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Facilities Program Manager

Kapili Services, LLC
Adelphi, MD
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description: Laulima Government Solutions, LLC is looking for a qualified Contract/Program Manager to support our contract with Adelphi Laboratory Center in Maryland. This person will provide professional support services in a Physical Sciences Laboratory environment. This candidate will oversee the contract and personnel who provide day-to-day facility operations, maintenance, and repair of all building, fire, mechanical, electrical, HVAC and specialty systems supporting mission functions of the Physical Sciences Laboratory building. A candidate with facilities maintenance and contract management experience in such a setting is preferred. The primary mission of the supported client is to provide valuable support services and infrastructure to enable scientific research and development, and ensure the well-being of the workforce working in the facilities (i.e. Physical Sciences Lab). The client’s research focus is in capabilities to support the readiness of our warfighters and the client entity is a key element in U.S. Army science and research. JOB DESCRIPTION:Responsible for the performance of the contracted scope of work. Has full authority to act for Laulima on all contract matters relating to daily operation of this contract. Prior to any absence, ensure the alternate contract/program manager has been crossed trained in order for him/her to pick up any outstanding duties and carry out day-to-day responsibilities.Ensures adequate number of persons with the necessary technical, professional and management skills and expertise are on hand at all times to ensure work is performed with best industry practices and contract requirements.Ensures personnel are on top of scheduled preventive maintenance, unscheduled repairs, and planned repair modifications for all building systems and installed equipment IAW Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) recommendations and the latest applicable editions of publications including: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Uniform Facilities Criteria (UFC), National Electric Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Building Code (IBC), and all other Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.Ensure that all equipment and systems supporting the Physical Sciences Laboratory building are maintained, as part of the preventive maintenance program and in accordance with documented specifications for each asset.Oversees and, when necessary, supports documentation tasks: records, documents, inspections, reports, correspondence, calibrations, calculations, and all other documents and writings, together with any charts, graphs, tables, illustrations, photographs, images, and other illustrative, explanatory, historical, or analytical material, related thereto or independent thereof, regardless of the medium (or media).For purposes of management control, under Government oversight, ensures environmental compliance; supports audits and inspections; and supports documentation of all work performed under this contract.Support the preparation and preservation of required documentation on an ongoing basis, contemporaneous with work being performed, and deliver it to the customer promptly, upon request.Ensures the proper maintenance of records and files for all reports, completed forms, and other data required (including all contract-related correspondence).Ensures the proper maintenance of files of warranties on equipment under warranty and under the preventive maintenance portion of the contract. Ensure such files identify the item (part number, model number, etc.), the nature and expiration date of the warranty, and the name and address of the firm to contact concerning the Government's entitlement under the warranty.Ensures appropriate equipment and warranty information is properly kept in the GFEBS Program database.Responds to all Emergency/Urgent telephone calls outside of normal work hours within twenty (20) minutes.Ensures company personnel are available and on the job site and working within one (1) hour after receipt of any Emergency/Urgent call received outside normal work hours.Ensures the proper escalation of all critical failures and potential critical failures to the customer. This includes reporting alarms and emergency response to life safety and critical business system alarms.Responsible for providing services as needed to reduce disruption to mission activities. Ensure that any action or outage that will change the primary function or performance of any building system is performed during a time that will least likely disrupt mission activities. This will require major activities on core systems to be performed during a later shift, on weekends, holidays or during outage periods. As the contract manager, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that all labor, tools, supplies and equipment for these efforts are documented for customer visibility.Ensures personnel working with customer equipment are utilizing safe practices and adhering to customer guidelines and standards. Such equipment includes:Building EquipmentBuilding HVAC/Energy SystemsAir Handling Unit systems (AHUs) and related components and Make-Up Air Handler systems (MUAs)General Plumbing SystemsElectrical SystemsSpecialty Facilities and Systems such as: Class 10 and Class 100 Clean Rooms, Total Gas Management System, Liquid and Gaseous Nitrogen Systems, Toxic Gas Systems, Ultra-High Purity/Demineralized/Process Cooling Water Systems, and Waste Water Treatment Systems (heavy metals)Ensures personnel carry out tasks to the best of their ability that results in exceeding customer expectations in the areas of:Preventive Maintenance/Inspection and Testing/Incidental RepairsMaintenance Orders and Work OrdersAdministrative Requirements such as reporting, meetings, planning, and certificationsUse of the General Funds Enterprises Business System (GFEBS) to plan, manage, schedule, track, record and fully document all work performed. Maintain and update the GFEBS database to include the complete equipment inventory, job plans, Preventive Maintenance Orders (PMO)s, Demand Maintenance Orders (DMO)s, Project work Orders (PWO)s (i.e., unscheduled maintenance and/or repair work), labor and materials data, subcontractor services, and any other data elements as specified by the customer.Ensures other personnel (i.e. Alternate Contract/Program Manager) are properly trained (where appropriate) to utilize the General Funds Enterprises Business SystemSupport an initial and ongoing inventory of assets and equipment using the GFEBS database and the lists provided by the clientDisposition and resolution discrepancies discovered relative to actual equipment and/or property and the GFEBS database in close coordination with the client.Provides support in the areas of Reports/Meetings/Plans/Certifications: gather, collect, record and generate data related to various aspects of the requirement. Support in the execution and provision of the following reports/plans in accordance with the corresponding delivery schedules set forth by the customer. Facility Condition SurveyMaster Preventive Maintenance PlanMaster Preventive Maintenance ScheduleMaster Preventive Maintenance Schedule Reviews/RevisionsQuality Control PlanSafety PlanHazardous Material Management PlanHazardous Waste Management PlanMonthly Status ReportUtility Outage Look-Ahead ScheduleChemical Treatment of Closed Loop Water Systems PlanFacilities O&M Cost Profile Annual ReportParticipation in meetings as required. Capture and distribute meeting minutes. Ensure that any technical personnel needed to clarify any concern at meetings are present and prepared to participate in these meetings.Supports company efforts to ensure accurate Contractor Manpower Reporting.Ensures that personnel operating and performing preventive maintenance on the building systems, or working around these systems, shall be fully trained, experienced and certified/licensed where required by federal, state or local law for performing the required tasks to ensure that all systems meet required health, safety and environmental standards.Ensures that supervisory and technical personnel have related experience in the maintenance and service of similar projects.Supports the company in ensuring accurate information within the Qualification Worksheet for the Supervisory and Key Personnel positions. Ensures technical personnel are certified technicians who test, maintain, service, repair or dispose of refrigerant or Halon-containing equipment.Ensures personnel receive orientation training as soon as practicable after an employee begins work, but no later than thirty (30) days after an employee begins work.Supports the company in maintaining an adequate work force to complete work in accordance with the time and quality standards specified. Personnel employed in certain skill fields (e.g., Waste Water Treatment operation MDE Class 6, electrical, HVAC, etc.) must meet the licensing requirements for the State of Maryland.Supports the company in establishing and maintaining a registry of specialized and site-specific employee qualifications, certifications, and training which shall be part of the Personnel Qualification Report submitted with the “Master Preventive Maintenance Plan.”Ensures that, before performing Operations and Maintenance duties, all maintenance personnel have received the necessary O&M training/certificates concerning their respective responsibilities for any specific software required, systems, and/or equipment. Training records shall be captured for employee records and me kept available for management and client review.Ensures that personnel, whom the customer has indicated the need for formal school training, receives such training within the customer specified time frame. Some personnel may require additional formal school training in order to update skills, licenses, and certificates.Ensure that personnel operating the GFEBS system are adequately tra

Kapili Services, LLC

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