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Assistant Project Manager

Integrity National Corporation
Washington, DC
  • Expired: March 14, 2023. Applications are no longer accepted.

The Assistant Manager is responsible for all maintenance tasks within an account and is responsible to be onsite overseeing the account while work is being performed. The Assistant Manager may supervise one large account, or a large geographically separated unit. The Assistant Manager may interview and hire the crew. The Assistant Manager is responsible for training and supervision. The Assistant Manager interfaces with the customer and tenants to ensure customer satisfaction with our work. The overall goal and first priority of The Assistant Manager is to become an important resource for the customer and The Company. He or she is to have the best interests of the customer in mind for all scheduling decisions. The final result required is a high-morale people-oriented organization operating by the policies that meet or exceed customer expectations while achieving specific quality and profit objectives.


  1. Ensures that the work identified in the specifications is performed properly, on time, safely and within the budget.
  2. Schedules and coordinates custodial duties and current services with the Project Manager.
  3. Prepares schedule and supervises work assignments for all personnel.
  4. Inspects work of subordinates.
  5. Uses computer products to track work.
  6. Conducts training for INC employees.
  7. Orders all cleaning supplies and equipment. Maintains security of all tools, equipment and supplies.
  8. Administers the INC Safety Program at the account.
  9. Administers INC personnel policies in accordance with INC Human Resource Policy Manual.
  10. Prepares required reports.
  11. Enforces the account dress code.
  12. Responds daily to requests from the Project Manager.
  13. Completes all work in a professional manner commensurate with industry and safety standards.
  14. Any other duties as assigned.

  1. To manage INC's Project effectively and to develop new goals and objectives within the realm of our business.
  2. To achieve required margin levels.
  3. To deliver the product or service to meet or exceed our customers' needs, expectations and standards.
  4. To develop personnel and strive to ensure their success.


1. To continue to improve customer relations, the Assistant Manager will be successful in this Key Results Area when:
  1. A contact schedule is established with major tenants/executives and the schedule is followed. (Applicable if tenant contact is encouraged.)
  2. The customer is encouraged to contact him/her when issues arise.
  3. The Customer Communications Log Book is read daily. Action items are acted upon, corrections/work checked, and action documented in the log and, when appropriate, verbally to the client contact.
  4. Customer complaints and concerns are successfully resolved within the time period agreed upon.
  5. The account is inspected prior to, during or subsequent to each client meeting.
  6. All changes in account cleaning specifications or procedures are reduced to writing with copies to the Corporate Office and the client within three working days of the change.

2. To develop Project Leads and those with the potential to become Project Leads, the Area Supervisor will be successful in this Key Results Area when:
  1. Cleaning specialists have been trained on their assigned duties.
  2. All current Project Leads have completed the INC Training Course.
  3. All Project Leads attend site meetings.
  4. Potential Project Leads are identified and afforded the opportunity to complete the INC Training Course.

3. To maintain operational control of the account, The Assistant Project Manager will be successful in this Key Results Area when:
  1. The account file is established and maintained.
  2. The Account Operations Manual is up-to-date.
  3. Project Scheduling is established and maintained.
  4. Cleaning supplies are identified and established as authorized for each account.
  5. Inventory levels are established for each account and reorder procedures are established.
  6. Equipment and tools are accounted for and maintained in a clean and operational manner.
  7. Key control procedures as established and monitored.
  8. Job costs are analyzed and planning is implemented to continue to maintain costs at the budgeted level.
  9. Inspections and walk-throughs continue to insure that tasks are being completed in a timely, workmanlike manner using Job Status Report.

4. To develop management skills through active participation in development opportunities, the Area Supervisor will be successful in the Key Results Area when:

a. He/she has completed INC Supervisor/Management course of study.

b. He/she has received the INC Supervisor/Management Certification.

5. To improve employee job satisfaction, the Assistant Manager will be successful in this Key Results Area when:
  1. He/she properly ensures that each employee receives an accurate and timely error-free compensation on the scheduled pay date, i.e. no paper checks.
  2. Absenteeism and turnover are minimal.
  3. The Assistant Manager seeks out and compliments at least one employee for a job well done.

6. To explore growth opportunities, the Assistant Manager will be successful in this Key Results Area when:

a. Additional services (line item) or expansion of current services have been identified and suggested to the client.

b. During the year, new services has been added to the account.

7. To create a safe work place, the Assistant Manager will be successful in this Key Results Area when:
  1. All subordinate Supervisors actively support the safety program and enforce the provisions.
  2. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) is on hand in each account and is current.
  3. All employees receive the required training.
  4. All employees use the required safety equipment.
  5. Safety is a factor in considering equipment or chemical purchases.
  6. Accidents are promptly reported and investigated in accordance with Project/District/Company policies.
  7. Accident investigation reports include practical steps to prevent reoccurrence.

JOB CODE: 1000008

Integrity National Corporation


Washington, DC
20599 USA