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C# Desktop Software Engineer

Inclusion Cloud
Washington, DC
  • Expired: over a month ago. Applications are no longer accepted.
Job Description

The Business

Syncro Medical provides software engineering services to medical device and life sciences clients in the US. The company offers its Clients three key things:

1. Expertise: They must provide an exceptional team for every project a team with fully accomplished engineers led by skilled engineering managers who together bring experience and insights gained from dozens of projects.

2. Craftsmanship: Each team must consistently exceed the clients expectations and produce work of superior quality for their customers and the patients they serve.

3. Agility: They develop true partnerships with each client engagement and adapt quickly and seamlessly as needs inevitably change.

Syncro Medical believes their strongest and most valued asset is its exceptionally capable and deeply experienced Engineering team. A typical engineer has been developing medical product software for nearly 15 years. Each Agile Certified team brings a wealth of perspective, talent and experience to every client engagement, resulting in rapid spin-up and efficient execution. Standing behind them is our Quality team with its integral management and FDA compliant process.

Their Engineering Managers are seasoned professionals in both software engineering and project management. Each has many years of experience assembling project teams, understanding client needs, and planning and executing medical development projects.

The company was founded in 1991 and is basedLanghorne, PA. They currently employs 50 people but are growing rapidly.


For most of their history, Syncro has relied mostly on local, full time employees. The work environment has been so favorable that they experience little to no turnover from year to year.

This operating model has been fine up to now. The company is poised for tremendous growth and see partnering with a leading near or offshore Service Provider as the only way to provide the scale and flexibility they need to support this growth.

They have great interest in building a dedicated, fully-onboarded, collaborative extension of their inhouse group, working on internal development as well as supporting project-based work for their Clients.

Offshore Experience

Syncro does presently work with some offshore contractors. The experience has been mixed, however. While the contractors have provided some value, they have neither fully embraced Syncro culture nor shown the deep domain knowledge necessary to produce a fully flourishing relationship. Quite simply, they do not understand the skill level and rigor needed for medical device software developers.

Key leadership with Syncro has significant outsourcing experience, independently. have significant experience with offshore development. One even worked for a time with EPAM.

Current State IT Capability and Capacity / Technology Stack

Syncro is an expert in software engineering for medical devices with heavy C# desktop, C/C++ embedded RTOS/bare metal, and often mobile and web applications to support the devices (patient and provider facing).

Syncro is an Agile shop, with clients seeing a new increment at each sprint review. This occurs at the project sprint interval, commonly every 3 weeks. The sprint cycle gives clients the opportunity to test and inspect the product frequently throughout the development process, and to have it on hand for demos. This feedback cycle helps ensure compliance and correctness of the software, and offers the client unlimited opportunity to revise operational features.

They need a Partner who can work in a regulated environment with structured quality management systems.

Working with a New Partner - Relationship Vision and Timing

Syncro is interested in engaging a leading Service Provider as soon as possible. Partner size does not matter: access to highly skilled software engineers is what matters. They value the Accelerance maxim, small enough to care, large enough to scale.

They would like to use the Partners NDA, MSA, and SoW .

Desired Partner Characteristics

Location: They are flexible on location so long as potential Partners offer as much overlap with US time zones as possible.

Time Zone: The engineering team needs to be able to work until 12pm PT, at least.

Industry Experience: While they are in Healthcare and engage with medical device companies and work in areas like Robotics and IoT, no vertical expertise was requested.

Other SME: are there other areas of expertise that youd like the partner to bring?

English Fluency: B2 or better. Able to communicate easily and spontaneously in a clear and detailed manner. Maybe not yet an experienced speaker yet, but able to understand and be understood in most situations.


C# Desktop Software Engineer (multiple positions to fill onshore, offshore possible)

5+ years working under a prescribed development process

C# desktop experience with solid OO background

Experience working with large, complex code base

Experience in multi-threaded development

Use of Rest API, DBs, WPF, and MVVM highly preferred

Mobile development experience/Xamarin a plus for one position

Inclusion Cloud


Washington, DC