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Ketchikan Indian Community Ketchikan, AK
  • Expired: October 04, 2019. Applications are no longer accepted.

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Behavioral Health
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Full Time
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Job Description
Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC) Overview:
Ketchikan, Alaska is a cozy coastal town, rich in community and culture. Ketchikan Indian Community has the honor to be the governing body for the Natives in the Ketchikan area. The tribe began direct delivery services to the Native residents with only two staff members in 1975. The staff has grown to over 150 employees with the increased identification of the tribal community needs. Beginning in 1992 KIC became a signatory in a compact of self-governance between Southeast Tribes and the United States of America, providing services to tribal members in a Government to Government Relationship, upholding Sovereignty for tribal members. The Tribal Council as the established governing body provides oversight and works in collaboration with the KIC staff, who focus on daily business operations to provide the highest quality of programs and services to Tribal Members. Traditional Southeast tribal values drive KIC. The KIC mission is to preserve tribal member's sovereignty, enhancing economic and cultural resources and promote self-sufficiency and self-governance for their citizens through collaboration, service, and advocacy. KIC partners with the community and tribal members to deliver services and provide assistance in improving the lives of all tribal members.
Work LOCATION: 2960 Tongass Ave, Ketchikan, AK, 99901
Consistent with Public Law 93-638 and other federal laws recognizing inherent right of the Tribe to exercise Indian Preference. Documentation of Tribal Enrollment must be included with application submission.
Job Summary
Incumbent will be responsible to deliver culturally sensitive, competent behavioral health services to clients under the supervision of the Behavioral Health Director or designee for KIC Tribal Health Clinic Behavioral Health Department. This position will determine nature of client's situation, initiate treatment plan, provide individual and group counseling, facilitate all aspects of outpatient treatment, and document progress. Incumbent will be responsible for general coordination of counseling services and have sufficient personal mobility to complete field work at various locations. Position will require flexible work schedule to include evening and weekend hours as necessary. This position provides clinical leadership and direction to the program as well as direct psychological services to KIC members including evaluation, diagnosis, consultation, referral, psychotherapy, crisis intervention and specialized treatment modalities. The Clinical Psychologist refers and coordinates substance abuse and/or mental health services with KIC Tribal Health Clinic staff to ensure appropriate referrals, follow-up, and continuity of care.
Essential Job Functions:
Determines Nature of Client's Situation By
+ Providing services including individual, family and group psychotherapy, crisis intervention and rehabilitation services as necessary;
+ Determining the nature of client's situation;
+ Gathering information and referral documentation;
+ Interviewing client, family members and others as necessary;
+ Assessing medical, emotional and social information, verify information and explore options for treatment plan;
+ Providing short-term intensive, therapeutic services to assist the family in stabilizing children and adolescents during crisis;
+ Facilitating linkages to treatment and other related services as necessary.
+ Administering and interpreting standardized assessments required for formal psychological evaluations.
Develop Treatment Plan By
+ Coordinating, preparing, and maintaining required charting and documentation in a timely and thorough manner in compliance with department, state and federal policies and regulations;
+ Developing individualized treatment plans with measurable goals and objectives, consulting with appropriate clinical assistance from higher-level staff and utilizing collected data pertaining to client and submit determination for review;
+ Demonstrating or be prepared to develop competency in utilization of the diagnostic tools for assessment and diagnosis of co-occurring disorders: ASAM PPC-2, DSM IV-TR, AK Screening Tool, SASSI, RDS/RCDS Inventory and other Mental Status Exams as required;
+ Cooperatively working with community agencies that refer psychiatric emergencies;
+ Cooperatively working with all other agencies to provide collaboration and continuum of care for mutual clients.
Educate Clients By
+ Explaining treatment plan requirements, options, interpretations and determinations;
+ Suggesting and explore resolutions;
+ Providing information and/or outreach and intervention services to individuals seeking substance abuse assistance for themselves or another person.
Treat Clients
+ Demonstrating or be prepared to develop competency in utilization of psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, CCISC (Comprehensive, Continuous, and Integrated Systems of Care), Evidence Based Practice and other theoretical models appropriate to the population being treated;
+ Providing individual, group or family counseling to overcome alcohol/drug dependency;
+ Developing emphatic interpersonal relationship showing interest in attending to client needs;
+ Interpreting attitudes and patterns of behavior;
+ Explaining and pointing out new options;
+ Discussing progress towards goals;
+ Evaluating and adjusting services provided as necessary;
+ Monitoring client condition to evaluate success of therapy.
Obtain Assistance for Client
+ Referring him/her to medical evaluation/treatment, employment services and housing referrals as necessary;
+ Assisting in arrangement of appointments for client;
+ Establishing rapport with other agencies and coordinate client treatment with them as necessary.
Assures Quality Service for Client
+ Enforcing rules, regulations and legal requirements with client;
+ Preparing and maintaining accurate, complete and timely reports, case records, case closures, progress notes and correspondence to supervisor;
+ Following professional code of ethics including confidentiality, individual rights, professional and legal issues in providing services.
Document Patient Care Services
+ Maintaining complete client records in strict compliance with the requirements of State and Federal statutes and those of the KIC Tribal Health Clinic Behavioral Health Department;
+ Submitting daily, weekly, and monthly narrative, statistical and billing reports as required;
+ Providing accurate, complete, legible and timely documentation of assessment and procedures.
Promote Client Recovery
+ Teaching client, family and friends to understand conditions of self-recovery and relapse prevention skills;
+ Suggesting and exploring resolutions;
+ Discussing progress towards goals;
+ Answering questions and requests.
Essential Administrative Job Functions
Maintain Administrative Operations and Organize Work
+ Participating in required clinical staffing and weekly supervision with-in the Behavioral Health Department as well as with other outside agencies as needed;
+ Assignments are performed with considerable independence and are reviewed by the Clinical Supervisor through staffing, monthly reports, and reviews for effectiveness reflected in ongoing or completed tasks.
+ Coordinating grants and grant documents on an as needed basis;
+ Assisting Clinical Supervisor by monthly review of Behavioral Health Clinician's Assessments/Treatment Plans and monitors and reviews Behavioral Health clinical documentation submitted to Medicaid for billing on an as-needed basis.
+ Possess the ability to prioritize case load and waitlist for the delivery of services. Priority shall be given to the following populations:
+ Pregnant substance abusers;
+ Injection drug users with-in the last 5 years;

Ketchikan Indian Community


Ketchikan, AK
99901 USA