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Weekend Registered Nurse Supervisor

Inglis Philadelphia, PA

  • Benefits Offered Vision, Medical, 401k, Dental
  • Employment Type Full-Time

This is a Weekend RN opportunity - 7PM-7AM!


Job Related Responsibilities

  • Monitors nursing staff for possible risks for exposure

  • Educates nursing staff on how to reduce risks of exposure to blood and/or body fluids

  • Reports any exposure to blood and/or body fluids immediately to occupational health and administration

  • Ensures the risk of exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids is low

  • Conducts initial and ongoing MDS in an accurate and timely manner

  • Works with the interdisciplinary Care Plan Team in conducting a comprehensive assessment and development of an individualized care plan for assigned residents.

  • Completes risk assessments and initiate care plan interventions based upon identified needs.

  • Utilizes current physical assessment skills and knowledge of nursing principles to assess and monitor residents according to clinical status and needs and makes appropriate notifications.

  • Ensures complete and accurate documentation of incidents and initiate investigations and interventions as indicated.

  • Assesses residents for restorative potential and assures program is consistently carried out by staff to maintain resident's maximum practicable level of function.

  • Conducts initial and ongoing MDS in an accurate and timely manner

  • Works with the interdisciplinary Care Plan Team in conducting a comprehensive assessment and development of an individualized care plan for assigned residents.

  • Completes risk assessments and initiate care plan interventions based upon identified needs.

Training and Development

  • Attends all mandated in-services and meetings.

  • Maintains current clinical assessment skills and knowledge of nursing principles.

  • Participates in the orientation of new residents/family members to the Facility.

  • Participates in the training and mentoring of nursing personnel.

  • Attends and participates in continuing education programs designed to keep you abreast of changes in your profession, as well as to maintain your license on a current status.

Safety, Sanitation & Infection Control

  • Follows established safety regulations in the use of equipment and supplies.

  • Ensures that an adequate supply of personal protective equipment are on had and are readily available to personnel who perform procedures that involve exposure to blood or body fluids.

  • Ensures that assigned work areas (i.e. nurses' stations, medicine preparation rooms, etc.) are maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.

  • Demonstrate job-specific knowledge of fire and disaster preparedness during drills or actual situations.

  • Follows established infection control procedures.

  • Ensures that only trained and authorized personnel operate the unit/shift's equipment.

  • Ensures that all personnel operate nursing service equipment in a safe manner.

People Management & Leadership

  • Cooperates with other personnel to achieve department objectives and maintain good employee, interdepartmental and public relations.

  • Creates and maintains an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest and positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment throughout the unit and shift.

  • Acts calmly and efficiently in handling emergency situations.

  • Reports occupational exposures to blood, body fluids, infectious materials, and hazardous

  • Provides supervision an direction to other team members. Delegates tasks according to capabilities and scope of responsibilities.

Resident’s Rights

  • Maintains the confidentiality of all resident care information.

  • Monitors nursing care to ensure that all residents are treated fairly, and with kindness, dignity and respect.

  • Ensures that all nursing care is provided in privacy and that nursing service personnel knock before entering the resident's room.

  • Ensures that all nursing personnel are knowledgeable of the residents' responsibilities and rights including the right to refuse treatment and their responsibility to report such refusals.

  • Follows established infection control procedures.

  • Reviews complaints and grievances made by the resident and makes a written/oral report to the Nurse Supervisor indicating what action(s) were taken to resolve the complaint or grievance. Follows the Facility's established procedures.

  • Reports and investigates all allegations of resident abuse and/or misappropriation of resident property.

  • Any resident refusal of laundry services are reported immediately to a supervisor.

Customer Service, Compliance & Teamwork

  • Acts as a positive representative of the facility at all times.

  • Maintains pleasant, respectful and courteous interactions with residents, families, staff and visitors.

  • Remains open to new ideas, seeks to understand change and adapts positively.

  • Builds and maintains positive working relationships.

  • Adheres to corporate compliance program and standards of conduct.

  • Assures that each resident's family/responsible party and physician are notified of any significant change in resident condition.

  • Answers call lights promptly in a courteous/professional manner.


  • Practices effective communication skills with all customers and co-workers

  • Demonstrates courteous behavior by introducing self, extending genuine words of concern, calling people by name, giving them their full attention and using appropriate body language.

  • Demonstrates conflict resolution skills.

  • Listens and accepts constructive feedback.

Personal Effectiveness

  • Complies with all personnel policies

  • Maintains active license

  • Comes to work promptly on scheduled days.

  • Plans and organizes workload and time efficiently.

  • Fulfills personal and professional commitments and promises.

  • Uses sound judgment within scope of authority in decision making.

  • Demonstrates ethical and appropriate workplace behaviors.

  • Readily accepts responsibility for job duties, team and department service requirements.

Nursing Care and Evaluation of Care

  • Admits, transfers, and discharge residents as required.

  • Utilizes Inglis House standards of professional organizations in conducting resident care.

  • Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to safely provide care appropriate to age of residents managed on unit. Includes interpretation of information to identify age specific resident care needs.

  • Provides written and/or oral status reports of residents to assure necessary follow-up actions.

  • Requisitions and arranges for diagnostic and therapeutic services, as ordered by the physician.

  • Prepares, administers and documents medications as ordered by the physician and utilizing all standards/policies of medication administration.

  • Ensures that an adequate supply of floor stock medications, supplies and equipment is on hand to meet the nursing needs of the residents.

  • Complies with Controlled Substances policy and procedures in maintaining accurate inventories and controlled logs. Follows appropriate guidelines for investigation of discrepancies.

  • Monitors residents and take appropriate action for side effects and adverse reactions to medications.

  • Adheres to all infection control policy and procedures.

  • Administers and documents all treatments as ordered and in accordance with policies and procedures.

  • Maintains accurate resident care records and document pertinent data reflecting the use of the nursing process, the care provided and resident/family response to care.

  • Receives and transcribes physician's orders accurately to resident charts, cardex, medication cards, treatment/care plans, as required.

  • Signs and dates all entries made in the resident's medical chart.

Resident Information & Training

  • Assesses learning needs of residents and families and carries out teaching as indicated.

  • Provides information to resident and family members of prevention techniques and other ways to maintain or improve the general health and psychosocial status of the resident.

  • Coordinates and reviews discharge teaching and plan with resident and/or family.

Clinical Management

  • Completes incident report and supervisory investigation documentation and actions according to incident/accident policy and procedures.

  • Assures that each resident's family/responsible party and physician are notified of any significant change in resident condition.

  • Establishes priorities based on resident needs.

  • Directs the day-to-day functions of the nursing staff in accordance with current state, federal and facility rules, regulations, policies and procedures utilizing effective organizational skills.

  • Ensures that assigned certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are aware of the resident care plans.

  • Performs additional duties as assigned.

  • Ensures that personnel providing direct care to residents are providing such care in accordance with the resident's care plan and wishes.

  • Assumes responsibility for the identification of potential safety hazards and for the identification of noncompliance with Inglis House guidelines and policies

  • Ensures that resident death and established post-mortem procedures are followed.


  • Champion for culture change and supportive leadership.
  • Demonstrates a real sense of inquiry and a personal willingness to learn.
  • Demonstrates the ability to take responsible actions within the parameters of the role without a constant need to be directed by others.
  • Demonstrates politeness and respectfulness and evidences the self-awareness of the effect of her/his behavior on others.
  • Demonstrates mutual respect for diversity.


  • Demonstrates Inglis people and leadership values and behaviors
  • Demonstrates the ability to follow-up on schedules, set priorities and achieve deadlines
  • Demonstrates the Inglis Code of Conduct and builds trusted partnerships throughout the Inglis organization.
  • Establishes and maintains effective relationships by gaining trust and respect.
  • Is approachable and easy to talk with; puts forth an extra effort to make people at ease; is patience and builds rapport with customers and is a good listener.
  • A team player and has the trust and support of peers.
  • Promotes collaboration within the department


  • Actively engages in the use of computer systems and technology to enhance the day-to-day flow of information
  • Encourages and supports staff on the appropriate use of computer systems and technology
  • Understands common computer terminology, computer fundamentals such as screen positioning
  • Understands and efficiently uses basic computer hardware such as a mouse, and telecommunication devices
  • Understands the use of the internet/intranet applications and file management including file saving, storage and basic data controls
  • Responds to emails and calendar requests in a timely manner using Outlook
  • Understands IT security, i.e. no sharing of passwords, processes, best practices including email encryption and enlisting help of IT help desk as needed.
  • Possesses general knowledge of how to interface with a computer, i.e. use of mouse, resizing windows, etc.


Clinical Practice Knowledge- Demonstrate knowledge of current nursing practice and the roles and functions of

resident care team members.

Risk Management- Ensure compliance by staff with all required standards.

Relationship Management- Create a trusting environment by:

  • Following through on promises and concerns
  • Establishing mechanisms to follow-up on commitments
  • Balancing the concerns of individuals with organizational goals and objectives
  • Engaging staff and others in decision-making
  • Communicating in a way as to maintain credibility and relationship

Technology- Demonstrates expertise in the use of the EMR and role models best practices to staff

  • supports analysis, decisions and implementation of new technology solutions;
  • allocates resources to projects; active participation in evaluation;
  • leads activities to implement new or updated systems; actively documents in EMR per procedures

Problem Solving/Analysis. Considers multiple sides of an issue. Weighs consequences before making final decision. Makes informed decisions based on available information. Recognizes issues, and determines actions needed to advance the decision-making process. Follows up as necessary.


In addition to the necessary skills and experience to perform the responsibilities outlined above, there are a number of traits that a successful candidate will possess.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing

  • Working knowledge of long term care health regulatory and accreditation standards preferred and ANA standards of nursing practice.
  • A minimum of 4 years’ experience as a nurse manager and/or 3-5 years with a Person-Centered Care organization.
  • The RN Supervisor must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing, college or university with a current registered nurse licensure by the PA State Board of Nursing.
  • Individual must be an employee champion by developing employee and organizational relationships and understands; values and promotes diversity.
  • Must possess excellent customer service skills, demonstrate the ability to understand, interpret and uphold Inglis policies.
  • Ability to interface and communicate effectively with leaders and all other functions in the organization.
  • Excellent written and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current nursing practice and the roles and functions of resident care team members.
  • Create a trusting environment by following through on promises and concerns and establishing mechanisms to follow-up on commitments.


Founded nearly a century and a half ago, Inglis' mission is to enable people with disabilities to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest. Inglis House is a specialty nursing care facility providing long-term, residential care for 252 adults with physical disabilities, including multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury and stroke, among others. Residents receive rehabilitative medical and nursing care; physical, occupational and speech therapies; and a selection of more than 10 social enrichment and therapeutic recreation programs every day


Philadelphia, PA, USA
Philadelphia, PA


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