code Title 10, Section 1601 and 1607, dated 20 July 1999.
  • A Joint Duty Assignment (JDA) Program certification is required for promotion or assignment into an Intelligence Community (IC) Senior Officer position. IC Federal civilian applicants must provide proof of credit. Non-IC Federal civilians and private sector applicants will be assessed to determine if their career experience qualifies them for JDA credit.
  • DISL Probationary Period: Newly appointed DISL employees (including DISES moving into a DISL position) must complete a one-year DISL Probationary Period if not previously satisfi...


National Reconnaissance Office

Chantilly, VA
20153 USA



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