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Director, Human Development Directorate
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Springfield, VA
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Director, Human Development Directorate

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Springfield, VA
Expired: March 10, 2024 Applications are no longer accepted.
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Summary Position serves as the Director, Human Development Directorate (HD) and NGA's Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) Responsibilities BASIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The incumbent serves as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Director, Human Development Directorate (HD) and NGA's Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO). The incumbent is responsible for developing and managing an extremely complex and comprehensive human resource program that is aligned to, and supportive of, NGA's mission and strategy. The incumbent works in a collaborative and corporate way to address Agency-wide human capital management issues associated with managing an integrated workforce.

This includes HD strategic planning; workforce skills/competencies identification; succession planning and management; recruitment and onboarding; administration of pay; the conduct of labor-management relations and employee relations; the performance appraisal system; the awards, leave, and time and attendance programs; benefits and retirement; and HD accountability systems. The incumbent will execute these duties within existing legal and DOD/IC policy guidelines and strictly adhere to nondiscriminatory practices as it relates to programs and activities under his/her purview. Additional duties include: * Advise NGA senior leadership on the development, implementation, and management of human resource programs * Expertly lead a complex and geographically dispersed Directorate of over 600 employees while ensuring alignment to NGA's strategic direction * Directly manage day-to-day operations of the Directorate and set goals/objectives aligned to NGA's Strategic Objectives * Empower, mentor, and develop subordinates to ensure short and long-term goals are achieved on schedule * Identify and oversee the development and implementation of tools and technology needed to achieve HD objectives * Develop strategic and tactical plans, as need, to support HD programs and initiatives * Build strong relationships with key partners, internal and external, to address current and emerging needs Requirements Conditions of Employment Security Investigation Security Clearance and Access Level: This position requires access to classified Defense Department and Intelligence Community information.

The individual selected must already possess, or be immediately eligible for, a TOP SECRET security clearance and access to Sensitive Compartmented Information. U.S. citizenship is required for the granting of a security clearance.

Joint Duty Credit: All NGA executive level positions require Joint Duty credit. Employees will receive joint duty credit a majority of service or rotational assignments that were at least at the GS/GG-11 or DCIPS Pay Band 3 level, and generally for at least one year, or for 179 days or more when deployed to a designated combat zone on or after September 11, 2001. Note: Applicants without Joint Duty credit may apply for the position and can be considered.

If selected, a waiver would be required prior to final appointment or provide proof of Joint Duty qualifying experience. Qualifications QUALIFICATIONS: Eligibility for this executive level position will be based upon a clear demonstration that the applicant has experience of the scope and quality sufficient to effectively carry out the assignments of the position. The successful applicants will be distinguished from other applicants by a review of the following Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs), Intelligence Community (IC) Senior Officer Core Qualification (SOCQs) Standards, the Technical Qualifications, and Education Requirements, if required.

Failure to meet a Qualification requirement will disqualify an applicant. Visit OPM's website for more information regarding drafting ECQs using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result model - NGA recommends this model for ECQs and SOCQs. IC SENIOR OFFICER CORE QUALIFICATIONS Intelligence Community (IC) Senior Officer Core Qualification (SOCQ) Standard - Leading the Intelligence Enterprise: Required for all positions effective 1 October 2010.

This SOCQ Standard involves the ability to integrate resources, information, interests, and activities effectively in support of the IC's mission and to lead and leverage cross organizational collaborative networks to achieve significant mission results. Inherent to this Standard is a deep understanding of the intelligence enterprise and a shared commitment to the IC's core values. For those without IC experience, draft narrative related to your past experience demonstrating these competencies at a comparable interagency or multi-organizational environment.

(Include as separate attachment one page maximum per ICSOCQ) (1) Collaboration and Integration: IC Senior officers have a responsibility to share information and knowledge to achieve results, and in that regard are expected to build effective networks and alliances; actively engage these peers and stakeholders; involve them in key decision; and effectively leverage these networks and alliances to achieve significant results. Senior officers are expected to create an environment that promotes employee engagement, collaboration, integration, information and knowledge sharing, and the candid, open exchange of diverse points of view. Candidates assessed against this competency must: * Build, leverage, and lead collaborative networks with key peers and stakeholders across the IC and/or in other government/private-sector organizations, or professional/technical disciplines to achieve significant joint/multi-agency mission outcomes * Integrate joint/multi-agency activities effectively exercising collaborative plans that realize mutual IC, joint, or multi-organizational goals.

(2) Enterprise Focus: IC Senior officers are expected to demonstrate a deep understanding of how the missions, structures, leaders, and cultures of the various IC components interact and connect; synthesize resources, information and other inputs to effectively integrate and align component, IC, and USG interests and activities to achieve IC-wide, national, and international priorities. Senior officers are expected to encourage and support Joint Duty assignments and developmental experiences that develop and reinforce enterprise focus among their subordinates. Candidates assessed against this competency must: * Understand the roles, missions, capabilities, and organizational and political realities of the intelligence enterprise; apply that understanding to drive joint, interagency, or multi-organizational mission accomplishment.

* Understand how organizations, resources, information, and processes within the IC or interagency/multi-organizational environment interact with and influence one another; apply that understanding to solve complex interagency or multi-organizational problems. (3) Values-Centered Leadership: IC Senior officers are expected to personally embody, advance and reinforce IC core values. Senior officers are also expected to demonstrate and promote departmental and/or component core values.

Candidates assessed against this competency must demonstrate: * A Commitment to selfless service and excellence in support of the IC's mission, as well as to preserving, protecting, and defending the Nation's laws and liberties; * The integrity and Courage (moral, intellectual, and physical) to seek and speak the truth, to innovate, and to change things for the better, regardless of personal or professional risk; * Collaboration as members of a single IC-wide team, respecting and leveraging the diversity of all members of the IC, their background, their sources and methods, and their points of view. * Promote, reinforce, and reward IC, departmental/component core values in the workforce and ensure that actions, policies, and practices are aligned with, and embody those values. * Ensure that organizational strategies, policies, procedures, and actions give appropriate focus, attention, and commitment to diversity of people, point of view, ideas, and insights.

TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS In addition to the ECQs and IC SOCQs that are mandatory for all DISES level positions, the employee occupying this position must possess technical qualifications. Applicants will be rated on the TQ's identified below which are essential for successful performance in the position. These statements should be a narrative explanation of your relevant background and experience.

They must show that your experience, education, and accomplishments reflect the competence and professional standing required to provide expertise required by this position. Technical Qualification Statements that do not clearly address the qualification criteria will not be adequate for evaluation. (Include as separate attachment, one page maximum per TQ) 1.

Extensive knowledge of, and background in, Human Resource policies and programs within the Department of Defense and/or Intelligence Community. 2. Proven successful experience in leading a human capital workforce and programs as the Senior Executive level within the DoD and/or IC 3.

Demonstrated ability to direct programs in a rapidly changing and diverse human resource environment. 4. Demonstrated ability to corporately prioritize and defend resources during the DoD and/or IC planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process.

5. Demonstrated experience representing organizational interests during OMB, Congressional, DoD, IC, and other external engagements. 6.

Proven ability to solve complex problems under pressure and/or short deadlines. 7. Outstanding leadership, innovation, and communication skills.

Education Additional Information OTHER REQUIREMENTS: 1. Applicant selected for this position is subject to the completion of a one-year DISES trial period. (Applicants selected from outside NGA may be required to complete a two-year DCIPS trial period if they have not already done so.) 2.

This position is covered under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (P.L. 95-521). Incumbent will be required to file an Executive Personnel Financial Disclosure Report (SF-278) with the NGA Office of General Counsel.

3. Employment is subject to requirements of the NGA Drug Testing Program. 4.

Successful completion of a polygraph examination is required for employment by NGA. 5. Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

Travel/Transportation expenses are not authorized. 6. Copies of this announcement and other general information may be obtained through NGA's Website, OPM's USAJOBS, or by calling 571-557-0330.

7. You may be required to relocate in the future based on NGA requirements. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for appointment without regard to race, age, religion, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, lawful political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor. This agency provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the agency.

The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis. .


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Springfield, VA
22161 USA



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