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Chelsea Soldiers' Home Ombudsperson

Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Chelsea, MA
  • Expired: January 22, 2023. Applications are no longer accepted.

The vision of the Department of Veterans' Services is to ensure that Massachusetts is a place where all veterans

and their families have awareness of and access to the benefits and to the services earned, that they are respected

for the service they have rendered and are able to live healthy and productive lives.

The Department is transitioning to become an independent Secretariat, the Executive Office of Veterans' Services,

and is expanding its staffing to prepare for and meet anticipated needs that come with this expansion. The

ombudsperson shall advocate on behalf of residents and staff of the Veterans' Home and to receive,

investigate and resolve through administrative action, in a timely manner, complaints filed by residents

and staff of the home, individuals acting on behalf of residents or staff or any individual organization

or government agency that has reason to believe that the home, an organization or a government agency

has engaged in activities, practices or omissions that constitute violations of applicable statutes or

regulations or that may have an adverse effect upon the health, safety, welfare or rights of residents

or staff of the home.

The nature of the work conducted by the Ombudsperson is one of problem-solving, empathy, and patience.

Duties and Responsibilities: (these duties are a general Summary and not all inclusive):

  • The ombudsperson provides neutral and confidential assistance to resolve conflict and serves as an
  • advocate for fairness, source of support and information and act as liaison between conflicting parties.
  • No person shall discharge, discipline, or otherwise retaliate against any resident or staff of a
  • state-operated
  • veterans' home, any individual acting on behalf of any resident or staff of a state-operated
  • veterans' home
  • or any individual organization for filing a complaint with the ombudsperson or for disclosing
  • information or
  • cooperating in an investigation resulting from any such complaint; provided, however, that
  • the complaint
  • was made in good faith. The ombudsperson for each state-operated veterans' home shall
  • make best efforts
  • to ensure the confidentiality of complainants
  • When an inquiry/service issue is received, determine how the case should be handled with
  • the agency.
  • Determine how best to include people to have relevant or specific questions answered and
  • coordinate communications on the case toward resolution.
  • Make recommendations and problem-solving strategies around challenging cases which have
  • been elevated
  • to the Secretary's office
  • The ombudsperson provides staff with a forum to raise concerns of abuse, bias, unfairness,
  • and other improper treatment. The ombudsperson is neither an advocate for any individual
  • or the home. The ombudsperson is an advocate for a fair outcome who connects staff to
  • information and assists in the resolution of concerns and conflicts. The ombudsperson
  • supplements, but does not replace, the homes' existing resources such as HR and
  • management.
  • Available to all staff to surface, address, and resolve a variety of problems and issues.
  • Connects staff to resources to resolve issues and better understand company policies,
  • guidelines, and organizational structure.
  • Provides services and support as a confidential and informal contact to resolve concerns
  • Maintains strict confidentiality (except where there is an imminent threat of harm)
  • The ombudsperson does not keep records on individuals but does keep and provide
  • anonymized feedback to leadership.
  • The ombudsperson may serve and support conflict resolution through mediation.
  • Attentive within the home to listen for and identify complaints; participate in doing
  • investigations and resolutions of their complaints, education, and information about
  • rights, provide consultations in a manner wherein confidentiality is preserved, and
  • recommend appropriate strategies to resolve any conflicts between parties involved.
  • Investigates, resolves complaints, listens to grievances, educating constituents regarding
  • their rights, providing consultations in a confidential way, and offering support, solutions,
  • and alternatives to resolve conflicts.
  • Other responsibilities also include researching and writing reports, identifying problem and
  • pattern areas, and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • The ombudsperson may work with the superintendent and appropriate staff at the home,
  • or the executive director of veterans' homes and housing as needed to resolve any complaint
  • and shall inform the complainant of the resolution.
  • The ombudsperson shall report to the executive director of veterans' homes and housing
  • (executive director). The ombudsperson may also facilitate family meetings, provide
  • outreach, and participate in orientation meetings for new residents of the home and
  • their families.
  • Oversees the intake, coordination, and resolution of inquiries and service issues raised
  • by staff and from those regarding individuals receiving care and services from the
  • veterans' home.
  • Assist the Executive Director with inquiries raised by external agencies and others
  • not directly associated with individuals who are receiving care or services by the home.

Required Qualifications:
  • Ability to maintain integrity, confidentiality, and discretion and remain open minded with
  • goals and objectives.
  • Ability to problem solve, analyze, and gather information with problem-solving and
  • analytical ability.
  • Expert communication skills with a diverse range of people.
  • Ability to conduct mediation and/or other conflict resolution process such as facilitation
  • and conflict coaching.
  • Knowledge of Veterans Administration State Homes regulations and Massachusetts
  • Department of Public Health
  • long term care and adult day health regulations.
  • Knowledge of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services long term care requirements
  • of participation and regulations.
  • Knowledge of gerontology, issues, and concerns of aging.
  • Excellent interpersonal relationship skills and empathy, including an ability to remain
  • patient and calm with
  • families in crisis.
  • Ability to think critically, write analytically, and collaborate with homes and EOVS staff
  • to improve the delivery of services.
  • Knowledge of EOVS Homes eligibility requirements and services
  • Critical thinking skills, using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses
  • of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems

Preferred Qualifications.
  • Experience serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Knowledge of veterans' benefits and services.
  • Familiarity with military culture and protocols.
  • Familiarity of the multiple constituents and veteran advocacy organizations.
  • Regulatory requirements impacting the operation of the Homes.
  • Resource availability and coordination with EOVS offices and support functions.
  • Working with organized labor.

Agency Mission:

The mission of the Department of Veterans' Services is to advocate on behalf of all the Commonwealth's veterans

and provide quality support services and to direct an emergency financial assistance program for those veterans

and their dependents who are in need; an outreach program for homeless prevention, suicide prevention, two State Operated Veterans' Homes and two Cemeteries.

The state-operated veterans' homes were established as multifaceted health care facilities available to eligible

veterans of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The mission is to provide long-term care and support services

with dignity, honor, and respect. in the best possible health care environment for eligible veterans who reside in the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services


Chelsea, MA
02150 USA


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