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Furniture Installer/Driver

Intangible Assets
Lincolnshire, IL
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

Driver/Delivery Person Job Description

Reports to Warehouse Manager

Pay Structure Hourly/Non-Exempt

License CDL Preferred, Class C acceptable

Minimum Requirements

Must hold a valid Illinois Driver's License

Must have a driving record in Good Standing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Safely transport merchandise and/or equipment to customer locations in a timely, safe and courteous manner

Complete pre-trip inspections

Adhere to all safety requirements particular to the equipment

Maintain Truck Equipment/Inventory

Maintain the service and appearance of truck

Follow delivery/pickup instructions from Scheduler

Perform any other duties as assigned by the Warehouse Manager or Scheduler Physical Demands and Work Environment

Frequent holding and grasping with the hands when loading and unloading equipment and tying and tying down equipment

Frequent use of foot/feet to operate foot pedal/s on equipment and trucks Frequent lifting up to 50 lbs.; occasional lifting up to 90 lbs. with assistance Exposure to bright lights, extreme temperatures, loud noise, dust, gas and/or fumes

Required to wear OSHA certified work boots and any necessary personal protective equipment.

Safety glasses are required at all time.

Clothing can not have holes in them while working. Employee must look clean and professional at all times.

The Company will provide work shirts.


There is to be a set start time and finish time on the truck schedule that the Scheduler assigns to you. If you are not able to finish your deliveries in the times set an explanation will be needed as to why the times were not met. You should be capable of writing this on the work order. If you are starting your day prior to the time assigned to you the Company cannot be responsible if your day goes beyond the fourteen hours allowed by law.

You are to read the truck schedule assigned to you prior to performing your deliveries. If there are any discrepancies in the schedule/work order, please adjust as needed and inform the scheduler of what you've done.

You are to read all work orders for deliveries to be made the following day and if you determine there are any discrepancies you are to inform the scheduler of corrections needed. If the correction needed is something you can correct yourself, please do so i.e. incorrect address, missing equip, missing product, truck will not fit in dock.

You are to perform a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle prior to leaving the warehouse. A pre-trip inspection form is to be filled out and signed by the driver each day. The signed pre trip inspection form is to be put in Bo Lee's in-box daily along with your timesheet. Not only is this the Company policy but this is the law.

Before leaving the warehouse, it is the driver's responsibility to make sure that the load is secure before pulling out of the dock.

Before leaving the warehouse, it is the driver's responsibility to make sure that all equipment is on the truck that is needed for the day's stops. By reading the work order / truck schedule the driver should be able to determine what should be on his / her truck i.e. Masonite, panel carts, ramps, dollies, etc.

It is the driver's responsibility to know the laws that govern their truck driver license. If you are in violation of the law or do not have a valid license, you are to inform Scheduler, Operations Manager, Warehouse Manager or HR Director immediately.

It is the Company's responsibility to make sure the drivers are not scheduled in a manner that would have them violate the law. The drivers are not to work more than 14 hours each day. In the 14-hour work day the driver by law can only drive 11 of the 14 working hours. Rules that need to be abided by so that drivers do not work too many hours are:

1. The scheduler must assign a start time to each driver so that the Company can keep track of the hours that each driver is working. Suggested start time at the warehouse is one hour before a delivery to the suburbs and one and half hours before a delivery to the city.

2. Only the scheduler can assign a start time for a driver. Warehouse personnel are not authorized to give driver start times.

3. If there are night deliveries the drivers driving the trucks at night are to load the trucks for the next morning upon their arrival back to the warehouse. The product is to be pulled, tagged, and staged on the dock

by the dock helpers so the night drivers can quickly load the trucks for the morning drivers.

It is the driver's responsibility on his / her own time to make sure their license is valid. Provide the Company with valid copy annually or when requested.

You will be drug tested on a regular basis at the Company's expense.

Vacation and personal time requests need to be submitted in writing to Warehouse Manager a minimum of two weeks prior to the dates being requested. Final approval will be at the discretion of Adam Albrecht. If two drivers are attempting to take the same days off the request of the driver with less seniority will be denied.

You are to call or text the scheduler after each stop. If he does not answer leave a message and continue on to your next stop. The scheduler may need to redirect you to another stop.

Before you leave the warehouse at the end of the day you are to check in with Scheduler and Warehouse Manager. Scheduler or Warehouse Manager may need you to do another delivery.

Attitude is as important as ability.

All return product is to go to Warehouse Manager. If you are picking up product from a job site and the work order does not tell you what to do with its (throw out, return to manufacturer, put in AIM storage) call the p.c. and ask what we are to do with it before you pick it up. If Warehouse Manager is not at the warehouse upon your arrival you are to put the product in the return product area and call Warehouse Manager and leave him a message that you put the product there. Every cart and individual piece are to be tagged with a product return form, so Warehouse Manager knows where it came from.

Each driver is to have 10 dollies, 5 panel carts, 1 chain, 1 lock, 5 speed packs, and 1 box of blankets. Upon arrival to the warehouse the equipment issued to you is to be unloaded and chained up in the warehouse by the driver. If you have a full truck of product it is at your discretion how much of the equipment you can keep on the truck in order to do the un-load efficiently. Any equipment that has been issued to you that has to be left behind is to be chained up in the warehouse.

Each driver is always to have two boxes of toggles in their cab.

If the truck you are driving needs service, you need to inform Warehouse Manager in writing of the repairs needed so we can fix the truck immediately.

This includes washing, emissions, mechanical problems, oil changes, valid safety sticker, valid plates, etc. All problems should be caught and noted during your daily pre trip inspection. If you have an opportunity to take the truck in for any needed issues, please do so and write the action on your time sheet so we are aware of the issue.

If there is down time between deliveries, you will be required to work with either Scheduler or Warehouse Manager to fill your time productively. If you have a night stop and your truck is loaded early you are not to leave the warehouse immediately to the night stop.

If you perform additional work, you are to fill out a change order and get a signature. If there is no one to sign the change order, please indicate that on the signature line. Change orders should be written for incorrect addresses, down time waiting for customers, cancelled appointments for any reason, etc.

It is assumed that the dock will load your truck. If we need you to load your truck, we will tell you otherwise the dock will load the truck.

Driver Pay

Drivers will be paid bi-weekly as follows:

The first 8.0 hours worked Monday through Friday will be paid at the normal hour rate.

Any hours worked beyond the first 8.0 hours worked Monday through Friday will be paid at time and a half.

All hours worked on Saturday or Sunday will be paid at time and a half.


If a driver has two consecutive weeks in which he works below 30 hours his benefits will be cancelled. The driver will be offered COBRA until he has worked a 40-hour week allowing the driver to resume their benefit privileges.

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