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Spanish Immersion Teacher - Elementary

King's Schools
Shoreline, WA
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

This is a Full Time position for the 2022-2023 Academic School Year.
Sign-on bonus: $1500
Benefits – 
Competitive package including medical, dental, vision, 85% King’s school discount for dependent child(ren) (K-12) and 4-weeks of paid parental leave.


CRISTA exists to make known the love of Jesus Christ through demonstrated works of service and ministry. We use every method available so that the people of the world may hear the Gospel, accept Christ as their Savior, and grow in their faith. We are a united yet diverse family of Biblical Ministries inspired by a shared vision to serve and impact the young through the elderly, all cultures and backgrounds, in our own backyard and around the world through excellence in our service and operations. By leading a healthy and sustainable organization, CRISTA empowers its ministries to serve the needs of the world and share the Gospel, making disciples. Our commitment is to glorify, honor and obey the Lord in all we do through a workforce of staff and volunteers who are called, committed, and faithful Christians.

CRISTA is five distinct ministries, each with their own vision and mission. And yet, they are all part of the CRISTA family. Each ministry has answered the call to serve in their unique way, striving together toward one goal—to draw people into a transforming relationship with Christ. From World Concern’s relief and development efforts around the globe; from CRISTA Media’s stations that broadcast uplifting messages and music through your radio dials to the fireside songs that bring joy to campers year-round at CRISTA Camps; from the young minds equipped with knowledge at King’s Schools to the seniors receiving exceptional care at CRISTA Senior Living. Whether traversing the globe or right in our backyard, the CRISTA family of ministries is empowered to meet the needs of those we serve. 


The Spanish Immersion Elementary Teacher is responsible for all aspects of classroom instruction in Spanish. The Spanish Immersion Elementary Teacher is responsible for all organization, teaching, and supervision within the area of assigned responsibility. This position will keep the principal informed of activities as teacher, the progress of students, and the classroom condition. This position will participate as an active member of the school staff and pertinent parent organizations and adhere fully to the stated purposes, standards, policies and procedures of CRISTA Ministries and of King's Elementary School. The Spanish Immersion Elementary Teacher will carry out teaching responsibility as follows.


(General overview and may not include all details of responsibilities)


Maintain professional standards, remain alert to academic developments, be a continuing student of the educative process, work toward the established goals of school and classroom; leader in technology skills, master new content, methods and materials. Teach 21st Century Skills. 

  1. Fulfill contractual agreement which includes orientation week and closing duties.
  2. Teach the adopted curriculum and make good use of textual and resource materials provided; plan his/her work on an annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis, and work according to plan. 
  3. Submit weekly online and hard copy assignment sheets (K‑6), principals and families. 
  4. Update website weekly, RenWeb and/or classroom Facebook page. 
  5. Guard carefully the health and safety of the children including seeing them to carpool and/or on the bus after school each day. 
  6. Prepare and conduct evaluative testing and as appropriate, administer MAP Growth assessments for his/her grade, interpret the data and use the data to increase student learning.
  7. Build relationships and connections with students, parents and colleagues.
  8. Be a positive and innovative grade level team member and contribute to PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) and to the expectations of King’s.
  9. Arrive 30 minutes prior to the school day and remain 30 minutes after school is dismissed depending on what is appropriate for the teacher’s class schedule. Inform the office if leaving campus during the school day.
  10. Maintain cumulative student files. Confer immediately with students, parents, and principals concerning the progress, questions, and/or problems of a student, and provide written reports on the various forms provided for this purpose.
  11. Keep accurate academic records, progress reports, and submit these to the office at the scheduled times.
  12. Counsel and advise students on academic, personal, and spiritual concerns.
  13. Attend faculty devotions, meetings, orientations, workshops, open houses, parent-teacher conferences and other professional meetings deemed necessary.
  14. Inform the administrative assistants or principal immediately if unable to fulfill any duty assigned. In case of absence, notify principals as early as possible; prepare information and materials for the guest teacher.
  15. Supervise regular activities, carpool duties, KIDS Praise, assemblies, and any other activities where a cooperative teacher effort is needed; attend and promote Open Houses, Tour & Information Sessions, PINS (Parent Information Nights), and other activities related to Admissions. Advise and participate in extracurricular activities, committees and programs.
  16. Supervise student intern teachers and cooperate with area colleges and universities in providing opportunities for observation and demonstration, helping to orient, assist, and mentor teachers.

Personal conduct that reflects well on CRISTA Ministries and supports our personal conduct policy

Perform all duties consistent with the CRISTA Ministries Mission Statement





  • Profession that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
  • Lifestyle that is consistent with biblical principles.
  • Agreement and support of CRISTA’s Statement of faith.
  • Demonstrates the values of a CRISTA leader.


Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field from an accredited college or university recognized by the United States Department of Education or equivalent. 

EXPERIENCE (in one or any combination of to following)

  • Teaching in a Spanish Immersion Classroom Environment;
  • Native or near native language proficient;
  • Fluent in Spanish; OR
  • Teaching elementary or secondary level of Spanish


  • CPR/First Aid/AED Training


  • Office 365


  • Strong technology skills and vision.
  • Work collaboratively with supervisor, coworkers, students and parents



  • WA State Teaching Certification


Office 365, One Note, RenWeb, NWEA MAP Growth Assessment, Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Mapping

CRISTA is a Christian, religious organization that lives out its faith-based mission through five ministries: CRISTA Camps, CRISTA Media, CRISTA Senior Living, King’s Schools, and World Concern.  As permitted by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, CRISTA reserves the right to prefer employees of a particular religion and to require its employees to hold certain religious beliefs, engage in certain religious observances, and engage in or refrain from engaging in certain behavior, based on CRISTA’s religious beliefs. CRISTA’s employees must agree with and support without reservation CRISTA’s Statement of Faith and must conduct themselves in accordance with the religious beliefs and practices that flow from that Statement of Faith and CRISTA’s Christian Community Policy.

Among those employees and employment applicants who agree with and support without reservation and abide by the Statement of Faith and CRISTA’s Christian Community Policy, CRISTA does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic. Based on its religious beliefs, CRISTA values and respects the dignity of all persons and appreciates the diversity of God’s creation.

King's Schools


Shoreline, WA



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