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Cypress Bible Church (Cypress, TX) Lead Pastor

Cypress, TX
Expired: June 30, 2023 Applications are no longer accepted.
  • Full-Time
Cypress Bible Church (Cypress, TX) Lead Pastor

The Big Picture

Cypress Bible Church ( (600-650) is seeking a full-time Lead Pastor to exegetically preach the Word of God and equip the saints for the glory of God.


Top 5 Qualifications

1. Doctrinal Alignment - In full agreement with CBC's doctrinal statement and teaching positions.

2. Elder Qualified - Must be a man of unquestionable moral character, "above reproach", who meets the Biblical qualifications of Elder as set forth in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 and 1 Peter 5.

3. Seminary Trained - Must have a Master's of Arts or higher from a reputable seminary that aligns theologically and doctrinally with CBC.

4. Skilled Exegetical Teacher - Needs to have ample examples of exegetical preaching for review available for any potential candidate. Elders are less willing to allow the candidate to grow into exegetical preaching style, but more willing to allow for growth in leadership skills.

Skilled Exegetical Teacher Explained.
• Communicates biblical truths that connect across diverse generations, ethnicities and social demographics of the Cypress area
• Teaches and preaches God's word exegetically with practical applications, reaching across generations and varying levels of spiritual maturity in a multigenerational church.

5. Exceptional Leader - Candidate needs to have been in leadership over a significant amount of time over a significant ministry overseeing both employees and volunteers, preferably at a church.

Exceptional Leader Explained.
• As a Bridge Builder they are relational able to create an environment of trust and safety in order to bring out the best contributions from others
• As a Team Builder and team player who includes others in decision making

o Ability to build a strong and cohesive staff culture where ministry efforts align and differences are valued
• Strength of character to make the call and stand by decisions
• As a Visionary Leader they are able to unite the leadership, staff, and congregation under God's vision for CBC

o Ability to inspire and energize congregation to go and move towards the achievement of kingdom impact

o Unafraid to enact change where needed and be skilled in change management



The Lead Pastor will be responsible to provide overall directional leadership of the church while collaborating with the Elder Board and senior staff Leaders to discern, develop and cast strategic vision for where God is taking Cypress Bible Church. He will be the primary communicator, preaching the majority of the time, at each of our two Sunday main worship services as well as other in-person and on-line contexts. He will be the point person for communicating our strategic vision to the congregation and will serve as ambassador to our community and other outside parties engaging with CBC. The Lead Pastor will exercise leadership at CBC through serving as a member of the Elder Board, high-level decision making and problem solving, and through intentional development of future church leaders (both staff and lay leaders). The Lead Pastor will also shepherd the flock by providing care, correction, and protection in the context of loving, grace-filled relationships. This position will report directly to the Elder Board and will directly supervise the Executive Pastor, the Worship Pastor, and the Hispanic Ministry Pastor.


Below is a list of the primary roles and responsibilities of the Lead Pastor at Cypress Bible Church:


a. Serve as an equal member of the Elder Board and represent the staff in that role. It is our current practice that the Executive Pastor also attends our Elder meetings as a non-voting participant.

b. Work in concert with the Executive Pastor on staff planning, hiring, management, disciplinary issues and other personnel issues and serve as a permanent member of the Elder Board's Personnel Committee.

c. Engage in organizational problem-solving.

d. Provide high-level organizational decision making and approvals.

e. Serve as the point person for communicating our strategic vision and other important information to the congregation. He will be the primary "up front" leader on Sunday mornings and in other settings that require communication with the congregation.

f. Serve as ambassador and point of contact to our community and other outside parties engaging with CBC.

g. Directly supervise the Executive Pastor, the Worship Pastor, and the Hispanic Ministry Pastor (the Lead Pastor will report directly to the Elder Board)


a. The development of the strategic direction, vision, mission, values is a collaborative effort involving the Elders, Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Strategic Team. Currently the Strategic Team is led by the Executive Pastor to ensure alignment between all ministries. The Strategic Team is comprised of the Go Pastor, Equipping Pastor, Worship Pastor and Care & Counseling Pastor.

b. Provide inspirational vision casting to the Elders, ministry leaders, the congregation and other stakeholders as needed.

c. Serve as the primary mouthpiece in communicating strategy and direction to the church and generate enthusiasm and movement toward strategic initiatives.

d. When needed, serve as point person for questions that then can be directed to the pastors, elders, or lay leaders responsible.

e. Serve as a catalyst for change in leading a transition to a healthy, multigenerational growing church that effectively reaches Millennials and Gen Z as well as our diverse surrounding community.


a. Actively engage in team building, encouragement, development, and unification of all CBC Staff.

b. Lead the flock corporately and interpersonally in a humble, approachable manner that protects, convicts, encourages, challenges and comforts.

c. Mediate relational conflicts with staff, lay leaders, and other congregants as needed.

d. Counsel and care for CBC members as needed.


a. Set an example for the church as a humble, servant leader.

b. Prioritize the empowerment and development of pastoral staff to grow in their responsibilities, skills, and personal growth.

c. Establish leadership development systems that facilitate the development of current and future Elders, Deacons, Pastors, and lay leaders across the organization.

d. Develop reproducing disciples at CBC who are growing in their relationship with Jesus.


a. Serve as the primary preacher/teacher for each of CBC's two Sunday morning services, preaching the majority of the time. Deliver messages from an exegetical methodology with a strong application emphasis.

b. Devise the CBC preaching calendar with input from the Strategic Team and Elders (as needed), including dates, content, and speakers

c. Teach in other large group, small group, on-line, or other contexts as needed.

d. Identify, coach, and develop the teaching gifts of pastoral staff, lay leaders, and teachers at CBC to enhance ministry effectiveness.





Cypress, TX
77410 USA



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