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Immerge Corporate


IMMERGE, LLC Where people and brands connect. This is the vision of our organization and the focus of our work every day. IMMERGE connects client brands to targeted consumers through customized sales and marketing solutions. Our expert employees are highly skilled in recruiting, training, managing, and developing talent. Companies who partner with IMMERGE will benefit from lowered costs and increased profitability. Our solutions are tailored to meet every clients requirements. We achieve scalable reach across the country through direct sales and marketing campaigns in the Energy, Wireless, Residential Solar and Telecom industries for our clients. We are located in 43 states and have 2000+ account executives in over 250 offices. Our results: IMMERGE is the largest vendor for several Fortune 500 Companies. When significant change is needed, whether it is improvement of an existing sales channel or creating and constructing something new, companies turn to IMMERGE. Our solutions are tailored to meet each of our clients requirements and Sales Campaigns are planned and strategized to attack territories with maximum saturation. Whether the Sales Force engaged is supplemented staffing, entirely outsourced, on the ground or on the telephone, IMMERGE applies all of its best practices and techniques to assure sales success.