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Sales Development Representative

Utah County, UT
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

About Kadince

Kadince (pronounced cadence) is a fully remote software company founded in 2013. In a nutshell, we build tools to help financial institutions track and manage the good they do in their communities.


Kadince has been profitable for several years (we’re fans of making more than we spend). We’re bootstrapped, which means we don’t have investors. So our owners answer to no one. And they aren’t just giving us commands from their vacation homes waiting to cash their next check. They’re fellow team members and in the trenches with us. 

Why We’re Hiring

There are around 10,000 financial institutions in the US. At Kadince, we’re working to help as many of them as possible better manage and track their community involvement efforts. We’ve only scratched the surface.

We want to give every financial institution in the country a chance to hear our story and see if we’re a good fit for their needs—we obviously think we are. In order to keep up with our outreach goals, we need another sales professional on our team.

Who We Want to Hire

To be a sales development representative at Kadince, you should be confident and well-spoken. You enjoy connecting with others and building relationships from the ground up. You have a lot of grit and drive, but are also humble and open to feedback. 

Sales and cold calling experience is preferred but not required. We’re open to all experience levels. 

You work well in fast-paced professional environments and can juggle many things (bonus points if you can juggle actual objects). You have strong writing and speaking skills. Proper grammar and spelling don’t scare you (expect to write a lot of emails). 

You have a desire to continually learn and improve your people skills. We love giving team members opportunities to improve their skills, whether through online courses, workshops, or learning from others.

Our vision, mission, and core values should resonate with you. That’ll be crucial to your success and happiness if you join the Kadince team.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission aren’t something we hung on the office wall and forgot about. Seriously, we don’t have an office, let alone a wall to hang them on. But our vision, mission, and core values sit on the desks of each of our team members. And we discuss them regularly in our meetings. Your goals (KPIs) will be developed to ensure you’re working to help us achieve our vision and mission.

Our vision and mission are what get us up each morning. They, in addition to our core values, help us make decisions. 

Vision - Setting the standard for operating a great software company.


We’re big fans of author Jim Collins and his best-selling book, Good to Great (bonus points if you’ve read it). While there are lots of good software companies out there, we want to be one of the great ones.

The first word of our vision is also significant. To go “high school English class” on you, the present participle “setting” illustrates that we’re not looking to set the standard and then be done, but that the standard is always moving and we’re always chasing it. We continually stop to recognize the awesome things we’ve done and then look for ways to do them even better. 

Mission - Building the best community involvement software for financial institutions™.

As Jim Collins taught in his Hedgehog Concept (told you we think he’s great—pun intended), great companies need to determine what they can be the best at in the world and focus on that. There are so many things we could solve as a software company, but we’ve found what we think we can be the best in the world at and we stick to it every day. 

Our Core Values

Our core values remind us who we are. They also guide us in the decisions we make. They’re listed in order of importance.  If we have a question when making a decision about people, for example, we look to the core value above it to make our decision. 

  1. Integrity - We’re honest with ourselves and others.
  2. People - We understand that people are the foundation of Kadince and we act accordingly.
  3. Care - We love what we do and do it consistently and intentionally to the best of our abilities.
  4. Remarkability - We provide remarkable experiences to all who come into contact with Kadince.
  5. Growth - We accept yesterday and improve today.

What a Day in the Life of a Sales Development Representative Looks Like

At the start of your day, you check your email to see if that chief compliance officer or marketing director you’ve been waiting to hear back from has responded. Oh look, she did! She’s interested in learning more about Kadince, so you reply and schedule a demo. 

Now you grab a blanket (and maybe some cocoa) because it’s time to work on your cold outreach efforts. You go through your Salesforce list of prospects to call. No one cold calls quite like Kadince, so when you get someone on the phone, you joke around and have a fun conversation. We haven’t forgotten that the people on the other side are still people. Even though he isn’t interested in learning more about Kadince, he thanks you for reaching out and making his day a little more interesting. 

After an hour or two of cold prospecting, you check your email again. Hey, more responses! You respond to everyone who’s answered and coordinate with your team. 

Now it’s time for lunch, so you grab your car keys (and your dog!) and surprise your significant other at work with a sandwich and soda. You eat together and talk about your plans for the evening while your adorable puppy runs around the grass and works out his energy. 

Back at work, you meet with your team to strategize your territory plan. You discuss different sales techniques and praise a team member for the great work she did this morning. 

Now you spend some time in Salesforce diving deep into accounts and learning as much as you can about the people you plan to cold call tomorrow. You add some new business contacts (but maybe not the janitor) and review some old ones you haven’t spoken to in a while. 

You end your day with a fun team meeting (lots of jokes are involved). You take a look at your calendar for tomorrow and plan accordingly. 

When and Where You’d Work and What You’d Work On

Kadince is a principle-based company, which means we focus on principles, not policies. Since we’re a fully remote company, you’ll speak with Morgan Talbot, your leader, to determine when and where you’ll work. You’ll also work with your leader each week, month, quarter, and year to determine your goals (your KPIs or key performance indicators) and what you’ll work on.

The principle is to work when and where you want as long as you meet or exceed your KPIs. This may mean working when our customers work or planning your day around team meetings. Or working a longer day because you’ll be out of the office for the next week. Overall, your schedule needs to help you achieve our vision and mission and demonstrate our core values. 

At Kadince, work won’t tie you down to one location. You’ll be free to travel or relocate as you get the itch to try somewhere new. Want to spend a month abroad, working from a hotel and exploring the rest of the time? Go ahead. Just make sure you have a reliable high-speed internet connection (as if you would go anywhere without it anyway) and turn on the blurry filter during video calls so we don’t get jealous. We seriously get jealous. One of our teammates recently had zebras running around in the background of a video call during a team meeting. Come to find out he was working from the deck of his hotel at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Even though we were jealous, we thought it was pretty cool.

Who You’d Be Working With

We have over 30 team members (which makes us really happy since Kadince was started by two people in their basements). If hired, you’ll probably work with each team member in one way or another. Some of the people you’ll work with most frequently are:

Ben is a Senior Sales Representative and has been with Kadince since the beginning of 2020. When he isn’t at work, you’ll likely find him skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, or doing something else outdoors. He’s an adrenaline junky, but has never broken a bone (hopefully he keeps that streak for a long time). Ben’s philosophy is that he should improve at least 1% each day, and we see that in his work at Kadince all the time.

Morgan is one of our awesome Sales Managers, which means she gives demos and initiates contact with new banks and credit unions around the country. Morgan has two massive dogs (one weighs 120 pounds), and she loves to explore new trails with them. Morgan loves to chase hard things and learn everything she can, which is why she picks up so many new hobbies. But one of her favorite things to do is write books (which is so cool!).

Brian is one of our Sales Development Representatives. His goal at work is to help his team succeed, and he does a great job at that. Brian is passionate about soccer, so feel free to challenge him to a game. There’s been a small rock inside his arm since 2nd grade, but you’ll have to ask him to learn how it got there!


Since we’re a remote company, we don’t offer office snacks and ping pong tables. But if you’re a fan of “core benefits” that bring great rewards and peace of mind, you’ll like what we have to offer. Competitive pay, 401(k) matching, generous paid leave, insurance (medical, dental, vision, life, short-term disability), a flex spending account, and profit sharing. Yeah, it’s pretty great... 

And we love to spoil our team. We celebrate big events with you, like birthdays and work anniversaries, so you can expect some pretty fun gifts. We recently sent some high-quality lip balm to each team member so we could all play a prank on Scott, our Director of Product. We’re fun like that. And last year we gave every team member the final week of the year off (we like to spread holiday cheer). 

Every year, we go on a super fun retreat as a team. This isn’t your typical conference room and endless meetings shindig. We spend about 5 days getting to know each other and doing fun activities in a cool place. This year we’ll be at a resort in St. George, Utah (have you seen High School Musical 2?). Where will we go next?

How to Apply 

Applicants who stand out are those who are interested in working for Kadince, not just applying for as many positions as possible or trying to keep unemployment benefits. We’ve seen it all. No kidding, we once had someone ask us in an interview what the name of our company is. Needless to say, we could tell that person wasn’t really passionate about joining our team.

When applying to Kadince, please send us a PDF of your resume. The questions below are your opportunity to tell us why you would be a great fit for the position. Take advantage of this time. Seriously, sell yourself! 

Thank you for your interest in Kadince.  We look forward to reviewing your application. 

Kadince, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. 



Utah County, UT