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Assistant Operations Manager - Field Data Collection

NDS Leesburg, VA

  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

National Data and Surveying Services is seeking an Assistant Operations Manager over the Field Operations crew. The individual must have strong time management, organizational, and computer skills. The position is very hands-on with time spent in the field overseeing the work of our Field Technicians.


  • Field staffing (Hiring and termination)
  • Field training and/or coordination of training
  • Employee management
  • Schedules field staff
  • Audits work submissions
  • Conducts regular field employee work audits
  • Resolves field work-related issues and answers field work-related questions
  • Communicates effectively to the local and main offices
  • Supervises manages and coordinates appropriate staffing for field projects as needed
  • Forecasts staffing increases or reductions through timesheet audits and expected workload
  • Provides procedural recommendations to increase operational efficiency and communication
  • Employee inventory, office inventory, and vehicle inventory
  • Vehicle purchases, maintenance, and tracking
  • Timesheet audits
  • Payroll preparation and submission
  • Travels as necessary to manage employees and field projects
  • Contributes to field data collection as necessary while adhering to all company and safety protocols
  • Hours for this position typically fall into Monday thru Friday office hours but will require adjustment based on project supervision needs (nights and weekends may be required in this instance).


  • Adheres to all safety standards provided by the company
  • Drives to various project sites as needed for data collection or device installation
  • Installs equipment on weekdays or weekends during the daytime, nighttime or mixed based on client or company needs
  • Installs equipment at specified project sites in accordance with client specification and company installation guidelines
  • Sketches each intersection to reflect the current condition of the intersection
  • Records signal timing and signal phasing concurrently and three times at each intersection
  • Records and communicates observational information per client specifications
  • Manually conducts various field studies requiring the active collection of quantifiable and/or qualifiable information
  • Uploads or emails the collected data to the company per company specifications
  • Communicates via email and phone any potential disruptions to the average traffic flow including construction, inclement weather, accidents or lane closures immediately upon identification
  • Communicates via email any issues encountered during equipment installation or during equipment retrieval immediately upon occurrence
  • Sends three emails to management daily; one email to confirm receipt of the schedule; one email to confirm that all installations were successful or to notify management if the schedule cannot be met (followed by a phone call); one email to report the result of equipment retrieval that
  • includes any identified issues with causes. This email should also contain the expected date and time of day that data submission to the company will occur.
  • Maintains field equipment to ensure that all equipment operates smoothly
  • Maintains the company vehicle to ensure that suggested maintenance needs are met and to ensure any and all repairs are handled promptly


  • Must be able to lift 50lbs frequently
  • Excellent communication
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Clean driving record
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Basic knowledge of computers (downloading, attaching files to e-mail)
  • Good sense of direction
Company Description
Supporting both public and private clients, NDS provides a wide range of data collection services. All team members are experienced, full time staff who can leverage their collective experience to ensure the successful completion of your project in a timely manner.

NDS provides their clients with digital files and customized reports. The files can be delivered in Excel, Jamar, ASCII, PDF, Synchro, Traffix or any client specified format.


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