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Content Marketing Specialist

Influence & Co. Columbia, MO

  • Posted: over a month ago
  • Full-Time
Job Description: Thinking About Joining the Team at Influence & Co.? Influence & Co. makes content marketing simple by providing a collaborative solution to help companies strategize, create, publish, and maximize content that drives measurable results. We recognize that our industry and organization have a troubling lack of diversity. We want you to know that Influence & Co. is committed to increasing the diversity of our team and is working to implement changes in our organization designed to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool. One change were implementing is using a hiring committee, rather than a full-time recruiter, to recruit and interview potential candidates. Another change is keeping our job post up for a minimum of 30 days before we begin the application review process, which means the earliest youll hear back from us is the week of June 7, 2021. We know this is the right direction for our organization and believe it will ultimately result in a better candidate experience. However, we acknowledge that it might feel clunky to you as we work to implement this new process, and we want to thank you in advance for your patience. What About COVID-19? We are currently working remotely to ensure the safety and well-being of our team. We are preparing to return to our office in the late summer/early fall, pending any new developments with COVID-19 and state and local health orders. While were remote, our recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and training process is fully virtual. If you have any reservations about starting a new job in a remote capacity or would like to request an accommodation to ensure a successful candidate experience throughout a fully virtual process, please contact HR Director Courtney Mudd at 573-999-0794 x720 or Requirements About the Role Were on the lookout for a client-focused, strategic-minded individual to join an existing account team in our Columbia, Mo., office to lead our clients charge toward content marketing greatness. As a content marketing specialist, youll function as your account teams project manager, driver of account growth, and client communicator. Youll also serve as a consultant on content marketing for your clients. Starting salary: $36,500-$38,000 Employer-sponsored healthcare: $5,500 value Variable compensation opportunities after completion of your first 60 days About You You are a transparent communicator. Our clients arent big on surprises, and neither are we! As a content marketing strategist, you will set clear expectations with clients from the beginning of the relationship. You are open and honest with them when it comes to what solutions we can provide. You are a creative thinker who can solve problems in unique ways, and you are always able to provide the why behind the teams decisions. At times, you have to have tough conversations with clients. However, even if these feel intimidating, youre able to overcome the challenge and know that you will be supported by your team. Part of the client communication you will be leading is showcasing ROI through metrics, proof points, and data. We have an excellent digital marketing department for you to collaborate with to generate this information, but as the content marketing specialist, you will be sharing this information with your clients. There will be plenty of training in this area, but we also want individuals to be comfortable having data-driven conversations. This high level of communication isnt just reserved for your clients. You also keep your team informed of changing client goals or business objectives. You help to guide any updates to the overall strategy through constant communication with your team and other departments. You thrive in a good brainstorming session. As a content marketing strategist, you are an integral part of developing the overall strategy for your clients. Youll collaborate with a content strategist and an editor to build a custom solution for each client that focuses on how content marketing can propel their business forward. No two clients are the same, and we dont provide cookie-cutter packages. To keep up with the ever-changing landscape of content marketing, you are a learner and someone who researches new opportunities for clients. Youre committed to crossing items off your to-do list. You are detail-oriented and can manage time effectively. Some clients are going to require more attention than others, and there will always be something popping up to commandeer your attention. You are a flexible individual who doesnt buckle under the pressure of ever-changing client needs. This role might feel chaotic at times, but you develop strategies to manage it. You have a strong ability to prioritize and ensure your team is focusing on the appropriate projects and deadlines. Being a top-notch project manager is in your repertoire, but you are so much more than that. You stay updated on the latest trends in content marketing and are able to educate clients on additional avenues they can pursue with their content. You are willing to say no to a client, and you do so with a reason and another idea to back up your decision. Clients are coming to us in hopes of positioning themselves as experts in their fields, but we are the experts in content marketing and how it can drive business results. As a content marketing strategist, you are regularly providing insights and consultation to your clients. Youre great at relationship-building. You have experience creating, maintaining, and growing client accounts. You are the person who asks about a clients kids or how the house hunt is going. Relationship-building doesnt stop at our external clients, though. You also collaborate with your team and build strong working relationships across departments. You are organized. Keeping track of approximately 15-20 clients per month can be overwhelming, but youre able to stay on top of it and maintain a high level of organization to keep things running smoothly and to keep potential overwhelm at bay. So what does the content marketing specialist role look like in real time? Lets break down the first year. Please note: This is a rough timeline, as we know not everyone operates at the same pace. As long as were in communication, we will do our best to support your unique pace. At the 30-day mark, we expect content marketing specialists to have an understanding of Influence & Co.s content creation process and service lines, as well as content marketing as an industry. Dont worry you will receive plenty of training on all of these! You will also start being introduced to your clients during this time. Youll work closely with your teams editor and content strategist to learn about each clients company, goals, communication styles, success metrics, etc. At the 60-day mark, you will feel comfortable using our content creation platform, ICo. Core, as well as other tech solutions involved in your job (Toggl, Slack, and Google Drive, to name a few). By this time, you will have a working knowledge of your clients. You will have had the opportunity to sit in on calls and listen to recordings, and youll begin to feel comfortable taking on client communication. You will also have foundational knowledge about the other departments within Influence & Co. and how everyone collaborates. Once youve reached 90 days in your role, we expect individuals to function in their roles with support. We never expect questions to stop, especially right after your initial new hire training concludes! We try to prepare you to tackle things on your own and as a team, but we dont expect you to know everything at 90 days. We want you to be proficient on the tech side of things and feel confident in your ability to lead calls with clients. At this point, you will know the content marketing funnel like the back of your hand. However, we still expect and encourage you to look to your direct support and team for guidance when it comes to tricky client situations. At six months, you are cruising right along! You know your clients well and have experience onboarding new clients. You are an excellent project manager and have the ability to keep your team and clients on track to meet your goals. Youre still pulling in support on those new-to-you situations, and you havent quite mastered the consultant side of the role, but youre getting there. You are brainstorming with the team and crafting creative solutions for your clients. Its now been one year. Youre getting a Happy Workiversary! shout-out and maybe a little gift to mark this milestone. Youve been empowered to bring your own ideas to the table, not just relaying what the client wants to do. You have a strong understanding of processes, but youre also able to be flexible and creative. When you ask for help these days, youre also contributing to possible solutions. You have found your place here at Influence & Co. and are looking ahead, perhaps to a senior certification. Benefits Equitable Opportunity Employer Influence & Co. is committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants and teammates without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy (including childbirth, lactation, and related medical conditions), national origin, age, physical and mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, military and veteran status, and any other characteristics protected by applicable law. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability and/or if you need assistance or an accommodation due to the nature of a fully virtual process (e.g., limited access to internet/technology), please contact HR Director Courtney Mudd at 573-999-0794 x720 or

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