3+ Monrose Inc dba Aquatech Management of L Career and Employment Opportunities

Monrose Inc Dba Aquatech Management Of L


Why Work at Monrose Inc Dba Aquatech Management Of L

Our main concern is keeping our clients happy and respecting our employees. We offer an outstanding support team to all of our employees.

Aquatech Management of Long Island, Inc. provides comprehensive recreational activities at all of its facilities. Aquatech integrates a full compliment of services for its clients, including acid washing, pump installation and removal, pump room design, repairs, leak detection, restroom/cleaning supplies, chemicals, winterizing, safety plans, insurance, operating certificates, weekly recreational programs, holiday activities, special parties, evening events, employee payroll, certified pool operators, and complete staffing needs. Since our inception in 1988, Aquatech’s philosophy has been to provide quality service. We have established friendly and trusting relationships with all our clients who share in the pride of a job well done. It has been our goal to work hand in hand with each of our clients because of the vast differences each facility demands. Utilizing the experience of its staff, Aquatech is able to provide exemplary recreational services which are quickly sweeping New York from the tip of Montauk to the communities of Queens.

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